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Akira has a past that has been hidden away by her adoptive family. She has had a normal life until her past comes to hunt her. She will fight to find the truth about her and to save the lives of the people she cares about.

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Chapter 1: 16!


" So Akira lets continue from we left  on from last time. I belief you where in the part where you are drowning on the ocean and you hear a women on the deep." " Okay. So what I remember is that she tells me to stop fighting for air and to come back home. It's like if she knows me and cares for me but at the same time I feel in danger. When I get to the darkest part of the ocean I wake up." "So Akira this dream how long have you been having it?" " To exact all my life and I want them to end. That is why I'm here Dr. Grey." " From what I have heard this dream could be a trauma from your infancy. I have looked into your files and I know that you where adopted by Martha and Jonathan Smith at the age of two. You where found near the ocean bay unconscious. The doctors report says that you nearly drown. Your case is lacks a lot of information of your past and the reason that your parents where never found and you didn't have any birth records or any sign that you even existed. It's thought that your biological parents abused of you and tried to kill you. You where not only found nearly drowned but with bruises, cuts, and naked." " Doctor Grey many psychologist have told me that but I belief that there is so much more to this dream may a clue of who I was or my family something. I could be wrong but i only which them to stop." " Come back next week I'll see what I can do now go and enjoy your birthday."

All my life I felt diff rent either because I heard voices in my head, claim to not being able to breath, or the fact that I'm always fainting and now I can add this stupid dream to my weird profile. This dream has been haunting me for the past few months. Some how I feel like its  a message from my biological mother or at least that what I think. Today was supposed to be a great day for me but so far it can't get any worst since I got beat up by my foster parents like always and lost my job. I really hate turning 16 instead of 20 or 30 so I could leave this town and forget about everything. Just as I thought this day couldn't get worst there he was Clark Sullivan appeared. He was you could say my best friend, perfect grades, journalist, and of course very mysterious. He was 6'2 tall, black wavy hair, beautiful blue eyes, muscles, and a beautiful smile. " Hi Akira, have you been avoiding me because you don't want me to say happy birthday or what? O by the way happy birthday" I actually was ignoring him because of that. " Of course not Clark although you know how much I hate my birthday." " Akira why do you hate it its a special day for you." " Clark have you talked to Lex about the lab explosion? I would like to put it on the first column for the newspaper." " Nope. and what a way to change the conversation." " Hahaha" " Akira what happened to your eye? Did your dad do this?" " Clark, I fell from the stairs last night." " Akira tell me the truth what happen?" " Okay, yes my dad did this because I told him to go to hell for telling me to give him money to go to the bar and get drunk." " His an asshole he doesn't have a right to treat you that way. Don't worry the time has come and its over." " Clark what do you mean that the time has come and that its finally over?" " Nothing sorry what I meant was that you should tell the police!" " Clark you know why I don't call them if I do they'll take me to another foster care and loose everything that I stand for!" " Akira, I'm tired of the way that he treats you but I do have to tell that soon it will be over I have a feeling." "Than..." I was interrupted by Barry Speers, he was my crush since freshman year. He was 5'6 tall, straight hazel hair, deep bright hazel eyes, and well very hot with a six pack. He was perfect swimming team like me, great reputation, and a bit coky. As soon as I saw him I felt blushing and very nervous. " Oh hi Barry thank you for coming to the interview." " No needs to thank me its what I do. Wait Akira what happened to your eye?" " Oh don't worry I fell from the stairs last night. I'm very clumsy you know." OMG his worried about me! " Akira weren't you going to say something to me?" " Oh sorry Clark will talk later.Bye" " Bye I guess" I somehow felt a bit bad how I threw Clark out of the room but I to take advantage of the time that I have with Barry. It was very rare that he would talk to me since his king of  Moore high school and senior of the year. "Okay so lets start..." I was interrupted but now by the best friend of Barry Marcos. I hated him so much because he was an awfull person that liked to personally watch me suffer. " Hey Barry me and the boys are going to get some lunch want to come?" " Sure be there in a sec." " Okay we are will wait for you Barry outside in my truck" " Sorry Akira I have to go. Can we do this later?" "Sure but ..." " Thank you! Akira your the best.Bye" "Bye" It kindof hurt me that he just left for no good reason but I understood that he didn't care about the interview. This would always happen I would get exited about him and then end up getting hurt by him all the time. The thing is that Marcos is right he would never notice me for various reasons which are I'm not popular, I'm a sophomore, and lastly surely not pretty enough.


This morning before school: " Clark, sweety we need to talk now." " Mom I need to go to school and meet Akira over there." "Clark this is serious today is the day you need to protect her from what coming today is the day she will know her past and accept her destiny" " Mother since she was born I haven't left her side but there is a problem." " What is the problem?" " Is not what its who. Barry you know what he is!" " Calrk he was banished by the elders of the clan drago. Just like Akira doesn't know about her past .." "Mother he could have been banished but that doesn't mean his not a treat to her." "Clark, I'm not saying that what I'm saying is that you should worry about Akira and not him now go and take you wepon  just in case and protect Akira at all cost." " I will not fail you mother." "Wait Clark take the truck with you." " No thanks I think I'll run." To be honest I was afraid that when the prophecy comes true today and the dragors come for Akira I won't be able to protect her and I will fail on my mission. It has been three centuries since they send me and my mother to earth with the mission to protect Akira and help her fufill her destiny. We hybernated till the day that Akira's ship fell from the sky. Me and my mother tried to get to her first but other person found her and put her in foster care. The only thing we could do is hybernate again till she was 12 and I would become her friend and protector. She has suffered so much with those bastared who beat her up for no reason but today it will be over. Akira, my mother, and me are the last of our race the Pyros. A race that has existed in the planet Urula for millions of years and was destroyed by the Dragors are beigns that show no remors or compassion. They are crule and enjoy destroying what they can conquer. We are not sure of what was of them but Barry is so far the only one that we know escaped to earth. Dargor have the ability to change into what they want to and suck the life of anything. We the Pyros protect the life of planets. In Urula we didn't have the abilities that we do here. On earth we have great strenght, velocity, and everyone of us had a unique ability. My unique ability would be blue fire which can open portals. My mother has the ability to see for only 10 seconds the future. Akira is special and she still hasn't unlock her powers. Today was special because Akira will unlock her past which will give her her abilities and her mission.The problem was that she is to earth bound to be able to understand who she is and why she was saved. Not only that the other thing standing in her way is barry and I will destroy him.

Chapter 2 Metamorphosis:


As I walked home from school I stopped in front of the cafe that Barry and his friends went almost every day after school. I saw him having fun with his friends and I asked myself how does it feel to be loved by someone. I kept walking home and a few blocks away from home I always stopped to see a house of a beutifule family of four. I always went there when my foster dad hits me or my foster mom gets drunk so I can imagine me being part of that family. When I see how much they love each other it makes me wish that I could have that kind of love and family. I soon realise that it was getting tark and that he would get furious ifI haven't gotten home. As I got closer to home I stared to hear my Jonathan screaming at Martha and I felt my stomach turn upside down. I thought to myself that ifI was going to go unoticed this was the right time to do so. I went inside as quietly as I could but then I saw Jonathan pointing a gun at Martha and made me paralised. I was scared to death of what he could do with it. Martha saw me at the door and she gave me a gaze that I knew ment for me to run. I  

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