Little Talks

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Do you ever just feel like you really miss someone? Just talking to them? I do. That's why I wrote this. I long to talk to someone who was once very special to me. Now it's like I don't even get a passing glance. It really just sucks when you think about it. Especially if they knew so much about you.

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



I want to talk

It can be about anything

It can be about nothing at all

We can talk about things that are big and small

We can share stories to make us smile or make our skin crawl


We can talk all night and all day

About all these games we play

And the things we've always needed to say

Just to make the pain go away


We can talk to our hearts' content

Talk about all the time we've spent

Trying to make things right


We can talk about dreams and ideas and art

How we put each other together

Or how we tore each other apart


But maybe we can discuss

Picking up the pieces of us

And above all else, I just want

To hold the pieces of you in my hand again

If only for a moment

One last time.

© Copyright 2018 Skylar Kristofer. All rights reserved.

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