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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


Being prepared and aware of your surrounding


Most people look at this term and the people around it as weird, crazy, paranoid and unnecessary but these tools can help with everyday life or in survival situation.


Living in south Africa you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times, crime is bad and when I say bad it’s a 10/10, house and business robberys are on the incresse and the police like showing there crime ststists instad of fixing it, they show you the top 10 areas that have the most highjackings you’re on your on your own, if they now these areas why dnt they pareol them, SAPS that’s our police force is a real joke don’t get me wough you still need to call them if something is worug or happen but lets be real how long is it going to take them. Crimals don’t even fear them they get arrested today and come out tomorrow, murders here is like watching a horror movie and getting highjacked is no joke they will kill you for no reason even you give them your keys to your car, phone and wallet, night times is even worst street lights don’t work and the police is never around in the time of need, you have to have high walls with electric fences, dogs and flood lights cant be walk around your yard without your worrying around your safety.

Edc tools now days comes in different shapes and sizes from cheap to expensive so research must be done so you get the right tool.

Let me ask you if you are in a public toilet and the doors lock gets stuck what would you do? One you many say get on all fours and just climb under the door or over the wall, what if it’s one of those toilets that the wall goes all the way to the roof and the only over way is under but the floor has pee and crap on it you’re not going under it but your small pocket knife or your multi tool can open the lock happen to me once.

When you go shopping or go out to watch a movie and come back with its dark outside having a led pocket torch is great for many reseasons, now you can use your phones flash to scan the surrounding area before approaching the car but really a cell phones flash can’t beat a 250 – 500 led lumens torch  and by doing this you are less likely to get robbed or kidnapped when walking to your car,  if you find someone hanging around your car for no reason you can take the appropriate sets to protect yourself and others, shine it there face blind them and walk back into the mall and get security.

Having a good quality multi tool can be very handy from thighting a bolt to cutting wire has many uses.

I install cctv cameras and do mantaince work I can get most of my work done with just my latherman supertool 3000 from cutting the cable to thighting the screws down saves time from looking for other tools and when working on a labour ho wants to climb up and down to change your tools, I do have a work belt with my volt meter and other tools but a good multi tool is a must have.

Back to edc items, I carry on me

  1. A watch
  2. The latherman bracklet
  3. Got a titanium ring
  4. Paracord bracelet
  5. Left side poket my 5.11 folding karambit
  6. Right side poket my kershew poket knive
  7. Left back poket my wallet on a chain kinda like a bickers wallet
  8. Cell phone


That’s all for now still missing some items like a tactical pen, lighter and torch.


In my edc bag

  1. Got my latherman supertool 3000 – have the laterman 3000 for more than 3 years now great tool use it almost every day a must have tool but do your reashear latherman has many muti tools so see what you like and fit your needs.
  2. Torch olight pro R50 seeker 3200 lumens in a small size – have this torch for a month now and love it great value for the money form 60 lumens to 3200 lumens on turbo battery has a good life span
  3. Pen and note book – not a tactical pen just a normal pen and small note book
  4. Small first aid kit – fit for my needs
  5. Toilet paper – MUST have
  6. Roll of paracord
  7. Duck tape – fix anything
  8. Sun glass

Still adding things to my bag

At the time of writing this no handgun yet…………….

Submitted: March 12, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Cyrax. All rights reserved.

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