Majic Chapter 14: Trial

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



Chapter 14: Trial


My heart pounded hard. Ella was to my left, parcel in hand. Notch and Jen were at my right, grinning evilly and satisfied. It couldn’t end like this. Not now, or ever.

“The disciplinary hearing of The Alimic begins now.” said The Matal smoothly. Yet a hint of steel and sorrow was in his voice. If we failed, I would break his heart. “Alimic, you are here because you married and slept with an enemy of our kingdom, did you not?”

I straightened up. In my most confident voice, I said, “I did not.”

Murmurs arose, but then silenced a moment later. I didn’t falter, though.

The Matal looked at me a moment, and I looked back at him. Then, moments later, he turned to Jen and Notch. “Do you have proof saying she did?”

Notch held up a parcel. “This is the marriage  document written by the Alimic herself.”

The Matal looked back at me. “Do you have evidence or plead that this is false?”

“Yes.” said Ella. “This is a letter I found while searching his bedroom as you asked me to do.”

Notch frowned slightly. This was going to be good.

Ella handed it to The Matal. He looked at it and frowned, too.”I did authorize the search.”

Notch stepped forward. “I assure you, sir, that must be a forgery.”

Ella cut in. “I found this in your desk when ordered to search your room by The Matal himself.”

“That is agreeable.” said The Matal. He looked it over.Then, turning all attention to Notch, he said, “Did you or did you not write this?”

“Sir, I assure you-”

“Did you,” said The Matal with more force, “Write this letter?”

Notch stared in disbelief. “I-I-....” he hesitated. “I did.”

The look was pure anger and defeat. He stared at The Matal with that look.

“Did you, or did you not, forge this contract?” asked The Matal with anger. He held the marriage document up.

“I did not.” said Notch. “That was Jen’s work, she just needed-”

“Silence!” roared The Matal. “Guards, take the two traitors away!”

Jennifer started resisting, “No!” she screamed. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“You are both guilty to the crown!” roared The Matal. His face was red with heat. He was so mad he almost shook with anger.

The guards took them away without a second thought. Now, all attention was turned to me. It was now a little awkward, so I kinda felt a bit squirmy.

The Matal paused for a moment, unsure what to say. How can I blame him? I would be like that, but with my mouth wide open in shock.

He finally spoke. “The Alimic has been granted back her crown. Dismissed.” he said.

For a second, I was glued to the floor. Then, Ella pulled me away.

“Let’s go into your room.” she said quietly. “You need some rest.”

Even though it was only about ten in the morning, I was ready for rest. After stressing for hours, it was time for some.

Ella and I made our way to the doors leading to the hallway. Stares were locked on me as whispers were passed over.

“She’s going to have a heck of a time now…”

“Look at her!..”

“Not fit enough…”


I went into the hallway to my room. It was quiet as I sat with Ella, Jacob, Alina and Natalie. Very quiet.

“What will I do now?” I asked. “It will still tarnish my reputation, put an awkward silence between The Matal and I, Notch will try to break out of prison and report to The Dark One, I don’t know who to trust, and-”

“Stacy,” said Jacob, interrupting my rant. “You know we need to make a plan. So this won’t be all that bad.”

“Ok.” I said. “Then what in peter’s sake do you suggest we do!?”

“First,” said Alina. “You must look good. Think about it!” she said when we stared at her. “You need to look good, but also confident. Nobody is going to follow you if you don’t at least try to act the part.”

Jacob nodded. “We’ll leave Alina to that, I guess.”

I groaned, but a bit more playfully. “I’m going to have so much fun.”

Alina grinned. “I’ll make sure to get the tightest dress I can find.” she teased.

Ella also put in, “You also…”

There was a knock at that moment. We all froze as Jacob walked to get it. When he opened the door, another healer in a red and orange forta entered. She was about twelve. She seemed way too young to be a healer.

“Miss Ella?” she asked.

“Yes?” replied Ella.

“So sorry to bug you, but Miss Mylee needs you in the hospital. Fast.” she said.

Ella stood and bowed to me. “Your Majesty.” she said.

