Nidaka Adventure - The Story of Takashi Hanawa

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



“Man, I’m sorry to hear about your divorce.”


Tarry lifted his head toward his colleague, Justin McGregor. He and Justin were not just colleague, but also best friend ever since Tarry first stepped into this building. Justin was very helpful to him during his early days here, and at night they will sometimes hang out to relieve the stress from their job. Justin was not married yet. He just couldn’t find himself to settle down with one girl even for a week. Yet Tarry felt envy of him, because despite not being married, Justin seemed very content with his life.


“Thanks, Justin,” mumbled Tarry, his mood was still low from the morning before.


Justin patted his shoulder. “C’mon, you and me, Club 70 tonight. I heard that it’ll be a hotspot for tonight. Lotsa girls, drinks and good music.”


The thought of himself dancing with another girl who was not Janette made him cringed. He shook his head. “No thanks, man. I’m not ready for a new girl.”


Justin burst out laughing. “Who says we are gonna find you some girl? It’ll be just for fun. You can play billiard there, or even search for the Pokemon that you like so much.” Even though Justin didn’t play the game, he was alright with Tarry playing it.


“I got a Dragonite at the law firm just now,” Tarry announced with a proud smile on his face.


“Hallelujah! We should celebrate! I know you really want that Pokemon so bad.” Justin looked genuinely happy for him. Tarry’s mood improved a little bit. He thought about Justin’s offer. Why should he stayed at home alone and lonely when he can go out and have fun with his best friend? Who knows, Mewtwo might appear there.


“Okay. I’ll go with you tonight.”


“Nice! Okay, see ya later. Let’s get our job settle for today then.”





Few hours later, Tarry was sitting at the corner of the Club 70, drinking Light Coke alone, while his friend Justin was dancing wildly at the dance floor with several women literally stuck on his body. Tarry just shook his head with a small smile. He wondered how did Justin handle all of these women’s never-ending attention on him. He grabbed his cell phone and booted up the Pokemon Go game. He noticed that there were a lot of Pokestop nearby the club, and one of them had lure in it. “Nice,” he whispered to himself. He took a look at the Sighting section, and saw a Pikachu there. He didn’t have a Pikachu, so he took this chance to wander around and find that Pikachu. Since the club was so crowded right now, he decided to go out and began his mission as a dedicated Pokemon Trainer.


“Where are you, Pikachu?” He chanted the word quietly while walking aimlessly along the street. Outside was surprisingly very quiet, and it relaxed him a bit. He walked and walked again until he reached some bushes just nearby the street. He didn’t know why, but he knew that he will find Pikachu beyond those bushes. Out of the blue, the bushes started to shake, and Tarry began to shiver. He gulped several times, sweat starting to form on his forehead. He was all alone there, and suddenly he felt that this place was spooky.


“I’m not scare. I’m not scare. I’m not scare,” he began his mantra, his eyes never left the bushes. And then it shook again, this time more aggressive than before. He almost jumped backward but manage to hold on, however his heart began to pump faster, his whole body felt cold. He didn’t believe there was such thing as a ghost before, but now seeing a spooky thing happen just before his eyes, he started to doubt it. Before he could do anything, something jumped right toward him, and in a moment, his sight became dark. His hands started to sway around the ‘thing’ on his face, mumbling incoherently. After a while, the ‘thing’ let go of his face, and he regained back his sight. His eyes then looked at the ‘thing’ on the floor, and he almost screamed upon seeing it.


It was a Pikachu.


Not a ghost, not from the game on his cell phone. Pikachu was here, standing in front of him, with its smile on its face.


“I must be dreaming then,” he mumbled, started to rub his eyes and slapped his cheeks with his palm. He took a look again, and the Pikachu was still there. “Are… are you… real?” He whispered in a shaky voice. Pikachu close its eyes, and grinned widely, its tail starting to shake excitedly, and when it said “Pika, pika, pikachu!” in a voice that he always heard from the Anime version of Pokemon he watched, he almost fainted right then and there.


