Reality Cheque

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You can make any budget appear to be fair -- it's all in the spin!

Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



Reality Cheque


So we’re working on this budget, the one that’s country wide,

what we’ll spend and what we’ll take we really must decide.


The parliamentary buildings are in need of decoration,

and other government places could do with some renovation;


we’ve got to uphold the image that this county’s doing well,

any foreign dignitaries must not be allowed to tell


that the purse this year is rather bare – it’s all in the impression

it’s really fundamental that we give no sign of recession.


But health and education, a real cut they both can take,

the richer of society will be unaffected in these stakes


for they’re already going private, the lack of service to that has seen

it’s only the less fortunate that will be hit by what has been


an increased demand on services – well, they’ll have to damn well wait;

they can’t expect the teaching and medical aid to be served up on a plate.


We’ll juggle with the taxes, try to make it look more even

but in fact it will just be the better off that will do more than just break even.


We must enforce the status quo, keep the people in their proper places,

just smile and bluff and make things up and lie into the faces


of anyone that questions where we are going to make some cuts;

be consistent in denial and you will find they’ll soon shut up.


We’re the masters of the coffers, the caretakers of the wealth,

we’ll look after those that are like us and we’ll take care of our selves.


The less well off won’t realise if we say they are getting more,

that the extra taxes brought into place will even out the score.


The middle and higher classes will find that they have been rewarded

but make sure to keep those figures quiet, we don’t want them recorded.


Our version of reality will be held firmly in it’s place

when we release our budget, and play that spinning ace.

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