Nidaka Adventure - The Story of Takashi Hanawa

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - 38

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



For the next few days, Tarry has won five rounds consecutively, qualifying himself into the semi-final, and not even once that his Pokemon was beaten. Due to his winning streak, his fan clubs grew, and had even camped out at the stadium just to give him their support, and… well, er… snapped some pictures with him and get his autograph. Tarry is the celebrity of the moment in the League, and it put him into more pressure now that so many people want him to claim the League Champion title.


“I want you to beat Mya, Sir Takashi! I dislike that woman. She is so cold and unfriendly!” One of his supporter complaint to him one day during the lunch break.


Tarry winced. He wanted to defend her, but he also understood where that guy came from. After all, that was what he thought of her exactly on their first meeting. And the news that Mya had been in a very bad mood and rude towards other lately didn’t help the case either. “I’m sure she’s not that bad, eh…” he said, chuckled a little.


“Sir, she barely interact with us for the past five years since she claimed the Champion title. And when I smiled at her, she just glared at me like I did something very wrong!” The man huffed. His friends agreed with him.


“Really…” Mya is a great girlfriend, kisser and in bed to me, but they don’t need to know that, Tarry thought with a small smirk. He heard his name being called by the League official. He said goodbye to his fan club members and retreated back inside the main lobby. A box was held in front of him. The official asked him to grab a piece of paper and gave it back to him. He complied, knowing that this must be the random selection of his opponent in the semi-final, one of the Elite Four. He prayed in his heart that he will get an opponent that he can figure out and higher chance to beat as his hand swirled in circle inside the box. He grabbed one piece of paper, pulled it out and gave it to the official. The official opened the folded paper, and cleared his throat as he read the name written there.


“Mr. Hanawa, you will battle with Eduards Keala. The semi-final battle will be held tomorrow at nine AM in Stadium A. Be there on time,” the official said with monotone voice, then walked away from Tarry. Tarry blinked at the retreating back, and shook his head. The name echoed inside his mind.


“Eduards Keala. Oh man, I need to do some research about him!” He said aloud to no one.


“He’s the prestigious Water-Pokemon Trainer. He can even beat an Electric and Grass-type Pokemon, even though those types are Water’s weaknesses.”


Tarry turned toward the voice, and he began to grin widely. “Tanaki! You’re here!” He walked fast toward his friend and gave him a big hug.


“Hello, Takashi. Nice to see you again!” Tanaki said with joy.


“It’s really nice to see you again! What are you doing here? I mean, not that I’m not happy that you’re here, but I thought you were at your hometown?”


“He’s here because I’m here.” Mika appeared right next to Tanaki. “Hello again, Takashi! Congrats for advancing to the semi-final! You’re one step close toward the final round!”


“Hey, Mika. I thought you were back home already.”


“Silly. I wouldn’t wanna miss watching your action on the battle arena in the semi-final and final round.”


Tarry laughed as he hugged the brother and sister tightly, then let them go. He released a deep breath. “I’m going against a guy name Eduards Keala tomorrow.” He then registered what Tanaki had said regarding the guy. “Have you guys seen him in battle before?”


“Eduards just recently become one of the Elite Four about three years ago. I already am out of the Elite Four Squad by then, so I don’t know a lot about him, other than what Tanaki had told you just now,” Mika said thoughtfully.


“Wow. I can imagine just what kind of Water Pokemon he has…” Tarry muttered. He guessed that this Eduard guy will have Lapras or Blastoise. Damn, he really want his Squirtle to evolve into Blastoise, but he couldn’t force Squirtle to do that.


“Do not worry too much about him, Takashi. Just battle with him like how you battle the other so far, only gives more momentum into it this time,” Tanaki said, patting Tarry’s shoulder in reassurance.


Tarry nodded with determination and pumped his fists. “Yeah! I will give him the best battle he ever had tomorrow!” He glanced at Tanaki and Mika’s smiling face. “Thanks for coming all the way to support me, guys. I love you guys.”


“You’ll be just fine, my friend,” Tanaki said, gave a salute to him.