I need to touch it. It can’t be real, right? Tarry nodded to himself and extended his shaky right hand toward Pikachu. When his fingers touched Pikachu’s head, it felt so soft yet so… electrifying! Tarry dared himself to pat its head, and when it didn’t protest, he moved his hand downward toward its cheeks, and it leaned its head over his hand. “Pipipikachu.” Tarry started to chuckle, enjoying the feeling of petting his favourite Pokemon. “I don’t know what happen, or whether or not I was dreaming, but I’m so glad I found you, Pikachu.” Tarry kept on petting Pikachu for a few minutes more, both of them were in their own world now. But it didn’t last longer. Someone was calling Tarry from afar, thus interrupting the petting session. Pikachu began to be more alert, its tail stood tall, it wore its frown now. “Pika…chu?” Tarry didn’t want Pikachu to leave, knowing that he might never see it again after this.


“Hey, Tarry! What are you doing there, squatting in front of the bushes?” It was Justin. His slurred voice signalled that he was drunk. On both sides of his body were two beautiful girls, his hands around each of the girls’ shoulder.


Tarry stood up, brushed his knee jeans, and faced them. “I… I just saw a Pikachu,” he said honestly, but Justin misunderstood his meaning. Justin began to laugh.


“You know, my friend here is obsess with Pokemon Go game. I bet he’s here for one of his hunting, eh?” Both girls laughed as if he just told them the biggest joke in the world. Really, when Justin is drunk, he can be so mean without realizing it.


“You gotta believe me. I did saw Pikachu. It’s real. I can even touch it with my own hand! See there… eh? Where is it?” Tarry became defensive and eager to show them that Pikachu really was… real, only to find that it no longer there, making him looked like an idiot. The three of them laughed again. Tarry had to hold his own temper, his fist clenched so tight that he might broke his palm skin.


“Man, you really are so funny tonight. Pikachu is real? Get out of here! Pokemon is just a game, an illusion, why would it be real?” Justin said.


He doesn’t believe me. “I… am telling you the truth.” Tarry realized that it was no use to convince his friend now. He did not have any proof to strengthen his statement anyway. He was so caught up with petting Pikachu that he forgot to take its picture.


“You do need to get laid, man. I know how upset you are today. Come with me to my house, we can share the girls here, they won’t mind, right, girls?” Justin drolled the word ‘girls’ sexily. The girls nodded eagerly, their eyes never left Justin’s handsome face.


Tarry rolled his eyes. “No, thanks, man. I told you, I don’t want a new girl, yet. You go on, I’ll be home soon.” He waved them away, dismissing them. He wanted to stay much longer in case Pikachu was still there.


“Suit yourself, Takashi. Later.” The three of them walked away, leaving him alone once again. Tarry squatted again and started to call Pikachu with hush voice. But after ten minutes and Pikachu was nowhere to be seen, Tarry gave up and stood up again. He sighed deeply and scratching his head.


“I guess it was just a dream after all. God, I need to sleep.” With a last look on the bushes, Tarry walked away. He never saw two pair of eyes watching him discreetly behind those bushes.






No matter how hard he tried, Tarry’s mind kept on coming back to the moment when he met the real-life Pikachu. He still can recall how Pikachu’s skin felt, and its voice always ringing on his ears. He knew in his heart that it was not a dream. That the Pikachu was really real. Alive.


He gotta find that Pikachu again.

He was partially glad that his son was staying over at his mother this week. This let him have enough time to go back to those bushes and find that Pikachu. He needed to find it. Somehow, he had a feeling that that Pikachu held his own future in its hand.


When he met Justin again at their office the day after, Justin couldn’t remember at all about their encounter and conversation about Pikachu. So, Tarry repeated it again to him, and like what he expected, Justin began to laugh out loud, started to pat Tarry’s head and went back to his own cubicle to resume his work. Since then, they never talk about it again. Tarry was all on his own now, but that was fine. He can handle it himself.


