The Red Ring(Chapter 5)

The Red Ring(Chapter 5)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



This is Chapter 5 of a story I'm currently writing. The other 4 chapters I placed under the "Short Stories" category as a mistake just titled "The Red Ring". I would recommend reading those before reading this.
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This is Chapter 5 of a story I'm currently writing. The other 4 chapters I placed under the "Short Stories" category as a mistake just titled "The Red Ring". I would recommend reading those before reading this.

Chapter5 (v.1) - American Idiot

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Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Chapter 5: American Idiot


School surprisingly went by fast for Xavier the next day. He felt like he was in and out of each cl

ass at a rapid pace. This could be due to a meeting that some of the teachers had to attend, which led to Xavier having two subs. Once the final bell rang, Xavier bolted out of Mr. Clark’s classroom and headed to the cherry trees. He was genuinely looking forward to seeing Calamity, a feeling he still had to get used to. Once arriving, he saw Calamity sitting at the same spot he’d first met her. She seemed to be asleep, so Xavier quietly dropped his backpack to the floor and decided to use it as a semi-soft pillow for a nap. Tired from last night’s homework marathon, ke knocked out almost instantly. After 30 minutes or so have passed, Xavier was awoken to the sound of light singing. He looked around and saw a singing Calamity picking cherries from the trees.

Calamity: “Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else, gets me frustrated. Life’s like this-”

Xavier didn’t want to interrupt her, as he was almost entranced by her voice. But he knew he wasn’t able to be there for too long.

Xavier: Um...hey? Calamity!

Calamity[smiling]: Oh I see you’re awake. Good afternoon.

Xavier: Complicated by Avril Lavigne? I remember when that was on the radio all the time!

Calamity[blushing]: Oh...yeah. I’m surprised you know the song and artist’s name. *laughs* Most people just say “Oh that sounds familiar” or “Damn this is real old”.

Xavier: I spend way too much of my times listening to early 2000’s music. It’s kind of a problem...

Calamity[smiling]: No. I don’t think it is.

Xavier: come here often?

At that exact moment, Xavier knew he not only said the most cliche line that it literally became a cultural joke. But also he asked her a stupid question that he already knew the answer to.

Calamity: Um. Yeah? I did tell you I like to come here on my free time didn’t I?

Xavier[stuttering]: Uh yeah. Yeah. Yes you did. Yep. Um..can you excuse me for just a minute?

Calamity[puzzled]: Sure? Phone call?

Xavier: Mhm. That’s what it is…

He ran to behind the nearest tree, and berated himself in his head.

Xavier: I can’t believe my social skills are this crap. She’s just a human! A human of the opposite sex but human nonetheless.

Xavier’s mind: Your social skills don’t even allow you to have a conversation with someone of the same sex.

Xavier: Point taken. Alright what’s the plan me?

He asked that question to himself, and thought about it.

Xavier’s mind: Nah. We’re screwed.

Xavier: Are you fucking serious me? Now I see why no one likes talking to me at school.

Little to Xavier’s knowledge, Calamity could hear him arguing with himself. Not because she already knew Xavier wasn’t taking a phone, and wanted to eavesdrop. But because Xavier’s inner and outer panic was quite loud. She tried to contain her laughter as she yelled.

Calamity: Hey Xavier! You alright with yourself over there?

Xavier: What? Yeah, I’m okay...wait okay with myself?

Xavier paused and thought about what she meant by that.

Xavier’s mind: Oh she knows too much. You’re on your own bud.

Xavier[sighing]: I can’t believe this.

He revealed himself from his tree of despair and looked at Calamity.

Xavier[embarrassed]: Yeah sorry about that...was having a midlife crisis.

Calamity raised her left eyebrow.

Calamity: How old are you again?

Xavier: 16.

Calamity: You’re having a midlife crisis at 16?

Xavier: I can die at 32.

There was a pause. Calamity chuckled and then smiled.

Calamity: Well at least I know you’re real.

Xavier[confused]: What do you mean by that?

Calamity: Sometimes when a guy is nervous around a girl, he’ll just fake his personality and act all cool and tough and slick. I always found it quite transparent.

Xavier: Oh. Well...that’s good to know.

Calamity: I will admit. You’re a bit of an oddball. You don’t look like the type to panic that easily.

Xavier[with sarcasm]: Oh I’m sorry to disappoint you then.

She smirked, almost seeing his comment as a challenge.

Calamity[with sass]: Who said I was disappointed?

Xavier laughed. He was surprised by how fast he was getting comfortable around her. He enjoyed her company, which can’t be said for most people. Xavier suddenly felt a vibration in his pocket. He checked his phone, realizing it was the alarm he set for himself so he wouldn’t be home late.

Xavier[looking at phone]: Damn, times up already.

Calamity: Hey don’t worry. You can just come back here tomorrow?

Xavier[slightly disappointed]: Yeah. I guess.

Calamity[smiling]: I enjoyed talking to you. And listening to you arguing with yourself.

Xavier: Geez...thanks.

Calamity went up to him and patted his short-black hair.

Calamity: No problem.

Xavier[confused]: You know that was rhetorical right?

Calamity: Of course I did.

Xavier smirked and picked up his backup.

Xavier: I’ll see you tomorrow then?

Calamity: Sure. Bye.

Xavier: Alright. Bye.

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