Nidaka Adventure - The Story of Takashi Hanawa

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - 29

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



Pikachu and Muk - Vibianus’ favorite Pokemon - were standing in the middle of the Dagica Gym, faced-on each other. Mya noticed Brook’s form entering his dais behind the curtain out of the corner of her eyes, and smiled a little. Good job, Mika. “Now, let’s begin. I give you a chance to make your first move.”


Vibianus grinned in a perverted-kind-of-way. “Oh yeah, I would like to strip you off and make you scream out my name-”


“That’s not what I mean, you idiot. And please, quit saying the same thing over and over again. It’s getting old already,” Mya interrupted before he can say perverted things further.


“You’re a cold bitch. I will make you pay for your ill-manner, unappreciative gesture toward me!” He then glanced at Muk. “Muk, give your enormous Mud-Slap attack!”


“Pikachu, Agility attack. Dodge the Mud-Slap, and then once you’re in the clear, hit it with your Thunder attack!”


Muk started to release its Mud-Slap and attacked it to Pikachu, but then Pikachu’s Agility attack with super speed had failed Muk’s attack. When Pikachu neared Muk, it jumped above Muk and started to use its Thunder attack. Muk’s whole body shook as it was electrified by the Thunder attack. Smoke started to rise from Muk’s injured body the moment Pikachu stopped its attack.


“Muk, shake it off! You always can handle Electric-attack, right?!”


Muk, even though still can stand, looked very anxious and scared. It glanced at its irate Master, then at Pikachu, and started sliding away from the battle ground toward Vibianus’ side. Vibianus slapped Muk’s head, hard, in frustration. “What the fuck are you doing, running away from the battle? We’re not done yet! Get back there, NOW!” He pointed at the battle ground. Muk grabbed his tail shirts and started to pull it with its shaking hands while it shook its head vigorously, its eyes welled-up in tears.


Mya, who stood up with crossed-arms, raised her eyebrows in wonder. She could not believe in her eyes that she just saw Muk cowered and actually cried. Cried! Muk was known as one of the largest, and was terrified by other Pokemon, in this region, and it was crying right now! All because of her ‘little Pikachu’ as quoted by that asshole.


“The fuck are you crying?! For crying out loud! Man up and go beat that little Pikachu!” Vibianus tried to pull Muk’s grip away from his shirts but to no avail. In fact, Muk’s grip has become even tighter than before, its shaking head became even more vigorous, its tears ran down on its slicky cheek as fast as the train goes.


“Pikachu, return!”


Vibianus quickly looked at Mya who just put her Pikachu back inside its PobeBall. “Why did you return it to your PokeBall? This battle is still going on!”


“Your Muk clearly can’t continue on the battle, so I call it quit and declare myself as the winner.”


“You bitch! That’s not fair! I want a rematch! I will choose another Pokemon!” Vibianus is now red-faced with anger.


“No can do. It’s a one-versus-one Pokemon battle, and you have lost. Now, you must fulfill the deal that we have made before. Turn yourself and your useless members in to the police.”


Vibianus smiled devilishly. “Huh. Didn’t you know that we held the Batman a hostage? I will harm him if you don’t surrender yourself to me.”


“Who are you calling ‘Batman’, huh?” A voice behind the dais curtain boomed out clearly. Vibianus stiffened, and then slowly turned toward the dais. Up there, a Dragonite was standing next to the curtained-chair, looked very annoyed and so ready to attack.


“H-h-how did it escaped? And who are you???”


“I am ‘the Batman’, as you called me oh-so-sweetly.”


Vibianus started to sweat out. He swallowed hard, now looked nervous. “B-but you were tied up…?”


“Thanks to you having such a loser team members, a Trainer named Mika Kaze has manage to beat them up and rescued me. For that, I owe her so much. And Mya. What a spectacular battle just now. I see that you haven’t lost your edge since the last time we battle.”


Mya bowed a little. “Nice to meet you again.” She cleared her throat. “Literally. As you are - as usual - staying hidden and being your mysterious-self.”