On Friday night, Tarry began to pack his bag with sketch pad, a digital camera, some pet food that Pikachu might like, and a torch light. Tarry wore his baseball cap, a black vast with a white T-shirt underneath it, an army short pants, and a sports shoes. He was ready for an adventure.


I wish I had real Pokeballs, that will make me look more like a Pokemon Trainer. Tarry grinned to himself, and then took off to where he first met Pikachu. The night was, as usual, very quiet and still. He could hear bass sound coming from the Club 70, but that was all about it. He walked to the bushes, and then he switched on his torch light, move the light all around the bushes. No sign of Pikachu.


He began to walk across the bushes to the woods behind. The cold temperature made him shiver, plus the feeling was kinda spooky to him, but he still determined with his mission. He walked slowly to the deep of the wood. Deeper and deeper, until he reached a place where it was just woods and mists all around him. Still no sign of Pikachu. Tarry grabbed his backpack and pull out the pet foods, and started to wave it up in the air. “Pikachu! It’s me! The guy you met four days ago. I have some food for you. Come on here now!” Tarry shouted. His voice echoed back. But no sound followed. No Pikachu.


Tarry didn’t give up. He kept on walking while waving the pet food packages. At some point, his stomach started to growl, and he unconsciously opened the package and munched the pet food, only after that he spat it out and coughing vigorously in disgust. “Shit, that ain’t delicious!”


A sudden gush of wind that passed behind his neck made him stood tall. He held his breath for a while. There was it again, the gush of wind! This time, it passed his lower limbs. His sweat started to roll on his face. His eyes wandered aimlessly at his surrounding. Then, his flashlight was removed from his hand by a ‘thing’! Something sticky and hard touched his hand, and when he finally saw the culprit, this time he screamed out loud.


It was a snake. A dark-skinned snake with its tongue protruded, its head stood still, its eyes glaring at him.


Oh no, I hate snake! I freaking hate snake! What should I do? His breathing became fast, his eyes never left the snake. He was shaking right now, and he could feel his bladder almost giving up. Great. I am about to pee myself here, in this unknown place! Justin will have a very good laugh about it if he knew. His vision started to fade away, and he almost welcome the darkness. And then here came flashes of light. His awareness came back to him, and the next thing he knew, Pikachu was standing in front of him, growling in anger, facing the snake.


“Pikaaaaaa~CHUUUUUUU!!!” Pikachu attacked the snake with its Thundershock attack, instantly shocked the snake ‘til it finally fainted. Tarry observed the scene without moving his body, his mouth open agape, his eyes rounded in amazement. After making sure the snake was indeed fainted, Pikachu walked near him and started to smile at him. Tarry exhaled in deep relief, put his hand on Pikachu’s head and started to pet it.


“Thank you for saving my life, Pikachu.”


“Pika pika, pikachu.”


“I wish I could understand what were you saying, Pikachu. I’m just gonna assume that you just said ‘you’re welcome’, coward.” Both of them laughed together. “I am not usually this coward, though, just that I am not good at dealing with snake.” Tarry lowered his head in embarassment. Pikachu jumped on his shoulder and patted his head, silently letting him know that it was okay to be scared once in a while. Tarry sat under one of the tree nearby, putting Pikachu on his lap. “I’m so glad that I found you, Pikachu. Ever since that night when we first met, I couldn’t sleep well, thinking of you. I am a big fan of Pokemon, and I always wished that Pokemon were real. And here I am, with you, Pikachu. You are real.” He started to tear up, making Pikachu frowned.


“Pikachu…” Pikachu whimpered.


“Aww, no, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be sad around you. I’m just so happy that I’ve met you.” Tarry held himself together. “Oh, before I forgot,” he reached for his back pack and took out another pet food package, extended it toward Pikachu. Pikachu stared at the weird package questioningly. “Ah, it’s a… pet food. I… I guess you might like it,” Tarry stuttered, suddenly afraid that he offended Pikachu. Pikachu leaned over the package, sniffed it a bit, then it grinned and nodded excitedly. Tarry grinned. “Good. I’m glad you like its smell. Let’s see if you like its taste, too.” Tarry tore the package apart, took some of the pieces of the food, and cautiously extended his hand to Pikachu, who sniffed again. Slowly, it began to eat the food, and once it familiarized the taste, it started to munch happily. Its little nose rubbed Tarry’s hand in the process, making him laughed.


