Nidaka Adventure - The Story of Takashi Hanawa

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - 30

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



Despite Tarry took it easy the next few days, he and Mya were still not on the talking term. In fact, Mya always mysteriously gone most of the day, and only will appear at their hotel room at midnight. Mika, who roomed with Mya again, didn’t bother to ask the moody Mya about it, knowing that it will only worsen the situation. A day before the battle with Brook, Tarry and Mika wrapped up their training session with good vibe. They went out to dinner earlier than before with just the two of them, because Tanaki was still at somewhere doing his own training and Mya, as usual, gone to somewhere unknown to them.


“Cheers!” Tarry and Mika clinked their wine glasses, and took a sip of their red wine. They were at one of the famous Japanese restaurant. Tarry and Mika decided to just ordered a lot of various types of sushi. Currently, their table were crowded with plates of sushi, leaving only a small room for the bottle of wine and their wine glasses.


“Hmmm, this is so delicious! I didn’t realize I miss eating this until now,” Tarry said, moaned a little at the delicious taste of the sushi inside his mouth.


“Yeah. I don’t know why we never thought of eating here for these last two weeks. We always ended up eating either at fast food restaurant or a Western restaurant.”


“Heck yeah. And after tomorrow we will leave this town. What a bummer.”


“Hey, there’s still two days left. We can go here again before we leave.”


Tarry took another sips of red wine, and gulped it down slowly. “Too bad they run out of sake.”


Mika chuckled. “You don’t want to drink sake now. Its alcoholic effect is way stronger than this wine. And you need your full concentration on tomorrow’s battle.” Her expression became serious. “Are you ready for tomorrow, Takashi?”


Tarry nodded without hesitating. “Yeah, I am. Thanks to your pep-talk, I gain much confident day by day.”


“Trust me when I say that you can beat him. Your ability almost surpass him. In no time, you will definitely surpass him, and that will happen tomorrow.”


“Yes! I will make sure of that!” Tarry said with such full determination. Then, suddenly his face fell, apparently his eyes caught on something behind Mika. Mika furrowed her brow, then she turned her back, and her mouth opened agape at the sight that greeted her.


It was Mya. She looked… drunk. Drunk than the previous night. And she was with an unknown man, eating dinner - or, more like, flirting with each other - at the far corner. Mika narrowed her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she is seeing right now, of all the time and place, with Mya’s boyfriend right here with her, witnessing the must-be horrifying scene for him.


“This is unforgivable!” Mika started to get up on her feet but was held back by Tarry’s strong grip on her left wrist.


“Don’t, Mika.” His voice sounded emotionless. He kept his head bowed down.


“But I can’t just sit here while your girlfriend is out there flirting with another guy!” She hissed in anger.


“She’s drunk. She don’t know what she is doing,” Tarry attempted to be reasonable, but it sounded weak even to him.


“You actually defending her lying ass? I can’t believe this! Let go of my hand! I’m gonna teach her a lesson!”


“It won’t change anything even if you do that, so just let it be!” Tarry insisted. Mika tried to look at his face, but he kept on avoiding her. He muttered again, this time sounded like a lost boy. “Let’s just… get out of here. Please?”


Mika quickly threw the cashes on their table before they abruptly left. Instead of going back to their hotel, Tarry decided to just sat on the bench at one of the nearest park. Mika followed suit, sitting besides him, and stare at nothingness. It was deafeningly quiet. Neither of them wanting to start a conversation. Mika stole a glance at Tarry, and her heart break at the sight of his forlorn look. Just few minutes ago, he was so full of determination to face another day. Now, he looked like his life is over. Who could blame him for feeling like that? His girlfriend just practically cheated on him right in front of his eyes.


“We were arguing over some petty thing. And yet she treated it as though it was a very big deal,” Tarry finally spoke out first. “She didn’t agree when I said I want to train for at least a month. I insisted on that, and one thing led to another, and the next thing happened was we stopped talking with each other.” He laughed without humor. “I thought by now she was already cool down and will approach me again. But instead… this is what I got.” He put his head on his palms and released a shaky breath. “I never thought that she could do this to me…”




“Mika, I… can’t live without her. I love her so much. I even thinking of proposing her after the League is over. That’s how deep my love is for her! Everything is now ruin… all because of our argument over some petty thing.”


“Listen to me, Takashi. Don’t say things like that! It hurts me when you said it!” Mika turned her body so that she was facing Tarry’s profile. “You’re not just an amazing Trainer, you’re an amazing person overall. Anyone is lucky to be with you, to be loved by you! Your ex-wife and Mya are the most idiot person in the world to do this hurtful thing to you! And I’m not saying this because I still love you. I’m saying this because it is the truth!”

