The Winters of Life

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Thinking back on youth.

Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



I admire sunsets. The perfect ending. Where's the life you wanted as a child? Evading you with every breath and minute hand "click." An orchestra of momentum disbarring you from youth. The mirror isn't as kind as it once was. Who do you blame for that? See, in the fleeting mist of some perfect illusion your mind convinced itself you were impervious to death. You ran around, wild and free. Those were better days. Now the cage you've built around yourself seems more reinforced than ever and the keys are just out of reach. Life's course is a one way track, and you've passed the picturesque sunrise. Its now just a memory captured in the 35mm footage of your mind. You find yourself reminiscing more and more. An endless game of remembrance. You see the bodies of past lovers, so dainty and green. Their skin masked in a glow that now seems foreign and mythical. You recall your own body. Everything so sturdy and firm. The way your muscles felt against the soft, unadulterated skin of the girl you exploited at that time. You were so powerful. Regret seeps into your mind like a sour aftertaste. Back then, there was only potential. There were limitless opportunities. Why were you so critical of yourself? You could've experienced so much more. The blame game intensifies and you really don't care to think about these things any longer. You sit, one leg crossed over the other and sip your coffee. The sun hangs just above the mountain which lingers in the distance from your window. The perfect ending.

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