A burst of laughter echoed throughout the gym. “I see, I see. You have gained some sense of humor. There must be something - or someone, maybe? - that has caused a great change in you, Mya. Good for you.”


“You will meet that - er… someone - pretty soon, Brook,” Mika joined them, with two very pathetic duo trailing behind her, a chain tied on their wrists that joined them together. Vibianus’ eyes widened up in shock at the sight of his tied team members.


“Jeez, Mika, you don’t have to say something about it,” Mya closed her eyes, blushed a little. Thank God Brook is hidden, therefore he can’t see my blushing self.


“Ahahahaha! Can’t help it, Mya. You’re like a shy cat when you are being teased!”


Mya growled. “Shy cat, eh?”


Mika’s laughter grew louder. “See? You even growled like a cat!”


“YOU GUYS ARE SUCH AN IDIOT! YOU LET THAT GIRL BEAT YOU UP? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A BIG, BAD TEAM ROCKET, NOT A SISSY ONE!!!” Vibianus shouted directly at a slumped-form Bernardo and Hanna. Hanna even cried silently, not dare to look at her enraged crush.


“Do you want me to tie that loud-mouth guy, Mya?” Mika asked.


“Nope. I can handle him.”


“HEY! I’M RIGHT HERE, IF YOU WANNA TALK TO ME?!” Vibianus now shouting at Mya, his spit was sprayed toward her face. She cringed and wiped her face with her handkerchief that she took out from her pocket.


“What a disgusting person you are,” she muttered.


“You bitch!”


Mya yawned intentionally. “Jeez, I’m getting bored of hearing the same word over and over again.” Mika snickered from the other side. It was fun to see Mya being so awfully serious while taunting the enraged Vibianus.


“Oh yeah? Then how about I call you a ‘whore’? That suits you perfectly!”


Mika and Mya might not be the BFF, but when she heard her friend being called with such a horrible name, Mika couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. She jumped down from the dais quickly and ambushed him from his back, her arms strangled around his neck while she put her legs around his waist.


“Let me go!” His voice squeezed through the sudden pressure of his throat, as he tried so hard to pull off her arms from himself. But, to his surprise, the hold was so tight and so poweful.


“I will make sure you lose your voice, so that you will no longer be able to call anyone with such a horrible name!” She deliberately shouted near his ear.


“H-help!” He was now struggling to get some air inside his lungs, his face slowly became blue due to lack of oxygen.


“Let him go, Mika,” Mya said with a very calm voice.


“But, he’s calling you a w-”


“I’ve been called worst than that. Let him go. He is not worth of you ended up in the jail.”


Mika stared at Mya’s face again to see if she really is serious, then she let go of her death grip on Vibianus, and then she stepped down on the ground with a huff. Vibianus was coughing, rubbing on his achy neck, his eyes gave her a menacing glare. Without thinking, Vibianus rushed toward Mika, both hands clenched in fists, ready to beat the shit out of her. Mya saw his movement and quickly jumped in between them, then she delivered a hard kick on his groin, and successfully pulled his arms on his back tightly while he groaned in pain. At the same time, a police squad car siren can be heard, and seconds later, two police officer dashed into the gym and immediately handcuffed Vibianus.


“Is anybody hurt here?” One of the officer asked as the other one pushed the trio inside the back of the car forcefully. All of them shook their head.


“The guys will feel the pain on their manhood, both physically and mentally,” Mika grinned.


“I should have castrate their junk while I had the chance,” the officer mumbled. The girls tried to hold back their laughter at that. The officer then turned toward the curtained dais and bowed a little out of respect. “Thank you, Mr. Raginald for calling us sooner. We were looking for them for a week since their escape. We are sorry for the inconvenience that they had caused you-”


Brook cut in, “Hey, you guys are not to be blamed. It’s their idiocracy that should be blamed for. I hope you can track down the hidden base of Team Rocket and eradicate them all.”


“Certainly. We are working on it. We will take off now and bring these trio back into the prison. Excuse me, sir.”