Day 10 of the League - Semi-final round…


Today’s weather is quite cloudy, and some murmured about the possibility of raining. That didn’t deter Tarry’s spirit at all. He didn’t care whether it was raining or sand-storm, he will still gonna go up on the battle stage and battle with Eduards Keala. Ten minutes to go before the clock strikes nine AM. Already the audience seats were fully occupied. A lot of banner with Tarry’s name written on it were raised upward. Some even chanted Tarry’s name. Only a few of them were obviously Eduards’ fan. Tarry wiped his sweat that formed on his forehead. The tension arise, with the high expectation from the majority of the audiences. He sighed. He wished he was just a nobody, then at least nobody expect him to win this battle. But, things happened and he just have to accept the fact that he is very well-known.




Tarry quickly glanced up toward the screamer. It was Mika, with a big banner made as a flag on her hands. He waved at her, Tanaki, and Justin. Justin gave him a thumbs-up, then slightly nodded toward the unaware Mika that sat right next to him. Tarry laughed and shook his head. Justin still never give up in pursuing Mika’s heart and attention.


“Attention to everybody here! The semi-final battle is about to begin soon! Please settle down at your seats as we will close down the stadium gate right now!” The MC announced through the mic.


“All the best, Takashi.” Tarry had goosebumps all over his body when someone whispered to his ear sultrily. He glanced back, and saw Mya already few steps behind him. She blew a kiss, before she walked away, possibly to the VIP area. He grinned, his excitement grew. He hadn’t seen Mya for months already, and this is the first time he met her again, even if it is just for a brief moment.


Mya, wait for me in the final round! He thought as he heard the MC called his name. He stepped up into the battle arena, waving at the audiences who chanted his name and waving their self-made banner with his name on it. He caught a glimpse of Mya at the VIP arena, which has a top-to-bottom glass window, situated at the uppermost part of the stadium. A big screen with video broadcasted via LCD is also available there. It feels like he was in a concert instead of a Pokemon League. This is the first time he set his foot on Stadium A. His previous battles wereconducted in Stadium C and B, where the stadiums are just like the gym stadium, only the sizes slightly bigger than the gym’s.


“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Elite Four Eduards Keala on the battle arena!”


A roar of applause and name-chanting echoed through the stadium as Eduards Keala stepped into the battle arena. He has a brown, long hair which he tied in a ponytail-style. He looks around thirty-ish, and he wore a very serious expression on his face. He took one look at Tarry and nodded curtly. Tarry snorted at Eduards’ super confident attitude and really couldn’t wait to crush him down.


“Each of them will use two Pokemon at the most. This battle is over when both Pokemon owned by one of them collapsed or unable to battle. Are you ready for the semi-final battle?!!!” Loud roar answered him. “Then, let’s begin the battle now!” A bell chimed, signalling the beginning of the battle.


“Beedrill, I’m counting on you!” Tarry said, releasing Beedrill from the PokeBall.


“Oooh, we seldom see Bug Pokemon being used in a semi-final. Wonder if Takashi’s choice is a million-dollar key, or a million-dollar mistake?”


“Gyarados, go!” Eduards released his Pokemon. Gyarados roared when it was freed from its confinement.


“Damn it, Gyarados,” Tarry muttered.


“It looks like Eduards will not gonna make this easy. He chose Gyarados as his first Pokemon this early. He must have heard about how Takashi slayed the other Trainers round by round without having any of his Pokemon beaten!”


“Gyarados, Aqua Tail!” Gyarados started to swing its tail and aiming at Beedrill.


“Beedrill, fly higher to dodge its tail! Then, when you found an opening, use your Venoshock!”


Beedrill did as was told. It flew straight up when Gyarados’ tail swung toward it. It then produced its poisonous liquid from its tail and spurting it at Gyarados.


“Gyarados, Dragon Rage attack at the poison now!”


Gyarados launched its shock wave and effectively destroyed all of the poisonous liquid before it reach its target. Gasps can be heard around them.


“Incredible start from both of them! Let’s see what else they gonna do!”


