Nidaka Adventure - The Story of Takashi Hanawa

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



A cool breeze hit Tarry’s cheek as they rode along a bus toward Dagica Town, where the sixth gym was situated. It was a very clear day today. The journey so far was smooth. Tarry did feel quite bored, though. With nothing to do but to just sit on the bus seat and watching the scenery outside. His eyes set on Mya’s form at the other seat where she was currently engaged in a deep conversation with her old friend. Mya had excused herself an hour ago when she saw that her friend was there, too. She wanted to catch up with her, since they were both on the same journey when they were just a beginner Trainer years ago.


And I thought she said she has no friend when we first met… Tarry shook his head with a small smile. He was happy that Mya was not the loner that she implied to him before. In fact, he noticed that most people respected her. A popcorn was thrown on his way, hitting on his cheek. He held it and stared at the culprit.


“Jeez, if you don’t want to eat this, then give them to me. Don’t waste food,” Tarry said with humor.


“You were in deep thought there, so I am curious of what were you thinking of?” Mika said lightly. Tanaki was reading a manga on her side.


“It’s confidential.”


Mika pouted at that. “Don’t be so stingy. I am so bored here and my brother ignore me since the bus took off.”


“I’m not ignoring you. I just want to catch up with new chapter of my favourite manga,” Tanaki commented without leaving his eyes from the pages.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Mika rolled her eyes. She then looked pass Tarry. “Is Mya still with her friend?” Tarry nodded. “Jeez, she left you alone eh. Poor, poor Takashi,” she clicked on her tongue.


“I can manage here alone. She does need to hang around with her friend once in a while, you know,” Tarry said with a defensive tone.


Mika raised her palms up. “Okay, okay. Relax, Takashi. I’m just kidding.” She noticed that Tarry looked so tense. “Are you worried about the Dagica Gym?”


“Yeah, kinda. I never battle with a Dragon-type Pokemon before, so it kind of intimidate me. I was quite unsure if my Pokemon are all able to fight and win against them.”


“You know your Pokemon well. They already won you five gym badges. You gotta believe in them if you want to keep on succeeding.”


Tarry sighed deeply. “Yeah I know that. I just am not sure if I trained them enough. Mya told me that the official Pokemon League registration will be closed within two months. I feel like I need a month to train my Pokemon before I feel confident enough to face the Dagica Gym.”


“A month?” Mika widened her eyes. “That’s way too long! You know you can’t afford to lose more days before the League. You still need to train for the League battle.”


This conversation has worsened Tarry’s mood. He felt like he wanted to unleash his frustration on something, but he cannot do anything about it within this confined bus. He felt eyes staring at him, and when he looked up, he saw Mya was looking at him with concerned. She talked to her friend briefly before she said goodbye and return to their seat. “You look tense, babe. Are you alright? I’m sorry I left you for so long. I just got caught up talking to my friend.”


Tarry shook his head quickly. The last thing he want is to make her feel guilty. “Nah, I’m alright. Just thinking about what should I do in preparation for the next battle.”


“I’m sorry, Takashi. I shouldn’t bother you before. You looked serene before I interrupted you,” Mika apologized from the opposite aisle.


Damn, now I made these women feel guilty for nothing. Time to lighten up the mood. “Hey, Mika. Why don’t we have a Pokemon battle after we settled down at Dagica Town?”


“A-are you kidding? I’m not a good Trainer…”


Mya snorted at that. “Can’t say I disagree with that. You did planned to use your Hitmonchan to be your punching bag when we met back in Girga Town.”


“Grrrr, you don’t need to remind me of that!”


“You even suck at Martial Art, so I wonder how are you managing being a Fighting-type Pokemon Trainer eh?”


Tarry was very surprise at that. “Mika, you are a Fighting Pokemon Trainer?”


Mika glared at Mya. “What a big-mouth you are, ‘sister’. ‘Thanks’ a lot!” Tanaki snickered besides her. She snatched the manga away from his hands, rolled it and then hit his head lightly with it.


“Ouch! What was that for?” Tanaki whined while rubbing on the sore spot.


“You’re so full of shit. You were laughing at me!”


“I didn’t! I was laughing at the manga I read! Now give me back my manga and leave me in peace, will ya?” Tarry and Mya couldn’t hold their laughter any longer. Soon, the fellow passengers stared at their group in confusion as they laughed so hard that tears formed on their eyes. Mika just grumbled incoherently while crossing her arms, already pouting.


“Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner, Mika? We could have a battle then!” Tarry said excitedly.


“Well, I was trying to maintain my girly image so that you will fall for me, Takashi - no offense, Mya - but it didn’t work, obviously.” Mika leered at Mya, with a lop-sided grin on her face.


“Being a Fighting Pokemon Trainer doesn’t mean that you are not girly enough,” Mya commented, biting her lips so hard as she struggled not to burst in laughter again.


“The last guy I dated told me so after I reveal my true Trainer identity!”


“Then he’s the fool one for not being able to overseeing it.”


“Ha-ha-ha, you’re very nice to me today, Miss Mannfred!”


“Thank you very much.”


Tarry asked Mika again, “Why you didn’t enter the League if you are a Trainer then? Or did you entered it beforehand?”


Mika thought that it was time to put a stop on this topic before the truth came out after all. “You will know the rest of the story after you completed your journey. And that same goes to you, Tanaki. Just because you are my brother, it doesn’t mean I have to spill everything to you.” She tapped her finger on Tanaki’s nose, which was immediately swapped away by his hand.


“Quit it, sis. I am no longer interested in your Trainer history,” he grumbled. The truth is, he is curious about why his sister suddenly dropped out of the Elite Four, but everytime he tried to ask her, he was immediately being dismissed. It was just something that Mika refuse to talk about.


She snorted at that. Then, she met Tarry’s expecting eyes again and shrugged. “I am not a good Trainer, Takashi, but I am not a Trainer that will refuse a challenge.”


Tarry’s grin became larger at that. “Good. I am looking forward to battle with you, Senpai!”






None of Tarry and his friends were aware that some kind of danger was looming around Dagica Town. The mysterious Gym leader of the town was currently held hostage by Team Rocket members. And you might guess who were the responsible members.


It was none other than the trio.


Of course, the trio had manage to escape from the prison that had held them after the incident at the ship to Arygami Town. They were not planning to stay there that long when their position in the Team Rocket were at the thin line. So, one night, they succeeded in taking out the guards, took the prison key, and before anyone else aware of anything strange happening there, the trio had already gone away.


Now, their mission is to avenge Tarry and the gang for being the cause of their imprisonment. They found out from the grapevine that the gang were on their way to Dagica Town, so they rushed to the town via their private jet and made a new plan that will definitely force the gang to give up their Pokemon.


They were able to come up with a plan few hours after they sat down together and began to discuss among each other - it actually was more like Vibianus finalized everything by himself than taking into consideration of Bernardo and Hanna’s suggestion. After their last failure, Vibianus has lost his trust on them. If it was not because he needed extra hands, he would be gone alone and left these two pathetic members behind.


And that was what brought them to the gym. They made the unsuspicious gym leader fell asleep with their sleeping powder spray, and then tied him to the chair with ropes. While he was unconscious, they took the chance to steal his Pokemon. They knew that he is a Dragon Pokemon trainer, so they made sure to steal everything so that they can send those to their Boss.


“My God! He has a Dragonite!” Bernardo hushed as he held a Pokemon with a Dragonite sticker on it. “I always want to own a Dragonite. Can I have this, Vibianus?” His grin instantly faded at the sharp glance from his leader.


“No. Stop daydreaming and keep on stealing. We need to be ready before the gang arrive here.”


Bernardo stuck out his tongue when Vibianus turn away from him. Hanna put her palm on her mouth, her laughter muffled against it. “You hear the ‘boss’, Bernie,” Hanna said, slapping on the back of his head as she past by him. A groan was heard that came from the next room. Vibianus put his index finger on his mouth.


“You two be quiet. I think our guess has woke up.” At their nod, he then put his backpack that contained some of the stolen items, and walked to their hostage with head held high. The mysterious gym leader live up to his name: He wore black mask, black attire, and black cap. Vibianus thought that this guy dress up as a Batman… The guy muffled through the thick, black belt that was tied against his mouth tightly. Vibianus started to laugh out loud. “Quit struggling, dude. It won’t do you any good. Anyway, we won’t harm you. We just want to steal your Pokemon and use you as a bait.” He looked at his wrist watch and smirk. “They should be here any minute now.” Muffled sound heard again, and it slowly irritated the already short-temper Vibianus. He backhanded the guy’s cheek to shut him up. “Be quiet, or I will make you unconscious again!” He half-shouted at him.


“Vibianus, you shouldn’t shout! People will hear us here!” Hanna whispered to him harshly from the corner of the room.


