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Everything is temporary, so make the best out of your limited time

Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017





Would you like to know a secret of mine?

How I have so much fun all the time?


Would you like to see why I'm always happy?

How I can enjoy my life and a cup of tea?


It's all about time,

And I wouldn't give it up for any dime


It's all about your friends,

and having the right pair of pants


It's all about being nice and friendly,

and sometimes about eating some candy


But my happiness is only temporary

once my time is up, I'll fly freely


Without my friends,

while the sky above me extends


And all I will have left are memories

of good times and a lot of tea's


Maybe we will meet again one day,

But if we remember each other, no one can say


I won't forget any of you or what you mean to me

because each of you made me much to happy


But live is bound to time itself,

not ones friends or wealth


Otherwise I would be immortal

as I have so many friends in total


I'm never alone thanks to you

we always have something we can do


Will it be like this when it all ends?

Will we all stay together as friends?


Maybe not... or maybe yes

maybe I should worry less


As we are friends, even if only temporary

I feel like you're all part of my family


And I'm happy the way it is

Until at the end I meet the Abyss...

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