At first, I looked at her weird. The I realized she was setting a good example. The girl bowed too, then the two left.

Jacob closed the door. “Well, anyway…

“You’ll need some more hand-to-hand combat training, too. Along with a knife combat class, and I think you’d be okay with a staff, too, and…”

“Jacob,” said Natalie. “I think she’ll be fine with hand-to-hand and a knife.”

“Yeah, sorry, but I already know how to handle a staff.” I added. Karate did a lot of staff stuff.

“Ok,” he said. “Then we just need Natalie to…”

“I don’t want a job.” said Natalie. “I want to be known just as her friend.”

“Technically,” I said. “My only friend that’s not my healer, protector or fashion designer.”

“Exactly.” she said.

“Agreed.” said Alina.

As we started working out the smaller details, my stomach growled. “Can we please get some food?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be back.” said Natalie. She stood. Then, we heard another knock at the door. Natalie opened it, and froze.

“Um, um, hold on one moment.” she said. Then she mouthed. “The Matal.”

I stood. Then somehow I mouthed, “What the freak?!”

“Relax.” Jacob whispered. “I’ll talk to him.”

Jacob went outside. Moments later he came back in, defeated.

“Natalie, Alina, and I are going to get lunch.” I opened my mouth to protest, but he said, “He insists. Trust me, just let him talk.”

The three left, and The Matal slipped in. For a second, I just had to bring it all in. Brown hair, hazel, clever eyes, and no age, The Matal was truly handsome. And clever.

We stared at each other for a moment. Finally, he broke the silence.

“Stacy,” he began. “I’m-”

“Let me guess.” I stopped him. “You’re really sorry for what happened, hope for my forgiveness and pray we’re better off next time.” He stared. “I got it all figured out.”

“Stacy,” he said. “I can’t be like this. I want to help you. But you need to give me a chance.”

“Why?” I asked. “I brought you back to life to give you a chance, and then you make me look like a traitor!”

My voice raised. The Matal kept his cool. “Stacy, I truly am sorry.”

The hurt and sorrow in his voice brought me back from anger, from hate. It seemed genuine.

“I’m sorry too.” I said. “But now what do I do?”

The Matal looked at me. “First, you need to make sure your presence is known. Don't let them forget you. Go to every meal, every meeting. But make sure you go to the right ones.

“Next, you need to make sure you treat everyone with respect, therefore you get respect back.” said The Matal.

“So, like, visit the hospital, say hey to kids, that kind of stuff?” I asked.

“That’s a start.” he said. “In fact, you may want to start holding lessons. Make the kids know you as a friend, not a fearless queen.”

“Should we iron it out at my advisor’s meetings?” I asked. Already, I was making plans. But I guess this is life as a queen.

“Yes.” said The Matal immediately.

When Jacob, Alina ana Natalie got back, The Matal excused himself and left quickly.

“Well,” said Natalie, looking at me. “It looks like that went a little smoother.”

Jacob sighed. “Alina, how much do I owe you?”

“Owe her?” I asked.

Alina rolled her eyes. Natalie said, “They were betting you guys were going to fight.”

“Thanks,” I grumbled, eating lunch greedily.

“So,” Alina asked. “Are meetings going back up?”

“Yes.” I said.

We talked and ate for a while, then they left. Before Jacob left, he asked. “You want to do some more combat training? I have Foro and a new guy to train.”

“What about Alrick?” I asked. Alrick was also in my old combat class. He was a Zalotic, young, skinny, smart, and actually was improving.

“He was killed in battle.” Jacob said sadly. “But I heard he put up a good fight.”

It hurt. He was really smart and kind.

“Oh, you might want to get something else on.” Jacob said. “Other than your clothes and forta.”

I dug through my wardorbe until I saw a black t-shirt and sweatpants. I went to change in the bathroom. I found some tennis shoes and put those on. Then, I slipped on my forta and headed out.

We walked through the Main Hall together. People, as always, stared at me. But I didn’t mind. As we entered the training rooms, I could see a young group of oceankeepers practicing in a corner, and I could see Foro and another guy with blonde hair on a bench.

