We have souls too

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
In our very own survival, there are sacrifices involved that gets easily overlooked. This story is about how every living creature has its own struggles, own family and the desire to live just like how we humans do.

Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



Martha was swirling around anxiously in her underwater home. John had said that he's gonna fetch some food for her but hadn't returned yet. Martha was pregnant and it was only a short time till she laid the eggs. She was living amidst a bustling shoal of other fish families. Her neighbor Regina had 2 fingerlings named Beth and Sammy and she hoped that someday, she would have her own happy family as Regina did. Beth and Sam weren't the only ones in the family, they used to have lots of brothers and sisters but were all devoured by scary bigger fish who raided their colonies.

John had arrived panting for breath and Martha was puzzled wondering what took him so long. He shouted 

"Honey, They are coming. We have to leave now!" 

"What are you saying, John? Who is coming?"

"The ones who look like a whale with clawing nets. We can't stay here anymore. Get everything packing."

"But we just moved here."

"Just do as I say," said John angrily. From a few feet above they could hear the screams of their school, crying desperately to help them as the gigantic net was lifted above and that was the last time they saw the school just like how they had seen previously in the Darwin river before they moved here, to the whiteflake river. Regina said that she wouldn't budge from the place since she had been staying there for long, So John and Martha prepared to swim swiftly to reach another river hopefully. On their long and tiresome journey, the couple rested on the sandy river bed for sometime when all of a sudden the water became blurred with sandy particles whirling around. Martha tried to search for John but couldn't find him anywhere until she realized that a stingray had gobbled him from underneath the sandy bed. Martha was devastated but she didn't want to give up on her life yet because she wanted to protect her eggs. She swam away as swiftly as she could until she lost sight of the Stingray. 

Meanwhile, at the Whiteflake river where Regina and her family had been living, an unfortunate drought was making its way. The river became dry except for a big puddle. Most of the fish that got stranded were now along with her gasping for air, for breath. The only thing that kept them going was their desire to live. Seeing bubbles on top of the surface of the puddle, some nearby fishermen scooped the fish alive with a simple hand net. Regina and her husband had to watch their fingerlings get stuck in the gigantic net right before their eyes while the fingerlings screamed crying


Before they realized what was happening, they themselves were caught in the gigantic net and thrown into a creel. The air was so cold, Regina couldn't see anything clearly and she was suffocating as she shouted to her husband

"Tim! Gasp! Tim! Are you.....Gasp! there?"

Regina could hear some boisterous nerve-wracking sound, the sound of the creatures probably laughing, the ones that actually caught her and her family. Amongst a number of fellow fish gasping Regina could distinctly hear some voices faintly


It was Beth and Sammy shouting afar, still alive miraculously. Soon Regina was reunited with her fingerlings. They had slithered through the small shoal to reach their mother in the creel. But her husband Tim was nowhere to be found until she smelt something burning, something terrible, and heard a voice familiar to her.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Gasp. Ahhh........."

It was her husband's voice. The fisherman had squished his head with his foot to silence him when he had jumped down but he was still half-conscious. The pressure had only paralyzed his body but not the pain he was undergoing which his voice expressed. He was being roasted half-alive in the campfire grill. Regina's eyes teared up as her fingerlings started to shout hysterically

"DAD! Gasp...Gasp... DAD!"

Oblivious of what was happening in the Whiteflake river, Martha was lost. Lost in thoughts of her beloved husband who had been killed as well as lost in the river. Nevertheless, she started swimming slowly. It didn't matter to her where she was going but just somewhere safe to raise her unborns. Suddenly, she felt the water turning black. She waded through something, something else that wasn't water. She lost her sight and began gasping for breath though she was still in the water and she didn't know why. After a lot of struggle to keep herself alive, she finally gave into suffocation and floated dead on the surface of the water with her unborns still unborn. Whether the black liquid mixed in the river was a chemical discharged from the nearby factory or the result of an oil spill in the ocean that extended till the river mouth was still unclear. 

But the last thought that both Martha and Regina held before they died was the same and that was

"All that I wanted..... was to live...to live as a family....happily like everyone else." as the last teardrop fell from their eyes.


It's not about being a vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian. Plants do feel the same emotion as we do but they don't express it like animals. No matter what we eat, we must learn to acknowledge the sacrifices behind it. Thank the lives that give us life and be responsible for our environment.

© Copyright 2020 shika. All rights reserved.

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