Tarry glanced at her in wonder. “Y-you… love me?”


Mika cringed. She was so desperate to cheer him up that she blurted out what was supposed to be her only secret. She looked away. “I-I didn’t say that. Just… forget that I said that.”


“Mika, I’m sorry, I have no idea that you still feel that way to me…” Tarry now looked guilty. At least, it managed to distract him from the current problem. Even if it has to be her own feeling bared out in the open.


“I-I will always love you, Takashi, even though your heart is already taken. But that’s alright. I rather be your friend than to lose you altogether,” she said in a low voice, still look away.


“But I thought you and Greg liked each other?”


“I like Greg, don’t get me wrong! I just… kinda not ready to move on…” she trailed off. Then, she looked back at him sharply, and growled playfully. “Hey, this conversation was supposed to be about you, not me!”


Tarry sighed, darkness overshadowed his face once again. “I… I don’t know what to do, Mika. I’m lost.”


Mika cursed Mya inwardly for causing Tarry so much pain. And at a day before the important gym battle! “Hmm, maybe what we saw just now is just a misunderstanding? I mean, we wouldn’t know until we ask her, right?”


“But they were flirting with each other!”


“But we didn’t stay that long to find out more about it.”


“So, what do you suggest? That we go walk back in and confront them?”


Mika shrugged. “That might be better than assuming things that might not be true.” She put her hands on his shoulders and squeeze them several times. “There might be hope that Mya is still yours, you know, now that I think back about it.”


“There is?”


Gosh, he does sounds like a lost boy. “Yeah, Takashi. There is.”


“But… what if our suspicion is true after all?”


“Then you will be the man and walk away from her and move on.”


“Jeez, you make it sounds easy.”


Mika nudged him with her elbow. “Go on, Takashi. Be a man and go confront her. I will be waiting for you here.”


Tarry nodded slowly, took a very deep breath, and started to raise from his seat. “Wish me luck.”


“Good luck!”


With shaky legs, Tarry walked back to the Japanese restaurant, his eyes instantly searched around for Mya. He saw her still in the same table, but she was alone now. She slumped over the table, unmoving, which worried him so much that he dashed to her side and knelt next to her, shaking her body gently. “Mya? Are you alright? Wake up, Mya,” he whispered to her ear, didn’t want to cause a havoc at this very public place. Mya groaned, lifted her head a little, blinked her eyes, and then glanced at Tarry. Shock expression written on her face once she recognized the face next to her.


“T-Takashi. What are you doing here?” She asked with slurred voice.


Great. She’s drunk, again. “I’m looking for you, babe.”


“Oh. How did you know I was here?”


“I was here having dinner with Mika when I saw you… with another guy.”


Mya flinched. “I-it’s not what you think.”


Tarry wanted to just unleash his anger and pain toward her for her betrayal, but a little voice at the corner of his heart told him to trust her love to him. So, instead, he smiled gently, caressed her warm cheek. “I know, Mya. I know you love me and will never do that behind my back. I love you so much. I miss you. I miss everything about you.” His voice broke.


“Don’t you wanna know who that guy is?”


“Should I be worried?”


“No. But I still want to tell you…”


Tarry put his finger on her lips to silence her. “Syhh. Right now I just want to hold you in my arms and feel your presence next to me.” He then clasped her hand and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s go back to our hotel. I do need to sleep early tonight. The battle is on tomorrow.”


Mya stumbled toward him when she got on her feet, a mere sign that she was, indeed, drunk. She let her body be supported by the solid body of her boyfriend as they walked out of the restaurant together. The rain chose that moment to fall down. She shivered besides him, and he immediately pull out his thick coat and covered her body with it, leaving him in just a thin, sleeveless white shirt. The rain has made his shirt became see-through, and Mya licked her lips at that sight.


“S-sorry, Takashi. I’m d-drunk again. I broke my p-promise,” she said with her slurred speech as they came near the hotel.


Tarry kissed her head and let out a soft sigh. “It’s okay, babe. The most important is that you’re now with me.” When they entered the empty elevator, Tarry instantly put his mouth on her and kissed her senselessly. He just couldn’t hold himself anymore. He really missed her so much and wanting to feel back the connection between them. Though still unsteady, Mya did kissed him back with the same intensity as he was, putting her hands behind his head and pushed him forward to deepen their kiss. By the time the elevator reached their floor, their breaths were so erratic, their faces looked very flush with desire, and half of Mya’s shirt button was already undone while Tarry’s belt was unbuckled with his jeans zip halfway down.


