The Ghost Train

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Two boys take another boy to an abandoned amusement park to give him a fright, but things did not happen as they expected.

Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



The Ghost Train

The three boys looked at the mouth of the dark and mysterious tunnel with different feelings. Except for the fat boy, who was clearly frightened, the others were at ease in that desolate place. They were in an abandoned amusement park, in front of one of the attractions that had been most successful in their glory days: the Ghost Train.

The entrance to the tunnel was the huge mouth of a demon. He looked at the unwary with dark and evil eyes, mocking those silly creatures, who dared to venture into it.

- Fuck! This hideous face is sinister. Stammered the fat boy.

- It is just a painted facade. – The thin boy said. - Everything here was meant to scare the fools.

- I do not know. - Insisted the fat boy. - There seems to be something sinister there.

The other two boys looked at each other in complicity. In fact, they were amused by his fear and were preparing to give him the biggest scare of his life.

- It is just a fantasy phantom train. - said the tall boy, with a certain tone of impatience in the voice. – It does not exist in the real world.

- Even so, that sounds dangerous. – Said the fat boy, in a squeaky voice, regretting to have agreed with that.

- Are you going to quit now? Said the tall boy, in a tone of defiance.

The fat boy sighed. He did not want to go through coward, but he did not need much imagination. To think that that dark tunnel mouth was just waiting for that they get closer to show off their huge teeth and devour them.

The red-haired, freckled boy, who until then had been silent, interfered.

- Maybe we can come back in the morning. – He said. Suddenly he thought they were going too far with that joke and had a feeling that the night was not going to end well. In fact, that nightly foray into the abandoned amusement park was a stupid idea, he though. I was not afraid of ghosts, but who could know what lurked in the darkness of the tunnel? That place was dark and scary enough to hide some kind of scum that might see them as intruders in their territory. This could be far more dangerous than a fright at that chubby coward. The poor devil just wanted to make friends, but they saw it as an opportunity to have fun. So they created a rite of initiation for him. The plan was simple: It consisted of sending him through the tunnel of the ghost train of that park at night.  During the crossing, one of them would hide to frighten the fat boy.

- Coming back tomorrow seems a good idea. – Said the fat boy, making mention of going back where he had come.

- We can back here during day? – Asked the thin, tall boy with disdain, holding the fat boy by the shirt collar. – That would not be any fun. Now that we are here, let's continue.

The red-haired, freckled boy would say something, but gave up. He did not want to be considered a coward along with the fat boy.

The tall skinny boy looked at the fat boy without compassion. He did not like cowards and had a special dislike by effeminate-looking boys, like that chubby, soft-spoken and hesitant. espite this, he condescended a little. That night and the place were perfect to scare and he did not want to run the risk of seeing your victim run ahead of time.

- Lets all go together, then. Is that good? – He asked, still holding the fat boy by the collar of his shirt.

- I think so. - replied the fat boy, without the courage to say that he preferred Leave as quickly as possible.

The three entered the tunnel and were enveloped by darkness. The fat boy looked back and saw the tunnel's entrance less and less as if it were closing. He made an effort to believe it was just an optical illusion because of their remoteness. However, the darkness became almost total some steps ahead.

- I cannot see the mouth of the tunnel anymore. – Said the red-haired, freckled boy, shakily. He no longer cared much about looking like a coward.

- It is because the tunnel makes a curve, you idiot.

The fat boy began to perspire and he felt fear invade his heart. He could no longer see where he was treading and he cursed the time when he became involved with those two freaks.

- I cannot see. - He said scared.

The thin boy lit a flashlight and they realized that the tunnel had widened. They were in what appeared to be an old train station.

- How does this fit into a fun park? – He asked, not understanding.

- I do not think we are in the park anymore. – Said the redhead.

- Are we in another dimension? – Asked the fat boy, panting.

The tall boy was also scared and angry about the fat boy's voice, but a noise caught his attention before he said anything about it.

- Did you hear that?

- This what? I did not hear anything. – said the redhead.

- Me neither. The fat boy said. He experienced a perverse pleasure, when he noticed the fear in the voice of the bully.

- It looks like a train. Do not you hear?

Gradually the noise became clearer and they distinctly heard the sound of an approaching train. A few seconds later, they could see the lights of the locomotive at the end of the tunnel.

- The train is coming here. – Said the redhead, almost voiceless, as he felt the vibration on the rail increase in intensity.

The noise increased and the train became visible to them. It was an old 19th-century locomotive and it was in a bad state, almost falling apart.

Through the windows of the passenger cars, they saw strange figures who also looked at them.

- They look like ghosts. - Said the tall boy, no longer bothering to disguise the panic.

- They are ghosts, you idiot! – Said the fat boy. He was no longer afraid and it was his turn to show no compassion.

If the tall slim person noticed the change in attitude of the fat boy, he said nothing. He was too scared for that. After a moment, that seemed an eternity, They realized that train seemed to wait for them.

- What is this hell train waiting for? – Asked the thin boy.

- Have not you noticed yet? The train is waiting for us. - said the redhead, scathing.

- But there are only dead.

The fat boy and the red-haired boy burst into laughter.

- We tell him? Asked the red-haired boy, still laughing.

- No," said the fat boy, still remembering the mouth of the tunnel closing. – Soon he will realize that this tunnel has no curve.

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