Few minutes later, the package was left empty, and a much satisfied Pikachu was lying down beside Tarry. Tarry then grabbed his digital camera. “Pikachu, I was wondering if we could take picture together?” He was just about to put the camera in front of him and Pikachu for a selfie when a dagger thrown from nowhere and managed to hit the camera and broke it into two pieces. Pikachu’s ears straightened up, turn its body toward where the dagger came from with menacing look on its face. Tarry was too shocked to do anything. Then, Pikachu began to relax when it sensed a familiar scent.


“Pikachu!” Someone ran to it and hugged it tightly. “Oh, I was so worried about you. Why are you here, and who is this intruder with a camera?”


Tarry lifted up his head, and was eye-to-eye with the most beautiful woman he ever seen. The woman had a straight shoulder-length red hair, a pair of sky blue eyes, a desirable red lips which, at the moment, was tight in anger. She was about 5’8’’, had a slender body. She had an odd outfit, kinda like a jungle girl to him - a worn-out brown, sleeveless cotton shirt, and peach short cotton pants. She didn’t wear any shoes.


Sensing that she was being stared, she stomped her feet, and lifted her hand, which held a dagger, toward him. “Who are you and why are you here?” She questioned with hard tone. Even in anger, Tarry found that this unknown woman had a sweet, sultry tone. It almost turned him on. Well, he would definitely turned on if it was not because of the dagger that was practically inches away from his own face.


Tarry lifted both of his hands, stepped backward a little bit, and put on his nervous smile. “I… my name is Takashi Hanawa, but everyone call me Tarry. I am here to find Pikachu. It saved my life just now, and I am very grateful for it.”


The woman didn’t lowered her hand. She moved forward slowly, her eyes glued on his face. “Why the camera, then? Did you intend to take Pikachu’s picture? It is against the rule here, for your information.”


Rule? What rule? “I… don’t know that there is such rules here. Anyway, what is this place? And why are you here, alone, in this place late at night?” He said with such concerned, but it was met with a harsh answer.


“It’s none of your business! I want you to get out of here right now! This place is no good for you!” The mysterious woman stepped forward again, but was stoppped by Pikachu who had stepped on between them.


“Pika pika pikachu!” Pikachu shook its head, put its hands together, begging for mercy. Tarry blinked his eyes, feeling touched that Pikachu did it for him although they just met.


“But, Pikachu…?” The woman looked at Pikachu, disbelief on her face.


“Pikapikachupikapikapi. Pikapikapikachuu…” Pikachu begged the woman again, this time with sad expression on its face. The woman was quiet for a while. She closed her eyes, appeared to be in deep thought. Then, she opened her eyes and glared at Tarry. She finally lowered her dagger, and put it inside her pocket pants. She turned away from him.


“Pikachu said that you can be trusted. So, I want you to come with me.”


“Come with you? To where?”


“Just follow me and quit asking anymore question!” She said in frustration, then started to walk forward. Pikachu just laughed a little, then it jumped on Tarry’s shoulder. Tarry just shrugged and followed the mysterious woman. He noticed the sway of her hips while walking, and once again a steamy thought entered his mind, only to be pulled out of it by Pikachu’s hand slapping his forehead.


“Ouch! What was that for?” He hissed, rubbing his forehead.


“Pikapikapikachuu,” Pikachu said with warning tone and shaking head.


It can read my mind, damn it! To avoid from such lewd thought again, Tarry moved his eyes to the ground. He had a lot of questions to ask the woman later on. Like, how come a Pokemon be real? How was it possible? And who was she? What a gorgeous woman like her doing here all alone?


He just hope that this woman will provide the answers, without waving her dagger to him of course!

© Copyright 2018 Charley E. Charles. All rights reserved.


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