“Gyarados, let’s use your Hyper Beam attack!” Gyarados produced a beam inside its large mouth. Tarry knew that attack is deadly but he also knew that the Pokemon that used the attack will have to recharge for a while. So, the important matter is either to dodge the attack or counterattack it with Beedrill’s own attack. Gyarados released the powerful large beam.


“Agility, now!” Beedril relaxed its whole body and started to jump around to dodge the beam… and it succeed, but only partially as one of its wing actually got burned by the beam, making Beedrill unable to fully use its flying capability. Gyarados is now resting to recharge back, so this is the moment when Beedrill should attack it back. “Okay, Beedrill, let’s use Poison Jab, aim at its face and tail! You have one minute only before Gyarados is fully recharge!” Due to the injured wing, Beedrill’s speed is effected and thus, slowing its movement. Nevertheless, it manage to stab Gyarados’ face and tail seconds before one minute passed. Gyarados’ whole body underwent tremor, signalling that it was successfully poisoned.


“Hurricane, now!” Eduards yelled. Gyarados produced a very fierce wind with its non-poison body part: its four limbs and body, and managed to wrap Beedrill successfully, bringing Beedrill up in the sky, turning its body around and around before Gyarados made the wind threw Beedrill back on the ground with a very fast momentum. Floor cracked when Beedrill’s body hit it with a loud thump. Gyarados started to waver around due to the poison effect, but it was Beedrill which couldn’t seem to rise back from the last attack.


“Beedrill is unable to continue the battle. Therefore, first battle goes to Eduards!”


At the VIP rooms, Mya silently contemplating about the battle. She was wondering why Tarry had chose Beedrill as his first Pokemon. Then, she concluded that maybe Tarry didn’t expect Eduards to release Gyarados, because Gyarados is obviously a Dragon Pokemon, and most of the Trainer tend to forget that Gyarados is also a Water Pokemon. Despite that, Mya was impress by the way Tarry and Beedrill battle. The strategy to poison Gyarados is also a smart move. It might cost him one battle, but the next battle, regardless of which Pokemon he’s gonna choose, will be an easy task for him.


“I choose you, Pidgeot!”


“Ooooh, Takashi chose Pidgeot as his second and last Pokemon! Let’s see if they can beat Eduards-Gyarados-” The MC’s word was cut off when Tarry yelled his command.


“Pidgeot, Air Slash now!” Pidgeot flapped its wings to produce a blade of air and went to slice its weaken opponent. It cut through various part of Gyarados’ body, making it bleeding all over. It immediately collapsed and fainted. PokeCentre medical team immediately rushed to Gyarados’ side, strapping it on the stretcher and carried it to First-Aid corner.


“Wow! With just one attack, Pidgeot manage to beat Gyarados. Seems like Beedrill’s last attack work like a charm even if it cost Takashi a battle lost. Now, the score is even. One more Pokemon to collapse and faint, and we will know the winner of the semi-final: is it gonna be the new, aspiring Trainer Takashi Hanawa, or will it be the Elite Four Eduards Keala? We are about to find out!”


“Man, that was so intense!” Justin said, releasing a huge breath, wiping up his sweat on his face with his shirt sleeve. “Hey, if that dude Eduards win, is he gonna battle with Mya in the final round?”


“No. Mya will remain the undefeated champion for the six times then,” Tanaki answered.


“Damn. Then Tarry gotta win this!” Justin stood up, put his hands around his mouth and shouted, “TARRY! WIN THIS ROUND OR I WILL KICK YOUR ASS HARD!!!”


Mika pulled his shirt to make him sit down. “Hey, don’t embarass us here with your obnoxious word, will you?!” She growled. Justin just chuckled, scratching the back of his neck nervously.


Eduards crossed his arms and seems to be in deep thought. Tarry waited almost impatiently. Then, Eduards opened his eyes abruptly, and chose his PokeBall to release his next and final Pokemon. “Go, Dewgong!”


Tarry was strucked by Eduards’ choice. He knew very well that Dewgong not only has water-type attack, but also ice-type. And Pidgeot is weak against ice-attack. He berated himself for not choosing Persian. He was planning to use Persian in the final, that is, if he ever get to that point.


