Instinctive hopelessness

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Submitted: March 14, 2017

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There is no hope to survive
When you've learned hopelessness like I
Your fears become your reality
Your heart begins to die
Broken from nothing you do mattering
All you want to do is crawl in the grave you've been digging
The color fades from your life
You begin to hurt yourself just to see if you can feel anything
You get attached to those who help you
So much so you push them away
The only ones who will stay are the angels who have fallen from grace to save you
One of which you will fall in love with
A forbidden love
You will ask her to marry you
She will say yes
Your world begins to have color again
You learn that what you does actually matters
And then you slowly have to drift apart because your love is forever forbidden
And your world loses all color its not even black and white now its just black
And you learn more helplessness than before
Now you lay in the grave you dug
Surrounded in darkness
Feeling them push the dirt in on top of you
And you lay there doing nothing to stop it
Because you've learned hopelessness like I
And now you die
Just as I have
I am born into my learned hopelessness
Its no longer learned
Its instinct

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