“You may go. Thanks again.” Once the siren wailed off in the distance, Mya and Mika turned to the hidden Brook and bowed to him. “You don’t need to bow at me, girls. We are all the same.”


“Sorry, it’s just my habit,” Mya muttered as she straightened back her body, followed by Mika besides her. “You sure you don’t need a medical attention, Brook?”


“Nah. I am alright. I just feel quite shaky because of the near exposure of myself, but I’ll get over it.” Brook cleared his throat. “Now. When can I meet and battle with the man that has change you, Mya?”






“Hey, Takashi, come here and take a look at this!” Tanaki called Tarry from the doorframe of his room. Tarry was lying comfortably on his bed, thinking about Mya, missing her so much even though it has only been six hours since they were apart from each other. Tarry was glad of the distraction, so he got on his feet and followed Tanaki to his room on the opposite side, where a TV was on, showing a news broadcast. The boys sat on the bed and focused on the news.


“The trio of Team Rocket is being caught with the help of the well-known, undefeated League Champion, Mya Mannfred with the aid of her friend, Mika Kaze. The trio had escape from the prison in Guyama Town a week ago and was out of the trace until today when Mya and Mika accidentally saw them holding Mr. Brook Reginald as their hostage. Luckily, no one was injured during the commotion. Well, except for the Team Rocket men who suffered from trauma to their groin.”


Tarry and Tanaki laughed out loud at the last bit of the news commentator’s word. “I bet our girls are the cause of the men’s trauma,” Tanaki said, wiping his tears of laughter with his palm.


“Oh yeah, I bet they do. I don’t wanna be the next victim, for sure!” Tarry looked horrify at the possibility of that.


“I wonder where they are now. They should be here any moment. I’ve told them of our rooms’ number.”


The knock on the door made them both jumped to their feet almost simultaneously. Both girls then entered the room, and they had a group hug for a while. “Thank God you both are safe!” Tarry whispered, while caressing Mya’s both cheeks with his hands.


“We saw the news. My God, you girls are tough and awesome!” Tanaki praised them with a big grin.


“It’s all about team work, Tanaki. Right, Mya?” The girls smiled at each other proudly.


“Though I would rather be informed of your impromptu rendezvous with the evil one next time, I am very proud of you nevertheless,” Tarry said. Mya hugged him, rubbing on his back soothely.


“I’m sorry. I just thought that we can handle it with just the two of us girls.”


Mika rolled her eyes at Tarry. “Don’t underestimate us girls, Takashi. We are not that weak. In fact, we are smart and can perform some martial art, even though - I hate to admit this but - Mya’s martial art’s better than mine.”


“Okay, okay, I get it,” Tarry said in a defeated tone as he slowly let go of his hold on Mya. “What do you say we all go out and have dinner? It’s all on me!” That was well-receive by the gang with their enthusiastic yell of agreement. For a while, even just a while, Tarry was relieved to be distracted from the thought of battling with the Dragon-Pokemon gym leader…



Tarry was planning to train for at least two weeks but Mya protested it, saying that they should not waste so much time. Tarry insisted on his plan because he really thought that he will not gonna defeat Brook if he didn’t train his Pokemon longer. Mya disagreed again, keep on stating about the ‘time is gold’ phrases. The conversation that was intended for discussion was then turned into an argument, and soon after that, both of them were not on the talking term anymore. Mya even refused to train with him, asking for Mika to take her place instead while she will be the one to train Tanaki. Mika did protested that, saying that she was not strong enough to train someone like Tarry, but Mya didn’t leave any room for argument. Tanaki just go with the flow, didn’t want to put himself into Mya’s rage hole.


And so, hard training ensued for the next few days, with Tarry teamed up with Mika and the other two teamed up with each other. Tarry used his frustration and anger on his training, in which he managed to come up with new strategy one after another, beating Mika everytime. Mika threw her hands up after her tenth defeat in one evening.