“Dewgong, Aurora Beam!”


Shit. He’s directly using Ice attack! Tarry thought as Dewgong began to produce a rainbow-colored beam inside its mouth and launched it toward Pidgeot. “Okay, then it’s time for your Mirror Move, Pidgeot!” Pidgeot mimicked Dewgong’s Aurora Beam, and blasted it forward and went against Dewgong’s beam. All eyes were on the two beams that were fighting to overcome the other. Pidgeot began to budge backward, and it worried Tarry. Right now, Dewgong’s beam is closer to its opponent than the other beam. Tarry stepped right behind Pidgeot and wrapped his arms around Pidgeot’s big, muscle body tightly. “Pidgeot, I’m right here with you. Don’t give up. Let’s do this together!” He said in full determination. Pidgeot nodded, then started to step forward again, making its beam pushed Dewgong’s beam backward.


“This is such a beautiful sight! Trainer and Pokemon together to beat the other Pokemon! This is what we called as ‘true love’ between a Trainer and a Pokemon!”


“We’re almost there, Pidgeot! Push with all your might! Remember that our goal is to be in the final and beat my girlfriend, Mya!” He shouted again, resulting in Pidgeot stepped its foot forward again and again, pushing its beam closer and closer to Dewgong who had lost its momentum. Then, out of a sudden, Pidgeot flapped its wing hard, producing a mass of down that enveloping around Dewgong’s body, making its beam became weaker. Dewgong budge backward this time, and Pidgeot increase the intensity of its flapping wings, making the wind produced blew faster and rougher.


“Dewgong! Fight it back!” Eduards yelled, for the first time since the battle began he showed a sign of anxiety and worriness. Dewgong tried to step forward to regain its momentum but the Feather Dance move Pidgeot had used against Dewgong made the effort seems almost impossible.


“Pidgeot, when the time is right, you will immediately fly away from the ground and make Dewgong stumble upon. That would be the best time for you to finish it off with your Air Slash. Understood?” Tarry told Pidgeot of his next strategy, trying so hard to lower his voice but still can be heard by Pidgeot due to the loud sound of the harsh wind and the duel between two Aurora Beams. Pidgeot’s whole body tense, and Tarry knew why. It would mean he will be the one to receive the impact of the Aurora Beam. But, this is the only chance that they have to beat Dewgong, because if this continue, Dewgong will slowly power up its Aurora Beam and Pidgeot will be put into a disadvantage situation. “Don’t worry about me, Pidgeot. I will be alright. You do as I said. Beat Dewgong before the beam hit me!” Tarry gasped when he saw tears flowing from Pidgeot’s beady eyes. Pidgeot reluctantly nodded, and he smiled at it. “It’s gonna be okay, buddy. We will be in the final battle together just like we promise! Now, let’s wait ‘til the right moment arrive.”


That moment did arrived around ten minutes later, when Tarry noticed that Dewgong began to advance itself again. “NOW, PIDGEOT!” He yelled with all his might. Pidgeot, still teary-eyes, closed its eyes before it began to fly upward in a fast pace. As predicted, Dewgong stumbled forward, pushing its beam against Pidgeot’s beam, and right into Tarry’s way.


“TARRY!!!” Justin screamed when he saw that the beam is about to hit his best friend.


“Shit, Takashi!!!!” Tanaki and Mika yelled.


Mya couldn’t do anything but to just stare at the sight, her lips trembling, her tears falling down on her cheeks.


Pidgeot roar out loud before it used its Air Slash attack on Dewgong. The blade of air hit Dewgong’s whole body, made it flinched and unable to move.


Just before the beam hit Tarry, he screamed, “PIDGEOT! USE YOUR HURRICANE!!!!”


Pidgeot enveloped Dewgong with its powerful fierce wind, brought Dewgong up in the air and throwing it back to the ground. At the same time, the Aurora Beam hit Tarry, and loud explosion with a very bright light surrounding the scene ensued, making the audiences having a hard time to see what actually happen. This happened for about two minutes, and for a moment, the whole stadium fell into a very silent mode that even the sound of someone’s breathing can be heard loud and clear.


