Ride Or Die Gutta Girl- Part 3 of 3

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Continuing on from the previous, R.O.D.G.G. PART TWO. In the midst of Amber fleeing out of the house. Pressing the automatic start button to the awaiting Dodge Challenger. Already parked in a backed in position inside the driveway. Amber held on tightly to the bag filled with the money. Surely while unaware of the Silver Toyota Camry sat parked in the middle of the block. Approximately four houses down from her own. There satting inside was the organizer of the crime, Troy-Lee. From the moment his three little soldiers stepped foot into Amber's home. Troy- Lee waited patiently with his fingers cross. With his body scooted low behind the steering wheel scanning the area. Troy-Lee soon came to wonder aswell as softly speak," Where the fuck these clowns at?" Slight scooting back upwards into the seat. Noticing the familiar face of Amber quickly entering the Dodge challenger. Burning rubber leaving large clouds of smoke rising into the air. Troy began to realize something was not right about that picture. Knowing it wasnt painted clearly. Also knowing for dam sure that Amber shouldnt be the first to exit the house. "What the fuck these dudes then let her go?" Troy-Lee said to himself. Beginning to become curious about how the three were handling the robbery. Glancing down at his watch noticing its been 30 minutes sense their arrival. Wayed over the limit of their departure time. Only ten minutes was the intended time for the stick and move. "Fuck!" Troy-Lee sigh,grabbing a 45 hand gun from beneath his seat. Tucking it inside his jeans knowing it was time. 20 minutes was initially the check up time. But instead Troy-Lee gave the rookies the benefit of doubt. Trying to believe they were all they claimed to be. Seeming like they werent half of it at this moment. "Stupid ass niggas!" Troy-Lee spoke in agitation. Tapping his feet running out of patience. Observing every which way of the block he was on. Beginning to make his move. Meanwhile,by this time. Amber had then realize her cellular was not in her possession. She needed it for sure no doubt. Her intended plan to cover her ass was to ack as if she was not present doing the crimes. Besides, hoping anyone haven't notice the crime yet became another worry. Running red lights, Amber foot stepped heavily on the gas. A few minutes away from making her way back to the house.

In the midst of Amber making her way back to the house. Troy-Lee had finally decided to step out of the car. Speed walking towards the house. Noticing the front door being cracked open. Troy-Lee then glance both ways up the block before entering the house. Grabbing the pistol quickly out of jeans pointing it the second he stepped in. Shockingly, just 10 feet away towards the middle of the living area. Troy-Lee went into a quick pause. His mouth dropped once spotting two of little homies surrounded and covered in blood. "Fuck!" Troy-Lee whispered nervously. Slowly side stepping towards his left. Quickly gaining focus by looking towards the back of the house. Suddenly the sound of loud pipes were heard roaring up the street. Troy-lee paid it no mind, instead he stared towards the starewell while calling out, "Wody!"

Meanwhile Troy-Lee was slowly making his way up the starewell. Amber had then drove up by backing into the driveway. Leaving the engine running while rushing to step out of the car. In the midst of her doing so. Troy-lee couldnt believe what he was seeing. Not only was his other little homie dead. Troy-Lee looked over at lifeless body on the other end of the room which took his breath away. Dropping his gun down to his side at this moment. "Fuck!" Troy-lee blurted out. Shaking his head in distress while staring at the sight of his little homie.Slumped over half way out of the window. Then suddenly Troy- Lee turned to look over his shoulder. Hearing someone entering inside the front door down stairs. "Fuck!" Troy-lee panic unaware of who could it been. Only if he would of known that it was Amber. Amber, whom ran up the srarewell seconds after realizing her cellular was not down stairs. Entering the bedroom spotting her cellular still place on her side of the bed. Also, catching Ambers attention was the body of . How in the hell was his body stretched on the floor?Amber thought curiously,but had no time figuring out how. Knowing dam well he wasn't place that way when she first left the house. Amber then gave a wondering expession seconds before running back down the starewell. By this time, Troy-Lee ran full speed up the block. Wearing blood all over his shirt from pulling body from the window. Seconds before jumping out of that same window to escape the house. Huffing and puffing towards his parked car with out looking back. Dam near breathless, his heart rate and adrenaline pumped uncontrollably. Finally making it to his car within 30 seconds. Enough time for him to notice the Dodge challenger speeding away frrom the driveway. "What the fuck!" Troy- lee said in between breaths. Knowing now Amber with out question committed the murders. Troy-lee quickly turned the ignition starting the engine. Amber,on the other hand sped up the block. Coming to a complete stop at the corner stop sigh. Turning on the right blinker, she then noticed gas was needed immediately. Already pushing it to the limit with the gas light being on. With out question her first destination would be two blocks down. Located on the right side of the street sat a Shell gas station. "PLEASE! PLEASE!MAKE IT TO THE GAS STATION!" Amber nervously said, that being the last issue she needed. Running out of gas would set her back from leaving the city. Knowing that would make her more obvious than anything. But FUCK IT! She cared less about it. "SHIT,SHIT,SHIT!" Amber shouted in frustration. Bamming the steering wheel with the palm of her hands. Speeding trying to run the yellow light before turning red. Not wanting to underestimate the little fuel she had left. "Fuck!" Amber then shouted,slamming on the brakes not wanting to cause an accident. Amber tapped her hands and feet impatiently. Her eyes remaining glued on the stop light. "HURRY THE FUCK UP!" Amber shouted up at the red light. "BY FUCKING TIME!"Amber sigh. Having to take a double look through the rear view. Her eyes widened in shock by the speeding vehicle approaching her from behind. Causing Amber to cross the intersection slower than plan. Figuring whom ever the fool was driving like a drunk man gave no fucks. Approaching close enough to Ambers vehicle,she assumed she would be ran off the rode. "WATCH WHERE THE FUCK YOU GOING!"Amber yelled once locking eyes with the man whom drove up beside her. Caught off guard completely, that exact second Troy-Lee had the 45 pistol already pointed Ambers direction. BOOM.BOOM.BOOM... Multiple shots were released from the 45 pistol. Troy-lee sunt 8 shots quickly through Amber drivers side window. In all, one bullet ripped through her flesh causing her to swurve. Troy-lee figured at that moment Amber was hit. Quickly making a U turn smashing the gas towards the oposite direction. Amber heart rate picked up while gaining control of the Dodge challenger. Only fifty yards away from the gas station. Thats when she noticed a burning sensation beside the left of her neck. Grabbing her neck realizing she was hit. Amber went into panic mode gazing at her hand filled with blood. Taking deep breaths while swurving once again. "Lord please!" Amber whispered in between breaths."Save me!" Amber added, a second before blinking out. Her hands dropped away from the steering wheel slowly.Causing the Dodge Challenger to swurve towards the direction of the gas station. Running directly into a fuel pump which generated a loud explosion. Boooooooooooom! Flames right along with large clouds of smoke filled the area. Amber lifeless body went up in flames rightalong with the Dodge Challenger. A sad sight to see for onlookers who ran fast as they can. Those who were pumping gas already at the station. By the time the fire department came out. All were left of the Dodge Challenger was its burnt body frame. "Dam! Who ever was in this car became ashes to ashes, dust to dust!" One firefighter said,shaking his head in sorrow. Then he added, "There go the funeral arangements!" THE END

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