The Dying Forest

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This was written by my brother, Faron. He's young, but he's learning. I touched it up a bit, correcting incorrect grammar to the best of my ability, but the bulk of it was his.

Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



In an abandoned city, once home to almost fifty thousand inhabitants, a wolf strolls gently across a dilapidated street, where plants had pushed their way up from beneath and erupted through the tarmac. The already dying red and yellow is a cheerful respite against the grey, grey, grey of the remnant city.


This was Pripyat, the closest town to the Chernobyl meltdown, lethally tainted; everyone within thirty miles had been evacuated in under thirty-six hours. Even so, there were some deaths, workers caught in the destructive blast. The real cost came afterwards, though, when the radioactivity corrupted the remaining people caught in the fallout.


Who knows how many hundreds of thousands lost their lives to this horrible fate?


The wolf seems not to care. In fact, he is happy with the emptiness of the town. Wolves are used to the absence of humanity, and even dislike being around them. Although, why should this shaggy, grey-furred wolf have any reason to oppose humans, if he has never met one? As the wolf prowls across the overgrown path, he meets a divide - an end to the grey ruins, an entrance to the amber, brown, orange and gold of the autumn trees.


Here, he stops.


A huge elk stands, with tusks easily able to knock him flying several feet away, in his path. He snorts, knowing the wolf is there, but walks away calmly as if nothing was wrong. When the mighty elk begins to walk, the wolf scampers to the golden undergrowth like a kitten to a box, hiding himself underneath the leaves covering the autumnal forest, never to be seen again...


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