With a very shaky hand, Tarry stumbled upon the key. After several attempts, finally he managed to unlock the room. They barely stepped inside the room and the second after they heard the door click shut, they were on each other again. Tarry licked her slender neck while his fingers resumed his task of unbuttoning her shirt. He then pushed her shirt away and let it fell on their feet, exposing her bra-clad breasts. He pulled the corner of her bra a little but enough to expose her hardened nipple, begging to be touched. Without hesitation, he put his mouth around her nipple, and licked it gently, ocassionally suckled it. His right hand grabbed her left, abandoned breast and squeezed it. Mya moaned repeatedly, her fingers already going inside her front pants, her breathing increase in rate. By the sound of her moan that became high-pitched, he guess that her fingers already in contact with her womanhood. He could already smell her desire from where he is now.


“Do you have any idea how turn on I am, seeing you touching yourself like that?” He whispered hotly in her right ear, both of his hands were now squeezing and rubbing her breasts, her bra still clad there.


“Judging by the hardness I feel against my tummy, yes, I do have an idea,” she whispered back, her fingers started to move against her wet lips down there. “Oh… oh yeah… I’m so wet now, Takashi. Do you want to taste me?”


“Thought you’d never ask, babe.” He grinned sheepishly at her, then started to move downward until his head levelled up with the front of her pant. He clasped his fingers on each side of her pant and also her panties, and started to push them downward to get rid of the obstacle toward her womanhood. She lifted up her hips to aid in the process, her fingers stayed where they were. He then threw them on the far corner of the room. Then, he put his arms around her waist, and nudged her to spread her thighs apart. He groaned softly when he saw her wet lips and very hard clit, totally expose to his eyes. “Babe, put your fingers around your clit and pleasure yourself. I wanna watch and hear you pleasuring yourself,” he whispered, his voice tinged with desire.


  She did what he was asking for. She slide her fingers up and down her lips, and then she wrapped her fingers around her hard clit and started to rub it gently at first, then as her desire shooting upward, her movement also increase, and so did her moan that was getting louder and louder.


“Oh yes, babe, that’s good. Now, push your two fingers inside yourself and fuck yourself just like I fucked you before,” Tarry encouraged her, while he struggled to control his own desire. Seeing her in the state like this made him wanna cum himself. His erection was so hard that it might have possibility to burn a hole in front of his unzipped jeans. But he still remember what Mya had told him before regarding their sex life during this journey. She said that it’s either one of them or nothing at all. Last time, she had made him cum. Therefore, this time it was his turn to return the favor.


Her two fingers burying deep inside herself, and she moaned out loud in pleasure. He could see her starting to quiver, indicating that it was just a matter of time before she reach an orgasm. She pushed in and out of herself in a frantic move, her other fingers rubbing around her clit. Her hips lifted up and down in synchronize rhythm with her fingers. Then, out of nowhere, Tarry pushed his own two fingers deep inside her, and almost instantly he could feel her vaginal wall started to clench around their fingers, her wetness gushes out as she screamed out her orgasm, her whole body shaking.


Tarry then went to lie down next to her, pulling her close and encircled his arms around her waist as she slowly fell asleep. He looked at the ceiling and said a silent prayer of thanks to God for giving them another chance to be together. He glanced at the sleeping face of Mya and smiled. “I love you, Mya. I’ll never let you go, I promise you,” he whispered to her before his exhaustion put him into a deep slumber.






It was six AM when Tarry woke up to the sound of someone retching on the toilet bowl. He quickly got to his feet and went inside the bathroom, knelt besides the hung over Mya while rubbing on her back. Then, he helped Mya to stand up and went to the sink where she washed her face and brushed her teeth with much effort, her body still quite unsteady due to the hang over.


“Remind me again why I put myself through this phase for the second time,” Mya muttered as she sat back on the bed, pinching on the sides of her head, her face grimacing in pain.


Tarry gave her a glass of warm water and a couple of pills to soothe the headache. “You can tell me what was that about once you’re well again and I’m done with my battle later on.”


“Oh, shit. You need to get there now! Brook doesn’t like Trainer who can’t be there on time!” She sounded anxious as she tried to push Tarry toward the door, but Tarry remained unmove.


“Relax. The gym is just a walking distance from here, and our battle is scheduled at eleven AM. So, I still have few hours to kill, and I’m gonna use that to take care of you.”


“But I don’t wanna be a burden to you…”


“You’re not. In fact, you’re my inspiration, my love. Nothing feels right without you on my side.”