“Hanna, I told you to be quiet! Not another word from you, or I will turn you both in back to the prison myself!”


Hanna whimpered as she cowered back to her hiding spot. Vibianus turned back toward his hostage and snarled at him. “You better not make another sound or else-” His warning was cut off when he heard the gym’s front door creaked opened. He looked around him cautiously, before he slowly and silently walked to the edge of the doorframe of the room to see the newcomer.






Few minutes after they landed from the bus, Mya received a call from a frantic Greg to inform her about the escape of the Team Rocket trio from the Arygami Prison. The trio went missing since last week, and nobody ever saw or heard about them so far. Greg was planning to spread out his team to do a search party for the trio. Mya promised to inform him immediately if she found them. She looked distress as she ended the call.


“Babe, what happen?” Tarry asked with worry. They were on their way to check in into a motel in the town. Tanaki and Mika also wanted to know the latest news that Mya just received from the officer.


Mya let out a deep sigh. “Bad news. The Team Rocket trio manage to escape from the prison undetected since last week.”


“What the Hell? How did this happen???” Tarry almost shouted at the news.


“I don’t know. Guess they are much clever than we thought.”


“Shit. There will be trouble ahead with the trio out here, unknown.”


“Don’t worry so much about this, Takashi. You and Tanaki will concentrate on your training. Me and Mika will help Greg and his team to search for the trio.”


Mika was startled at the sudden plan. “Eh? Me?” She pointed toward herself.


“Yes. You have a problem with that?” Mya raised her eyebrows to challenge her. Mika shook her head and gave a shaky laugh. “Then, that’s set. We will go now, guys. You guys go ahead without us. Come on, Mika. We need to get some help. I know who’s the right person for it.” She grabbed Mika’s wrist, pulled her together as they walked away from the boys.


“Be careful, you two!” Tarry shouted at their back. Their raise hands indicated that they heard and noted his word. “Well, so much for a relaxing day, eh, Tanaki?”


Tanaki nodded. “I hope the dumb trio will not gonna cause a delay in our journey though. Time is running short, you know.”


“Ugh, I do hope so, too! Well, c’mon, let’s get ourselves check-in and start training!”


“Ah, let’s just start training tomorrow instead? I’m too tired from the long trip just now.”


Tarry gave a short laugh at that. “Yeah, yeah, you’re right. Let’s just relax for today.” He knew that he won’t be able to fully relax, knowing that Mya is out there somewhere, chasing the tails of the trio.






Mya creaked open the Dagica gym front door. She was surprised to see that the gym was not locked. She knew that the gym leader, Brook Raginald will never let his own gym became this vulnerable. So, she suspected that something was wrong in here, and she had a good idea of the cause of it.


“Oh, wow… Brook’s gym has improve so much for the past years!” Mika said in awe as she take a look at the surrounding of the gym. The walls are decorated with dragon’s art. Dragon’s sculpture are everywhere. Even the floor tile are designed similarly to a dragon’s skin. Up in front of them ahead was a dais - with a dragon design - where a curtain was held up, to cover the seat that Brook will sit whenever he battle with Trainers. “You know, I’m curious about why did Brook never show himself up? He’s always hiding behind the curtain, and he even use the mechanical, robotic voice!”


“Huh, how should I know? I just know his name and his capability as a gym leader. That’s all that matter to me. And where is he now? We really need his help!” Mya grew impatient when there was no one that greet them after being here for five minutes.


“Need help of what?”


The familiar voice cause them both to halt their movement. Mya’s nostrils flared as she set her eyes on one of the trio - she believe his name is Vibianus.


“What the fuck are you doing here and where is Brook?!” She growled at him, but it didn’t scare him one bit. In fact, it made him turn on. Vibianus leered at her whole body, and lick his lips.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the famous Mya Mannfred. What a joy to see you again!” Vibianus slowly walked toward the girls with extended arms as if to give them a welcoming hug. Both of the women move backward slowly. He stopped walking and crossed his arms with a lop-sided grin. “What’s the matter? Scare of me now? You didn’t seem that scare when you guys trapped and caught us before.” His voice changed into a menacing tone as he recalled back the embarassment that they had put him through.


“Scare? Huh. You’ve gotta be kidding me. I ain’t scare of a sissy boy like you!” Mya spatted at him, her tone very harsh and threatening, even Mika shivered at that since she never saw Mya in a very pissed-off and angry mode.