I went over to them quickly.

“Stacy!” said Foro, beaming.

“Foro, so glad to see you.” I said.

The new guy stared at us. He looked about sixteen, while I was…. Wait, I think it’s March or April, so that means I completely passed my birthday without even knowing it. I was nineteen.

“Stacy?” he asked. “As in the…” he looked at my very colorful forta. “Woah.”

“Sahaw,” said Jacob. “This is the queen. She and Foro are friends, and she has agreed to join us today. And not a word about it.”

He nodded.

Foro opened a locker then handed me the keys. “We’ve been saving it for you.”

I smiled. It was the first time I’ve seen Foro in such a good mood during training. I put my forta into the locker and swung it closed.

First, Jacob put us through some stretching exercises. It hurt a little, but Foro didn’t seem to mind the pain. Meanwhile, Sahaw wasn’t enjoying it one bit.

Next, Jacob put some targets in front of us.

“Speed.” he said. “Is a key to fighting. You must be faster and stronger than your opponent.”

“And more good-looking.” said Foro.

I giggled. Jacob looked, but said nothing.

“You have thirty seconds.” he said. “To get fifty punches in. Go!”

I started punching. I got about twenty seconds in and then my body needed rest. In the last ten seconds, I was just able to get the last twenty in.

“Time up!” he said.

I stretched my arms. It was amazing on how tiring this can be when you missed about four months of it.

“Now kicking.” said Jacob. “Get forty in thirty seconds. Go!”

I started kicking the bag. Again, after about twenty seconds, my legs ached.

“Time up!” said Jacob. “Tell me your scores and then get some water. If you all three get about thirty kicks and forty punches, I may go easy on you.”

“Fifty punches, thirty four kicks.” I said.

“C’mon, I did better than you!” he said. “With forty kicks!”

“Twenty on both.” mumbled Shaw.

“Get some water.” said Jacob.

We went to the lockers. While Foro and Shaw packed water, I summoned some out of my palm and drank it.

“Gross.” said Foro.

“Just as much as you are.” I laughed back.

Foro was now in much better shape, stronger, faster, and more outgoing.

“How do you do this?” said Sahaw.

“Trust me.” said Foro. “The first week is the hardest.”

“Remember how we had to run around the lake?” I said. “The lake was about half a mile long on one side. We ran about four miles a day. Besides,” I added sweetly, seeing the terrified face. “It’ll get way easier.”

“Alright!” said Jacob, waving us over.

We got back in our familiar line in front of the bags.

“Now we will be working with knifes.” said Jacob, handing knifes out. “We’ll be re-working the basics. Hold your knife up.”

Shaw put it straight out, tip of the blade forward. He was going to kill someone. Meanwhile, Foro and I held ours with the tip up, our arms slightly bent, firm grasp on the knife.

Jacob fixed Sahaw’s grip, then said, “Now go to your bags.”

We all approached our bags.

“Now,” said Jacob, holding his knife up, “A basic slash.”

We began practicing hits, slashes, cuts, and takedowns. Foro knocked his bag down several times. I knocked mine down once. Sahaw barely got his to move.

After an hour of this, it was time to go. I slipped my forta on, sweating like crazy. Foro sat on the bench.

“See ya tomorrow?” he asked.

“Maybe, if I can get the others to let me.” I said. “They don’t know I’m here.”

Jacob and I went back to my room.

“I’ve got to go shower, then I have a meeting.” he said. “I’ll send Alina over soon, ok?”

“Alright.” I said.

I filled my tub with water, then heated it with fire. I stripped off my sweaty clothes and tossed them lamely on the floor. Then, I slipped into the large tub.

About twenty minutes later, Alina came in just as I was drying off from my bath.

“What were you doing?” she asked, looking at the dirty clothes. She picked my shirt up and smelled it. “Were you working out or sweating with anxiety?”

I laughed. “I was working out, duh. What else could I do? Sit in here like a caged animal?”

Alina sighed. “Ok, but let me do your hair. The makeup would be useless, because it’s almost dinnertime.”

