Vampires Will Hurt You

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Vampires will always hurt you. This time I get my revenge after ten thousand years.

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Why did I volunteer to be bait? Stupid vampires would tell this was a trap from a mile away. I stood, clutching my purse tightly. My skirt flared every time I moved. To calm my nerves, I twisted my lip ring. I knew there was a gun loaded with wooden bullets in my purse. A rustle came from the bushes and I forced myself not to jump. The path I was walking down was narrow and covered by trees, only letting glimpses of moonlight through. A calm sense of dread settled in my stomach. They were here. Watching. Waiting. Silently taunting and teasing me.

“Look at what we have here, a rabbit in wolf territory. Why is she so scared of the big, bad wolf?” A deep, mocking voice called out. A well-dressed man stepped out of the shadows. Frank. He was usually a loner, especially after my supposed ‘death’, but not today. Surrounded by other vampires, was the only person I had ever wanted dead. I felt my talons growing. The bastard had taken away my wings, betrayed my trust and left me dying. If it weren’t for Mikey, I would have died. He made me what I was today. A demon. Frank still thought I was dead. Well, he did until now. His eyes widened at he got a better look at me. 

I smirked, subconsciously rubbing the burn on my palm. The mark of a fallen angel. But now I was a demon. A demon harbouring a ten thousand year grudge. I reminded myself to thank Mikey later for the mission.

He stepped foward, gently taking my burnt hand. The other vampires had run off, leaving him and I alone. I pulled up my sleeve, revealing a stake. Twisting my wrist out of his grip, I stabbed at the air where he was. He was behind me, grabbing at my arms. I twisted my body, stabbing near his heart. He grabbed the stake, crushed it to dust and grabbed my wrists with his other hand. My head was forced up to meet his eyes. I knew exactly what he was trying to do. Hypnotism. It only worked on low-level demon though. So he underestimated me? Interesting.

Looking into his eyes, I let my arms go limp. I let my smirk fade, turning into a poker face. He looked so smug, it was hilarious. Did he really think I was that weak? Idiot. 

He turned, gesturing for me to follow him. I kept my eyes unfocused, giving them an orange tint. The perks of being a high-level demon. I pulled the loaded gun out of my purse, finally focusing my eyes and aimed at the back of his head. He turned after hearing a click of the safety being turned off. I smirked. The wind let out a victory howl as he hung his head in defeat. 

I never regretted a thing as I pulled the trigger.

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