the last sunset

the last sunset

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



another thing- dont worry your prtty heads about it
A scene out of a film I never made
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another thing- dont worry your prtty heads about it
A scene out of a film I never made

Chapter1 (v.1) - another thing

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 11, 2017



The final sunset



The sun begins to slowly fall below the hills, the sky is turning a whole range of colours and a woman stands on a hill, in a clearing from a forest she looks down, staring into the world. Tears begin in her eyes but she holds them back. A pause, it’s just her standing on the hill waiting and breathing while watching alone into the sun rise. The man comes out and is suddenly standing beside her, she reacts surprised for a second, looking in disbelief, then her features soften and she stares back into the sunset now both stare into the sunset together. For a moment there is silence.

What are you doing here?

What else, I’m here for you

Don’t lie to me, not after everything that’s happened

I would never lie, not about that, I’m always here for you and right now I want you to know that

That was never true. I’ve always known that.  I’m always alone with you.

I’m here for you now then, and I promise I’ll never leave you

No you’re not, you’re as cold now as you ever was, I’m alone now as I always was and you saying anything won’t change that

Then let me be here, let me make a difference. Let me change that? A pause as she looks up

Are you even Real- she says softly to the man after a long look into his eyes; it is a sudden question but he doesn’t look surprised –

What kind of question is that? This is not said harshly

It’s a question which needs an answer.

Do you want me to be? Would that finally make you happy? He says softly, beginning to turn and look directly at her right now the only thing I care about is you

That kind ‘a answers my question then.  She says while looking back into the distance away from him He chuckles for a moment but doesn’t look happy as her eyes begin to well up

Not really and you haven’t answered mine. Are you happy. - He asks again, it is a soft question and he turns to face her slightly is this what you want- he says with a

Who cares what I want or how I feel? She looks away and says softly

I’ve always cared he says

Why wouldn’t I be real? For a moment he looks more puzzled than worried and a small smile appears on his face, but this quickly fades as she doesn’t answer his question for a couple seconds

Because of everything that has happened That’s why!

 I’m not even sure what I Can believe anymore.  all the anger and the suffering and those we left for fucking behind. Because whatever is happening is screwing everything, everything, including me. Because I’ve seen what never should be seen, and what I have seen has been violent and terrifying and Dark, That’s the only word, bleak and fucking dark.  after all this I’m not even angry anymore because it’s all just cold and grey.

That’s why I’m not sure what I’m seeing because I can’t believe what I have actually seen at all and that’s why you need to answer me right now- Fire fills her eyes and she looks at him. She has slowly been growing louder and then shouting, but now has lowered her voice but looks more dangerous than ever for once

Or I’m not sure what going to happen but I’ve gone through too much today and lost so much

So answer me! Answer please! Please sweet Jesus right now. I can’t stand the wait or the pain. Just tell me the fucking answer!

Facing her with a calm face- why am I not real to you? - the fire quickly flows from her eyes and she look drained, her arms which had been rigid with her fists clenching now droop and she stares away from him, losing eye contact and again looking into the sun

 Because we left you- she says this softly but clearly, with this she sinks to the ground and continues to stare into the sun

He sits down next to her- I still don’t have an answer. Are you ok


Look stop asking me that! she shouts getting up quickly and begins to pace slightly

I want reality! I want to be ok. I want so many things and so few I’m going to get so I need to know this one thing. Now she stares into his eyes

 What is happening right now!  This is a direct question to him but she shouts it to the world. Tell me! why is this happening, why does so much have to go wrong.  Why is everything so fucked

What is the point and why is it happening? Whys it still happening. This is said as almost an accusation and glares at him, but quickly loses eye contact and looks away

The last thing I remember was a shout in the dark

I know

She looks up for a second with clearly welling up eyes- I was sure that was you. I’m still sure that was you!

One final look up from her into his eyes and a brief moment of silence - I think- this is said from the edge of hearing and she almost looks as if she is going to give up there now and never get up

A pause, the sky is largely blue now. Wind rustles through the trees and the girl looks alone for a second, hands clasping her knees as she sits looking out over the hills and hair billowing as she stares into the Distance-Why can’t I be happy. just once. This is said quietly but very clearly into the world, while she still faces away

Do you want to be?  He says, stepping into frame next to her, not quiet touching her but standing close, while staring at her as she looks away. She stands looking briefly at him then looking away quickly and continuing to stare into the distance

I just don’t want to feel empty- I feel like that when I’m alone and I never want that again. – But I can’t live in fantasy- she says finally, facing him. For a moment there is a pause as both look at each other, some kind of hope comes across her face, but she doesn’t smile.

I know what you mean and how you feel. I know about and the emptiness and the misery. But I see you and I see hope. I know you want me to be here and there’s nothing you can say which won’t be a lie about that. a small smile grows on his face. There still a fire behind those eyes he says with a slight laugh

There’s only ice behind yours- she says while looking deeply into his face

After all this how can you not want me here. Because you know (he says these two words slightly louder) I’m here and I love you After everything how can you say to me you don’t love me?

But I need to know- she says quietly now, she hasn’t stopped looking into his eyes

Do you feel happy- a warm smile grows across his face

With you. of course I do (a slight chuckle)- they are almost touching now and incredibly close. He is looming over her and seems almost Dangerous

If you’re happy why does it matter- he says after moment and with this, he touches her, for the first time holding the back of her neck for a second a smile grows across her face but this fades.

Fade to black

It matters to me. A Thud is heard


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