After getting fixed up, Jacob arrived to take me to dinner. I immediately stood with Alina, and we paraded to the Main Hall. While I headed to the thrones, Alina went to sit at the Zantrics table, full of men and women with green fortas. Some had yellow hems, meaning they made weapons, like exploding powders, knifes, and staffs. The purple-hemmed people were Zalotics, in charge of making new inventions, like special mirrors or stuff like that. Tailors, like Alina, had blue hems. You can guess what they do.

I sat at my throne. In front of us was a table to eat. A table was placed in front of ours for the council. Jacob took his seat, and I immediately began to eat.

The Matal was already helping himself to mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits. I began to butter a biscuit.

“I heard you were at combat practice.” he said.

“Yes.” I replied. “After all, I needed it. And Foro missed me.”

“Ah.” he simply put.

I began to stuff the biscuit into my mouth. Before I could blink it was stuffed in my mouth. I swallowed, and The Matal rolled his eyes.

“You really need to learn how to eat like a queen.” he said.

“I’m hungry!” I said.

Then, unexpectingly, the world collapsed.



I turned around. The Dark One was laying against a pillar. He watched me with tense, strict eyes.

“Where am I?” I demanded.

He shook his head. “Oh, Stacy. I thought you were smarter.”

I then aw two men come forward, my sister screaming in their arms.

“Move, girl!” said one man.

“No!” I cried. I tried to stop them, but The Dar One put a wall of black between us. Instantly, I rose my hands. Light shattered the wall.

The Dark One pushed me away. “Oh, Stacy.” he said again, shaking his head. Then, he turned to the men. “Take her to the Main Hall.”

They dragged her away, then the world turned black again.



The Matal, Ella, and Jacob were surrounding me. I could barely hear angry shouts as heartrenders kept the crowd away.

“Her heart is beating.” said Ella.

“Take her to her chambers.” said The Matal. “Quick!”

Jacob scooped me up in his arms. Then, Ella, The Matal, Jacob, Alina and I hurried to my chambers. In moments, my bedroom door slammed shut.

“What happened?!” asked Ella.

“The Dark One!” I said. “He has my sister….. Using her for something… terrorizing…”

The whole world went black again.


“Her pulse is steady.” said Ella.

I slowly aroused. “Uhhh….”

“Relax.” said Ella. “Please.”

I looked around. I was in my bedroom. The Matal was with us, and Jacob at the door.

“You’ve been out for hours.” said Ella. “It’s already almost one in the morning.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“You kinda passed out in the middle of dinner.” said Ella. “When you woke, we brought you here, and you slurred stuff about The Dark One and your sister, then you passed out.”

I sat up. “Lucy!”

Ella forced me back down. “Rest.”

“No.” I said, as I stood. That was a mistake. I wobbled, and The Matal caught me.

“I’m fine.” I said. “Maybe after some food I’ll feel better.”

The Matal and Ella looked like I was crazy.

“Did you not hear me?” she asked. “It’s one in the morning. Get some sleep. Tomorrow you have to me in full strength.”

The Matal helped me back into bed. (A little awkward, since days before he called me a traitor, but it was also very romantic).

I slept for hours.




I woke up early. Hours early. I layed in bed, hoping time would go faster. But it didn’t.

At about five in the morning, I dragged my butt out of bed. Then, I walk over to the table. I decide to sneak to the kitchens. I slip on my robe, put my boots on, and crept out of the room.

Immediately, I ran into a heartrender guard. He was six feet tall, long forta, and hands at the ready.

“Hey!” he whisper-shouted. “What are you doing?”

“Getting tea.” I said, rubbing my eyes like a sleepy child.

“You can’t go without a guard at night.” he said.

“It’s morning.” I said. “And you can come with me if you don’t mind.”

He rolled his eyes. “Hurry.” he snapped.

We walked across the hall. Few people were up. Mostly Zantrics, or inventors, and a few healers and heartrenders.

We slipped through the halls into the kitchen. Breakfast was still getting ready.

A cook approached us. “Ma’am, sir.” he said. “May I ask what you are doing here? Nothing is to be served until six o’clock. It’s only five twenty.”