Mya looked away, her shoulder slumped. “I’m sorry for ignoring you these past two weeks.”


“Yeah. I’m sorry, too, for not making any effort to make it up to you.” Both of them sighed simultaneously, which brought a small laugh out of them. “I guess we definitely are a normal couple who have a moment of argument.”


“I can’t believe we argued just because I was against you staying here for a month!” Mya looked incredulous.


“Hell yeah, me too. But in the end, it took only two weeks of training before I feel confident enough to face Brook.”


Mya rubbed her face with her palms as she muttered, “I have to say thanks to Mika for willing to be your training partner.”


Mika! Oh gosh, I totally forgot about her! Tarry got on his feet and started to wear his slacks and a thin gray shirt. “Shit, babe, I left her on the park yesterday night! I totally forgot to tell her that we both went back here!” He gave her a quick peck on her lips and gave her a reassuring smile. “I’ll be back after I check on Mika. In the mean time, you take a rest, okay? Love you.”


“Love you too,” Mya said and gave him a small wave before he went out of the room.


Tarry knocked on Mika’s room. When it went unanswered, he tried the door knob, and it was unlocked, so he pushed the door apart and let himself inside. The room was dark, the curtain still not drawn apart, and no lights were on. But then, he could hear a raspy breathing that came from the bed. He flicked open the light and almost gasped at the sight of a very sick Mika on the bed, her whole body was totally covered with layers and layers of bedsheets, a small rag was put on her forehead, her face looked pale, and she was shaking.


“Oh God, Mika! You down with fever?” Tarry rushed to her side and sat on the bed next to her. He put his palm on her forehead and felt the hot temperature. He remembered that last night it was raining when he and Mya walked back to the hotel. He looked at her guiltily. “I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you about my whereabouts.”


Mika opened her eyes slowly and smile weakly. “Oh, hi, Takashi. Were you here that long?”


“No. I just got here. Anyway, Mika, why didn’t you just go back to the hotel after I went back to the restaurant?”


“I was just worried about you. I wanted to make sure that you are alright. So, I decided to wait until midnight. By that time, when you still didn’t appear, I figured out that you and Mya already made up.” She then frowned. “You did… get back together and made up, eh?”


Tarry nodded. “Yes, we did. It’s all thanks to you for encouraging me to face her instead of assuming thing.”


“Ah, so it was you both that I hear screaming in ecstasy last night,” she chuckled. “I was already feeling not so good when I came back here, so I was not sure about the voices.”


“Y-you don’t have to mention that to me!” Tarry was blushing furiously.


“Must be a good sex then, huh.”


“I… I guess you can say that.”


She sighed as she closed her eyes again. “I wonder when will be my turn to experience that kind of ecstasy like what you both had.” She coughed so much that her body jerked forward, and she was struggling to catch her breath. Tarry pat on her back gently. He helped her lied back when her cough subsided.


“You need to go to the hospital, Mika. It looks like you might have caught a pneumonia.”


“No…” Mika shook her heads. “No hospital. H-hate the smell of it.”


“But you need to be treated!”


“It’s alright, Takashi. I will be much better here. I just need to… take a lot of r-rest-” her words were cut off when she began to cough again. It took a minute or more before it subsided again. She looked so pale and quite blue by that time, and it worried Tarry even more. He grabbed the telephone on the nightstand and started to dial an ambulance much to Mika’s protest. “I told you I don’t want hospital!” She said with a very crackle voice.


“Look at you now! You look worst! I can’t let you stay here without a proper treatment.” He then started to pack her bag. Then, he grabbed a clean shirt and pants and put them on the bed as he started to pull down the bedsheets.


“W-what are you doing?” She asked anxiously as he began to unbutton her shirt that was drenched with her sweat due to her fever.


“I’m gonna help you get change into a clean clothes,” he said nonchalantly.


“I can do that myself!” Mika put her hand on his to halt any further movement. She blushed and looked away. “What if Mya walked on us and misunderstand the whole thing?”


Tarry looked at her in disbelief. “I can’t believe you thought I was taking an advantage on you!”


“I didn’t say that! I just stated the ‘what-if’ scenario. I don’t want to get you into more trouble than I already am. You can call Mya here and let her do it instead if you’re still doubtful of my capability.”


“The thing is, Mya is very much hang over and is resting on the bed now.”


Mika rolled her eyes. “That idiot never learn her lesson after all.” She glared at him. “I will change myself. Please wait outside while I do that,” she used her authoritative voice that left no room for more argument. Tarry nodded and silently went out of the room and entered their room to check on Mya.

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