Vibianus cringed at being called ‘sissy’. His manhood has just been crushed by this gorgeous woman. He struggled to hold back his anger and gave her a sly smile. “We will talk about your ill-manner toward me later on. I believe you were looking for the Batman guy, eh?”


“How dare you call Brook a ‘Batman guy’? I will not tolerate you insulting my senior here!”


“Brook is his name then, eh. Hahahaha! What a joke. This Brook guy is gonna get broke soon! Oh my, it actually rhyme!” Vibianus laughed out loud at his own joke, which made him look stupid in front of the women’s eyes.


“Mika, go to the back room and find Brook. I will handle this sick, pervo, idiot guy. Got it?” Mya whispered to Mika’s ear discreetly. Mika nodded and started to make her move away from them.


“Where do you think you’re going, miss?” Vibianus said without leaving his leering eyes from Mya.


“Leave her alone. You’re dealing with me, asshole,” Mya grumbled as she clenched her fists, ready to fight.


“Oh hohoho. Dealing with you? Okay, sure, let’s go find a room and I will fuck you endlessly ‘til you scream my name out loud!” He licked his lips again, perverted thought settled in his mind.


Mya wanted to vomit right there and then. This sick bastard was getting on her nerve and gag reflex pretty much soon if she didn’t do anything to shut him up. She grabbed one of her PokeBall. “Let’s have a Pokemon battle. If you lose, you will bring yourself and your buddies out of here and turn yourself in to the police. If I lose - which is unlikely - you can have me for one night.”


Vibianus’ brain almost explode at the thought of having her all to himself even for just one night. Mya is a very gorgeous woman, and he thought it is a shame for her to be with the annoying man like that new Trainer what’s-his-name. He believed he can make her happier and know the joy of being fucked by him. “Oh yeah, I will agree to it. You better make sure you win or else you will be sorry for the deal you’ve made to me.” He snickered.

“I’ve seen you battle before, so I know your own capability as a Trainer.” She released her Pikachu, who had immediately assumed a defensive position.


“Pikachu? Are you kidding me?” Vibianus burst in laughter while pointing at Pikachu. “You really don’t get it, do you? I beat Raichu before, and it is bigger and powerful than your little Pikachu. What makes you think this is any different?”


“That’s what makes it different, really. You are about to find out, in a hard way!”






The two figures that huddled together behind the door gasped out loud at the sight of Mika walking toward their way. Bernardo glanced back at the ‘Batman’ who kept himself quiet much to his relief, and then his eyes turned back toward the incoming woman.


“What do we do? What do we do???” He whispered to his companion anxiously.


Hanna was just as anxious as him. Without their leader, they really were clueless about everything. “Maybe we can knock her out and tied her up next to that ‘Batman’…?”


“But what if she was a police officer that came to arrest us, again?”


“Idiot! She was with the gang in the ship before, so she can’t be a police officer!” Hanna narrowed her eyes. “I’d say we use our Pokemon to battle her. I bet she is not even a Pokemon Trainer.”


“Yeah, right. You and your Diglett? What can you both do with her? Are you gonna command Diglett to dig around her and bury her alive?” Bernardo said with sarcasm. That resulting in being knocked on his head by Hanna’s fist.


“Stop making fun of me and my Diglett. Look at yourself, and your useless Magikarp! All it did was splash this and splash that. You didn’t even make any effort to train it so that it can evolve into a mighty Gyarados. At least my Diglett can attack and cause some damage to its opponent.”


Bernardo clamped his mouth shut. Hanna, as always, had a good point there. It’s not that he didn’t want to train his Magikarp. He always had no time to do that because of their boss’ endless tasks, which, by the way, never been successful so far. Hanna nudged him, indicating that the woman was already here.


Mika’s eyes widened at the sight of Brook’ form being tied up on the chair. She rushed toward him and started to untie him, but was forced to stop when she heard someone cleared their throat.


“What do you think you are doing, lady?” Bernardo used his deep-voice, trying to intimidate Mika, but Mika didn’t seem fazed by it.

“I’m releasing him, that’s what I’m doing,” Mika said, shrugged her shoulders as if Bernardo was just a nuisance to her intention.


“You are not going to do that! Stand right there, NOW!” He growled, showing his white teeth.


Mika didn’t budge from her position. “Who are you to order me around, eh?”


That irate him. He stepped forward until his nose was about to touch hers, yet she didn’t even flinched, not even a little bit. He clenched his fists tightly. “You don’t wanna see me get rrreaaalllyyyy mad, do you?”