“This.” growled the Heartrender. “Is the Queen. She wants tea, so you must get her some.”

Instantly afraid, he bowed and stammered. “Oh, s-s-so sorry-y ma’am. I’ll get that t-t-t-tea now.”

He ran off. He was gone for five whole minutes, until he returned with a tray with a tea kettle, cups, sugar, honey, and spoons.

“Thank you.” I said.

He bowed. “You’re welcome to anything here, Your Majesty.”

We left quickly, careful not to spill tea. When we got back, Jacob was there, distressed.

“There you are!” he whispered angrily. “Where were you?” he turned to my guard. “Why didn’t you stop her?!”

“It wasn’t his fault.” I said. “I told him I wanted tea, so he got me some. Simple.”

Jacob said “Alright. Stacy, go in. Dirk, you’re dismissed.”

The heartrender bowed and left. I slipped into my room, drinking tea until Alina came in.

“Stacy.” she said. “You know Jacob is mad at you now?”

“I know.” I said. “It’s not my fault.”

“Yes, it is. He nearly called the security to sweep the area clean.” said Alina as she went through my wardrobe.

I Sighed, then finished my tea. Then, Alina tended to my hair and makeup. Soon, after getting dressed, I was taken to breakfast. I beat The Matal there, so I helped myself to oatmeal. I noticed the meals had been getting a little weak and common, instead of pancakes, cereal, and other option. Now, if we’re lucky, we get two.

As I started pouring brown sugar on my oatmeal, The Matal came in, lavish as ever. His brown, slick hair was neatly brushed to the side, making his eyes sparkle. He sat.

“Morning.” I managed after a moment of quiet.

“Good morning.” he said, handing me a parcel.

I opened it. It read:


Advisor’s Meeting

Council Meeting



Combat Class

Extra Activities


“Is this a schedule?” I asked. “I’m not in middle school anymore.”

He smiled. “I thought you would need it.”

We ate as much as possible before dragging away to the meeting room. As we gathered around, The Matal stood.

“Stacy needs to get as much power and control as she can.” said The Matal. “Since… well, people will still be sketchy about her.”

“I say guards with her at every moment.” said Jacob.

“I can protect myself.” I said.

“Not always.” said The Matal. “Besides, extra guards can help you out if you do have an enemy.”

I sighed. That, sadly, was true. Yet I knew, as well as everyone else, that I was stronger than everyone in this room. Ok, not that strong, but strong.

“Next,” said The Matal, as if it was already decided, “I thought Stacy could participate in more events. Not just meetings. Any ideas?”

“Could I instruct?” I asked.

Natalie nodded. “That would be useful. The children could not just live to fear or respect her, but see her as a friend, a helper.”

“I agree.” said Jacob.

“Yes.” said Ella.

The Matal nodded. “I’ll have it arranged by tomorrow.”

“She could also work a little in the hospital.” said Ella. “After all, we are running short on nurses, and children and now elders too have been getting sick.”

I remembered how we spoke about the younger ones getting sickly.

“That would be helpful,” said The Matal. “But she might not be available all the time.”

“How about two or three times a week?” asked Alina.

“Yes.” said Natalie.

“Alright.” said The Matal. “Now, I have one more proposal. I want her to have at least thirty minutes to an hour for a free trial.”

“A what?” I asked, obviously baffled.

“Free trial.” said Jacob. “Is our way of saying that the king or queen are open for anyone to speak. So, for example, if a woman had no money, yet she served for you for two years, then she could go to the free trial. Then, she could ask for money. And you listen and decide.”

“Yes.” said The Matal.

“But…” said Natalie.

“What?” I asked.

“She may not be, well…”

“Have a good judgement?” I asked.

Natalie nodded.

“Then I could be there with her.” said The Matal. “I could tell her what she should decide for, or make decisions and let her watch?”

“That’s ok with me.” I said.

We quickly wrapped the meeting up. Then, I straightened up, and The High Council stepped in.

Jen wasn’t there, no doubt. But Yul and Sod weren’t either. Odd.

