The Injustice of Homosexuality

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Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Miheema Goodine


Introdction: The lesbian,gays,bisexal, and transgender commnity have made multiple headlines. From a transgender anchor to the legalization of LGBT rights. Even with its legalization LGBT members are still not accepted. Heterosexual males predominantly don't accept gays unless they are lesbians. It is mainly idiotic insecurities, sexual attraction, or prejudice fear 
which is ludacris. Heterosexual men find gay men indecisive because of their femininity; Although all gay men do not have a strong sense of femininity. LGBT rights have become a nationwide spread, but questioning arises, where did it originate? I believe LGBT have rights just as all.
They should not be discriminated, or beaten for their sexual orientation. It is just another form of racism. I believe as a natural right LGBT members have a right to express themselves and their love. Many may ask, why should the lgbt community be accepted?  Between 30 to 40% of gays have been bullied, beaten, or rejected by those of peers or community. As stated in the constitution of the 1st amendment, people have
 freedom of the press, religion, and basic inalienable rights also. Congress shall make no law abridging the natural rights. Even if the constitution cannot abolish homosexuality, religion can. As believed homosexuality
is a defiance of God.

 First Point: Religion

Sexuality is a big key factor in religion because in the eyes of God, life is predestined. But if men disrupts that destiny and except LGBT rights, how would religion be effected?
Interpretations of 20 verses arguing the defiance of gays from biblical passages typically "condemned" LGBT relationship because God made "Adam and Eve" not "Adam and Steve". As stated in an article 
(Religion, World Religions, Comparative Religion- Jut the facts on the world's religion.) 
In different eras, cultures, and religions, homosexual behavior has been variously approved, tolerated, punished or banned. It states Jewish, Christian, Sikh, and Muslim cultures have generally perceived homosexuals 
behavior as sinful. Many religious leaders  have made clear that it is the homosexual individuals or their "orientation" that is condemned. 
But should religion accept homosexuality?
 Ojeda, Auriana and Scott Barbour, eds. Homoexuality Parents and Family and Friends of Lesbian and Gay. Farming Hills: Greenhaven, 2004. Print.
States from the viewpoint of John Corvino(p.159) that the bible does not necessarily condemn homosexuality. Numerous homosexuals whose lives show signs of the presence of God although
cannot reconcile the experimental evidence with the scriptural prohibitions that they've been taught. Many people say the bible is the literal word of God. Original books of the bible was written in 
Hebrew and Greek and the Bible was translated in other languages. Translation is already an interpretation. So we are not receiving the words from God. But instead translation that has been passed down and renewed. For instance the game telephone you played as a kid. One person would say a message and pass it on but once the message gets back to the original person it is a whole new message. The same as the bible.  It is passed down translations that soon change.  


Second Point: Origin of Homosexuality

Homosexuality has been around since the 16th century or earlier than that. Homosexual prosecutors were sparse and fewer than a dozen were recorded through 1660. 
 As cited Prynne, William, Histromax: The Player's Scourge, or Actor's Tragedy(London:1633) states most roles(including those of women) were played by men during the Renaissance. 
The first women in fact to appear in a Shakespeare play did so 44 years after Shakespeare's  death. Many argue this sparked homosexuality. 
 But some feel it is a biological  or a choice. The viewpoint of Warren C. Lathe 3 argues that biology determines sexual orientation. Between heterosexual and homosexual men there are
differences in the brain anatomies.(p.19) It is stated that for the last two decades researchers have established homosexuality runs in people's genes. A polygenetic trait where there are many genes and many versions of the alleles of that gene that affect the trait; The gene cause innate sexual orientation.(p.22)
 Although According to Paul Cameron homosexuality is an ON/OFF, nature/nurture, gene/no gene event.(p.27) He states most homosexuals become gay from early sexal experiences or absent fathers.
Homosexuals can change their orientation because it is simply a choice. Simply as homosexual behavior and being seduced or enticed by surroundings. and peers.
Everyone has their own opinions and evidence of beliefs. Homosexuality is not deemed inherited then sexual impulses come from what we see. It makes us different and singled out. We are rejected
to have a relationship with what society has deemed right from centuries of traditions because of the way we were born or simply who we love. In accounts as early as 630 bce Sappho a greek writer was highly believed to be a lesbian as many of her works showed female attraction.  Because of such most of her work was shun. This proves that homosexuality did not just pop up out of the blue. It's not a bandwagon that screams for acceptance.  It has been here for centuries and wants to make a statement. “We are here! Do you see us?” What would be the overall effect if gays were seen or treated as equal? Should the overall population accept 
gay people as one?