“I quit! I can’t handle being the loser for so many times!” Mika shouted to the sky without looking at Tarry’s face. She knew she will see sorrow written on his face, and right now she has no mood to entertain his low mood.


“Mika, c’mon. It’s still damn early for you to quit. I need to train my Meowth, so that it will evolve into Persian before I can battle with Brook!” Tarry said, and sighed in frustration when Mika still refused to look at him.


“I cannot do this anymore, Takashi. It breaks my heart everytime I lose, even to you!” She whined, and plopped down on the ground, putting her hands on her bow head.


“Are you gonna make this such a big deal?” His tone sounded angry.


Mika glanced at him with fire in her eyes. “You thought losing so many times is NOT a big deal?” She snorted. “I guess you will never understand my feeling, since you never lose even once.”


“I will lose soon, to Brook, if you don’t get your ass up and train with me!” He was practically shouting now, and it irritated Mika. She stood up and put her hands on her hips, her whole body tense.


“Do you really think that by forcing me to battle-train with you, you will increase your chances of beating him?! Gosh! You need to learn to relax once in a while! You’re so damn tense and stressful now!” She raised her hands up in the air, then plopped them down on her sides. “Just… gimme a break, okay? We’ve been training for hours, every day, for six Goddamn days already! You’re already a lot stronger and smarter than before, and I can even see that you have a great potential to beat Brook! Yet you still have no confident toward yourself and your Pokemon? What the Hell. No wonder Mya found it hard to deal with you right now.” As soon as the last word came out, Mika felt regret instantly. She released a sigh, and muttered, “I’m sorry for saying things about Mya. I have no right to do so.”


Tarry looked forlorn now. He was so miserable without Mya next to him. Though the four of them sometimes go out to have dinner together, the atmosphere was so awkward and thick with stress. Mya effectively avoided and ignored his presence throughout the time they were in the same room, and it hurt him so much. He really wanted to make up with her, but at the same time, he reminded himself that he had no time to lose, so right now he chose his training over her. He promised himself that he will make it up to her once he was done battling with Brook.


“You’re right, Mika. No one, not even Mya, can handle me right now. I am just so tense and so anxious about the upcoming battle, that I took out my frustration on you guys, even on my Pokemon.” He then grabbed all of his six PokeBall and released them all. He knelt in front of them and said, “I’m sorry for pushing you guys way too hard. I am so self-absorb that I ignored your feeling. Really sorry…” Tarry then shed his tears, and he didn’t even try to cover it. He just let it all out. By crying, with his head bowed down in shame. Then, he could feel warmness surrounding his body. He looked up and his tears fell down again when he saw all six of his Pokemon standing around him, each of them put their hands on his shoulders, his heads, his back. He could hear Mika sobbed nearby.


“You see that, Takashi? Your Pokemon trust, respect, and love you. They have faith in you. So, stop feeling doubtful of everything and please don’t push yourself and us too hard. Pokemon journey are supposed to be fun and adventurous, not tense and stressful,” Mika said with a tremble voice as she wiped her tears with her sleeve shirt.


All of his Pokemon had shed their tears, and various sobs can be heard all around him. He gently smiled at them and expanded his arms wide. “Let’s group hug, guys.” The Pokemons rushed into him and gave him a much needed hug. Tarry glanced toward Mika and beckoned her with his head. “C’mere, Mika. Don’t feel left out there.”


Mika shook her head. “No, thanks. I still don’t know if I can handle being so close to you.” Tarry nodded in understanding. Then, after he gave each of them a peck on their forehead, he put them back inside the PokeBall, and extended his hand toward Mika.


“Come. Let’s go back to the hotel and relax.”


Mika pursed her lips, and looked away, blushing. “You idiot. Don’t suggest things like that to me!”


“Eh? I mean that we both go to our respective room and relax.”


“I know. I’m just teasing you,” Mika laughed once, lightly knocked on his forehead with her fist. Then, she dashed away from him unexpectedly, while shouting, “Loser will have to treat us an expensive dinner!” Laughter can be heard from behind her.

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