“Excuse me, Council.” I asked in a steady voice. “But where are your fellow council members, Yul and Sod?”

“Being questioned, dear.” said Werer. She spoke kindly, as if a bit sorry for me. But she was also an old woman, who was only good for machines.

“Ah,” I said.

“Council.” said Kunkou, a fireal with a strong posture. “Who shall take Jen’s place in the Gravitio spot?”

“I was thinking Lola.” said Natalie. “She’s a strong gravitio ,young, but a kind heart.”

“She might be a good choice.” said John.

“Yes.” said The Matal. “A wise choice, Natalie.”

She blushed a light pink.

As if it was decided, The Matal continued. “Jacob, is there any news on The Alimic’s sister or The Dark One?”

Jacob rose. “I’ve gotten news that The Dark One plans to attack one of our forts on the surface, which has an opening to the underground base.”

Several worried murmurs were raised. “Can we attack?” I asked.

“How? The Dark One will know if we come. The fort is near a beach, so only one way to go in is the coast, which can alert them at first sight.” said Kunkou.

“Then that’s how.” I said. I walked over to the maps of the coastline. “We’ll dispatch a team to one end of the coast.” I said, pointing. “Another on the other side.” I said. “Then, on the coast itself, myself with the armies and The Matal.”

“It’s a good plan.” said The Matal. “But I don’t think we can pull up that many soldiers.”

“We could pull a regiment of two from our surface base.” said Jacob. “And then we’ll maybe have about one thousand, which isn’t anything compared to The Dark One.”

“It’s worth a shot.” said Ella.

“And if we fail?” asked John.

“Then we evacuate.” said The Matal. “Get to a base and then plan ahead.”

It wasn’t a good plan. For the next hour, we prepared everything: travel, shipments, messengers to the generals for men, small flaws. But The Matal was sticking to my plan, so I guess it’s worth a shot.

Finally, the meeting ended. The Matal and I hurried to the training rooms. They were empty.

“I reserved it.” he said.

Then, we began. To call my power once more felt beautiful, like always.

First, I put on a show for The Matal, demonstrating my power. Then, he began to push e to the limit.

“Can you use mist?” he said.

“No.” I replied.

“Simply let the water come to you, then relse it in mist.” said The Matal. Although I doubt he ever taught oceankeepers.

I called, but when I sent water up, it was in a stream of water. I kept on until I finally mastered creating mist.

“Can you form perfect ice blocks?” asked The Matal.





“Do it. Just control the ice to freeze to blocks.”

I tried. For another half an hour I tried, and still no luck.

“I’m horrible.” I said.

“You’ll get there. You just need a bit more practice, that’s all.” said The Matal.

Lunch came and went with sandwiches. Then, I headed back to training.

I went to my locker, which held my combat clothes and a towel. I changed in the bathrooms. When I got back, Foro was talking to Sahaw.

“You need to grip the knife harder.” he said. “With control. The knife is in your hands, which means your control.”

“Hey guys.” I said. “Whatcha doing?”

“I’m trying to teach him how to hold a knife.” he said.

“Simple.” I said. “Just grip it.”

“You see?” asked Foro. “It’s super easy. You just need to stop being terrified.”

“Streaches!” barked Jacob.

We went to a corner of the training room and started our brutal streching. Of course, today it didn’t hurt as bad.

When we were warmed up, Foro and I were at a complete competition. We raced, and he beat me. But at speed drills, I came up faster. Then, knife training began. Foro and I paired up. Jacob took Sahaw aside and started teaching him while Foro and I sparred.

Of course, the blades were fake. They were plastic, so all we can do is give a massive bruise. Also, they were so clumsy we kept breaking them.

“You guys went through three!” he said. I broke one, and Foro broke two.

“Ha-ha.” said Foro lighty. “I broke more.”

“But I’m on Jacob’s good side compared to you.” I shot back, but it was all fun and games.

I then noticed the younger ones were watching us. No, watching me. I got an uneasy feeling they were judging me. I tried to shake it off. But I realized that everyone watched me. And someone always wanted to know my location. I was basically on trial.

And it scared me.

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