“Like I said, I don’t care about you. Now, get the fuck out of my way and let me do my job.” She turned back toward the seated Brook and resumed her untying task. Bernardo and Hanna exchanged look, Hanna with her disappointed look and Bernardo with his irritated look.


“Listen, you bitch. You better be a good girl and get away from there, NOW,” it was Hanna’s turn to try to intimidate Mika. Mika’s ears felt like they were releasing a smoke in a moment of heat. Mika slowly turned and glared at Hanna.


“Did you just called me ‘bitch’?”


Hanna smirked victoriously. They finally managed to get some much-satisfying reaction out of her and it was all because of her. She puffed her chest and beckoned to Mika daringly, Bernardo on her side let his mouth open agaped at that, totally in shock of his companion’s action.


“Why? You have a problem with that, b-i-t-c-h?” Hanna sneered, stressed out the word ‘bitch’.


Calm down, Mika. She is trying to bait you to attack her. It must be one of their sick trap. Calm down… Mika told herself inwardly, trying to regain back her sense of calmness.


“What’s wrong? Cat got into your tongue? I guess with a bitch like you, you will let the cat do that to you, huh.” Hanna laughed at her own joke, which was not really made sense even to Bernardo.


My Gosh, are all Team Rocket members an idiot like these two? Mika snorted, shook her head slowly, then she turned back toward her main task at hand, completely dismissing the duo’s presence.


Bernardo hid his smile, quite happy that Hanna was as unfortunate and suck as he was. Hanna caught his smile midway, and gave him a menacing look that clearly said that she will get him once all of these are over. Bernardo swallowed, his smile vanished. Hanna then put up her two fingers, indicating to him silently to go for their plan B. Bernardo nodded and started to step forward again, his hand was on the iron rod that they found on the floor here before. He was glad that he had grabbed and kept it. Now would be the best time to make a good use of it. He raised the iron rod above his head and swung it down, aiming for Mika’s back head. Few milimetres before it connect its aim, Bernardo was stunned by the sudden pain on his groin, his grip on the rod loosened, the rod fell on the floor with a loud thud sound. He hunched over, his hands were now on his painful groin, his tears started to fall as he tried not to scream out in pain.


Mika chuckled at the pathetic sight in front of her eyes. “You idiot. You think by being sneaky behind my back, you will beat me that easily? You obviously don’t know who I am.”


Seeing her companion went down, Hanna decided to just openly ambush Mika with her own bare hands. Mika noticed her from the corner of her eyes. She swung her right fist straight to Hanna’s tummy, then with her left hand, she punched Hanna’s back, effective slamming her down on the floor. Hanna rolled around, hands on her painful tummy, definitely in the same pathetic situation as Bernardo. Mika brushed her palms together, and smiled devilishly. “Do enjoy the feeling of pain, while I do what I come here to do. Idiot.”


“Thanks for the rescue, miss…?” Brook said, his voice cracked due to dry throat from being tied for hours.


“Mika Kaze. I actually had battled with you long time ago.” She helped the poor guy up from the seat.


“Oh! Yeah, I kinda have a flicker of memory of you. You look - my God - you look like Mya Mannfred!”


Mika at that time was not wearing her usual beanie hat and sunglasses, therefore her Doppleganger-ness with Mya is very obvious. “Yeah, I get it a lot. But really, our personality are very different.”


They both then glanced at the still writhing duo. “I would like to chat with you more, Kaze-san, but now we must inform the police about these duo.”


Mika took a deep breath. “I’m afraid we have to wait for a while. Mya is outside now, about to battle with their leader, Vibianus.”


“Mya is here?” Brook raised his eyebrows, his eyes still shielded by his eye-mask. But this is actually the first time Brook showed himself toward other people - even though it was by force. He already feel very uncomfortable with being out in the open even with his cover attires on. He cleared his throat and gave Mika an apologetic look. “Kaze-san, I’m sorry but I need to sit behind the curtain at my dais. I can’t stay out in the open any longer. Me being tied up for hours already robbed me of my sense of security.”


“It’s okay, Brook. I understand. You go on while I go tied these idiots. I’ll make sure to tie them worst than what they did to you.”


Brook smiled and gave her a thumbs-up. “Great! Well, you do your job while I go call the police. I hope Mya can handle the other guy out there, though.”

Mika gave him a sly smile. “Oh yes. She can handle him for sure. I’ve tried to fight her but I lost. She definitely will beat that piece of shit.”

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