Third Point: Acceptance Over Gays

Homosexuals are simply asking to engage in monogamous relationships with people they love(p.86) This means that homosexuals want the right to love whom they choose and not express it only in
the privacy of their home. It is still undermined if it should be accepted. 
According to Kevin James(p.106) homosexuality in schools is crucial. He labels that teaching homosexuality would clear the basic prejudice myth that homosexuals recruit children. The reactionary
attacks on the inclusiveness lack of knowledge shows a destructive end towards gays. It also depletes the myth that there are only male and female.  Then what about the cis man/woman, the transgender  or the hermaphrodites. When looked When physically and their attributes society can classify their gender. If the transgender female looks more manly than female well then she is a male. The teachings will show kids at a young age to not discriminate. Also do not judge a book by its cover. 
 In August 1998 in Merrimack, New Hampshire town's member fighting an antigay policy banned any representation of gay issues. 
Many argue that homosexuality has nothing to do with kids getting a good education. Parents feel schools should focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic as many fear for the safety of their kids.

Now from the dangers of homosexuals to be able to raise to the dangers of being a homosexual.
Elizabeth Birch argues that the Hate Crime Prevention Act is necessary as hate crimes against homosexuals and attacks have risen. 
In a 2000 Washington Post op-ed Senator Gordon Smith states the HCPA treats victims equally. He states the hate-crime laws does not apply to hateful thoughts, but violent actions that cause
bodily injuries or death. 
The brutal murder in October 1988 of Matthew Shepard. A 21 year old gay college student in Wyoming. He was beaten and tied to a cross like fence(p.123) Hate-motivated crimes have their own 
It does not have to cause bodily injury for it to be considered a crime. Many from the LGBT community have been bullied and harassed.  If you are a lesbian you are picked on. If you are a male that does something feminine you are picked on and declared gay. Bullying. Bullying that can be verbal, emotional and physical.  Although all do not cause bodily harm they can have terrible effects.
Ask yourself, Do you still doubt the safety of those who are singled out because of their sexual preferences? 

Conclusion: Being a member of the LGBT movement and highly active in my beliefs, I believe everyone has there own opinion. It is sadly idiotic to hear the comments of stereotypical homosexuals 
which is not true. I believe that if society was educated of homosexuality they would stop singling us out. When you are clarified homosexual you are put in a box. Rejected by most and ridiculed by the
rest. If you are a transgender you are teased and beaten for being different. Something is psychologically wrong with you. You're having an identity crisis. Employment is scarce and using public restrooms is torture. I feel it is sad that the typical relationship is a man and women
and possibly a child. This genetic family in society is right. Wife,Husband and kids. It does not matter if the man truly does not love her, the relationship is abusive, they both are not  committed to each other(adultery) , and the child is living in a broken family. This is a perfect modern family. But two gay men raising a baby is wrong.
 No one speaks of that, but if you are gay and married with a child this is the topic of conversation. It does not matter in fact that the relationship is healthy. It is the fact that you are gay. The fact that you
will make the child gay. Which profoundly is not true. There is no evidence to suggest clearly the conceivable measure of accepting homosexuals as one. Society is still profoundly ambivalent about homosexuals.

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