The haze that produced from the Aurora Beam was then blown away by Pidgeot’s flapping wings. All of the audiences gasps of the sight that greet them once they had a clear view again.


Dewgong was on the floor, motionless but still breathing thankfully, obviously injured from the Hurricane and Air Slash impact. PokeCentre medical team rushed to its side with their stretcher and First-aid kit. Eduards just stood there, his face expressionless and he seems to be in a very deep thought. And Tarry was still at the same position, only now he was completely frozen with shiny ice wrapped around his whole body. Pidgeot roared as it flew back to its Master’s side, its tears falling down now. It tried to crack down the ice with its beak and wings but it didn’t work. It released a shrill of cry, and it made other audiences cried, too because it was a very touching moment that never happen before. The MC slowly walked to their side, and knocked on the ice hard, winced as its hardness made him feel pain. He cleared his throat on the mic to get the audiences’ attention.


“Well. Uhm… this has never happen before so I’m not sure how to proceed further. But, this is a POKEMON battle, and as we can see clearly, Dewgong is unable to fight and is now brought back in by the Pokemon medical team. Pidgeot is the winner in this battle, hence, Takashi Hanawa beats the Elite Four Eduards Keala. But… Takashi is frozen over now, so… I am not sure how to proceed with this-”


“Get out of my way, please.”


The audiences went ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the sudden appearances of the Champion herself, Mya. The MC backed away, unsure of the intention of the woman. Mya grabbed her PokeBall, and released Charizard. Justin immediately recognized Charizard as their transport back then. “Hey, that’s the same Charizard that me and Joni took a ride on!” He exclaimed. “Man, I’m so glad that it looks healthy now!”


Tanaki smirked. “Yeah, the same Charizard that brought to our first meeting, Justin.”


“Wait, where did you guys first met again?” Mika asked in confusion.


“At the ward, you were still ventilated and unconscious back then,” Tanaki said.


She glanced at Justin. “So, you’ve met me back then, huh?” Justin just grinned at her.


“Charizard, melt the ice with your Flame Thrower, but be careful to not hurt Takashi,” Mya commanded with low rumble voice. Charizard did as was told. In few seconds, the ice completely melted and Tarry was once again brought back to life, albeit totally wet due to the sudden melting ice.


“W-what happen?” Tarry said, blinking. His eyes then met Mya’s, and he began to grin. “Hey, baby!” Mya just nodded, clearly looked very shy of the public display of affection even though all he did was calling her ‘baby’.


“Tsk, you are an idiot. You sacrifice yourself just so you can win, huh? What if we don’t have any Fire Pokemon nearby? You could have… died… if I didn’t intervene in few more minutes,” Mya grumbled, looked away.


“Baby, I’m sorry… But my strategy did work, huh?” He was suddenly being wrapped by big wings of Pidgeot. Pidgeot rubbed its face toward his cheeks lovingly. He laughed in merriment at the affection that was given. The audiences also laughing along. “Guess that answer my question.” He looked at Mya again. “Don’t you wanna hug me, too, baby?”


Mya clucked again and bit her lips. The MC looked at them back and forth, and then he got back on his mic. “Well, I don’t know what’s going on between the Champion and her future opponent here, but since Takashi is back again, may I present the winner of the semi-final round of Pokemon League, TAKASHI HANAWA!!!” Loud applause ensued and they chanted Tarry’s name. Tarry waved around with big smile on his face. He sensed another presence next to him, so he turned and saw Eduards there.


“That’s the best Pokemon battle I ever had, man. Thank you for all of that,” Eduards said, still in his non-smile face but his eyes were shining. He then held up his hand. “You totally deserve to win, Takashi. I wish you all the best in the finale two days later. If you can beat me, then I am very sure that you will have higher chance to beat Mya as well because our strength are almost similar.”


“Thanks, Eduards. It’s a pleasure to have a chance to battle with you. You’re great and that’s why you are one of the Elite Four.” They both shook hands and raised their clasped hands upward, earning another round of big applause.

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