Don't Know World

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a new skin in given to all mankind.

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



Don’t know world

Part One

Among the mists of time.  In a land beyond reality.  Entities drifted together.  These higher beings, mused over a new idea.  What would happen if they moulded together some clay.  Then breathe life into this blob of matter.  What marvels would come from it.  The Lord of the Most High sighed.  Then let it be so.  The ball of earth fell down.  Leaving the clouds well behind.  Finding a new place to linger.


After a few more waves of thought, the clay pulsated.  Many dreams later, a man stirred from his deep dream.  A layer of clay formed his over his skin.  He realised, this was his skin.  Others awoke around him.  Waking in their beds.  Each man became aware of the grainy smooth surface.  It enveloped their features.  The dormitory dwellers were the first to ‘get’ what they were.  They had felt the first skin, designed by God and his Kindred Spirits. 


What could one do with this find?  Who would believe the Truth?  The young men all knew it.  They could tell each other.  They talked for a good while.  Deciding on what to do.  This was the first day of the new Twelve.  It was up to them to go out and spread the Word of God, in the Don’t know world…


The movie began like most others.  A loud alive tune formed a mental and audio picture.  Then so began the day.  The notion of the epic drama ended before it was shown.  A news report spoke of the new film.  About a machine made by man.  And covered in human tissue, designed in a lab.  It gave the viewers insight into a new news item.  Twelve men had appeared on the steps of St Paul’s London.  Then began revering and praising God.


Then before the eyes of the cameras, Eleven of the men dissolved into a mist.  The sound of the one man, filled the hearts of the curious.  His singing and praying sank into the souls.  And even some of the ignorant.  The humans noticed their skins glowed like new.  All faiths and minds felt good and fresh.  Like after a cleansing shower or sauna.  This was the first day of the Twelve. 


The other men appeared in Rome, Italy.  Outside the Vatican.  Again some magic affected the tourists and locals.  Something told them all, inside their heads,  this was the beginning of the Second Coming.  All wanted to know the Truth.  Even the troubled, in the Don’t know world.







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