Nidaka Adventure - The Story of Takashi Hanawa

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - 39

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



The replay of yesterday’s semi-final battle was on TV, and Tarry was watching it with awe on his face. “Wow. He’s right. This is the best Pokemon battle that I ever had!” He said when the replay finally finished.


“You’re a very brave man, dude. You really connect well with your Pokemon. I’m so proud of you,” Justin said through his toothbrush. It was nine in the morning, and Justin just woke up while Tarry had woken up few hours ago. He couldn’t believe it himself that he actually will be in the finale. His dream is almost come true, and he will make it happen soon, even though it is his girlfriend that will be the obstacle toward that dream.


“Thanks for being there for me, man. Wouldn’t be able to totally make it without my best friend here,” Tarry said sincerely, patting on Justin’s back, hard.


“But don’t you dare to scare us again with that stunt of yours, you get it?” Justin warned. He went back inside the bathroom to rinse his mouth and completed his morning routine of shaving his stubbles.


“I can’t promise that I won’t do the same, dude. I will do anything to make sure that my Pokemon won’t get hurt and at the same time win the battle.”


A sigh was heard from the bathroom. “I will never understand the mind of a Pokemon Trainer.”


“Just the same as I cannot understand the mind of a womanizer,” Tarry teased back. A towel was thrown on his way as an answer. Tarry chuckled as he folded and put the towel on Justin’s bed, and began to stand up. “I’m gonna go out for a while. Since the League began, I never had any chance of touring the League stadium completely. Wanna come with me?”


“No, thanks. I have a hot date later on.”


“Hot date? Who’s your next victim, eh?”


“Fuck you, Hanawa.” Then, he answered, “It’s Mika.”


Tarry raised his eyebrows high. “But Mika’s someone’s fiance, dude. You sure this is a date?”


“No longer a fiance. Mika told me she already broke it off with Greg last night over the phone.”


“Damn. Mika shouldn’t do that over the phone. That guy must be feeling so devastated.”


Justin snorted. “Well, I don’t care about him since I don’t know him at all.”


“You just said that because with him out of the picture, you will have a bigger chance to be with Mika.”


“Ain’t it great, though? You and me, married to the women with similar look. We should get married at the same day. It’ll be a blast!”


“I just got myself a divorce. Marriage is the last thing I wanna think about.” Tarry opened the door and waved at Justin. “Later, man.”


It was very hot out there. By the time Tarry finished his self-tour around the League Stadium, he was already sweating profusely, his T-shirt sticked to his body. He fanned himself with the front of his shirt as he walked in search of a vending machine. “Damn, should I know how hot it is here, I would have prefer to stay in the room or go to the training room.” Tarry sighed. He found a vending machine across from the main lobby, so he quickened his pace. He was so thirsty and he needed a drink now. He immediately opened the Coke can and gulped it down. “Ah…” he released a satisfied sigh. “Now that’s really refreshing.” He was gonna walked away when he heard the unmistaken kissing sound. He shook his head. Kids nowaday certainly can’t keep their matter private. He changed direction, instead walking to the source of the kissing sound to give the couple a soft warning.


“Hey, you guys should get a room or…” His sentences halted when a horrifying sight met him.


In front of him right now was Greg and Mya in a very intimate position. Greg’s lips was still on Mya’s, and Mya’s blouse was unbuttoned, her bra exposed. Mya immediately pushed Greg away with force and started to button up her blouse. Greg turned to Tarry and held up his hand, smirking. “Yo, Takashi.” Greg acted as if what he and Mya just did was a regular thing. Tarry clenched his fists and jaw in anger. He glared at Mya, who looked anxious now.


“Takashi, it isn’t what you thought it is-”


Tarry cut her off by laughing out loud humorlessly. He then shook his head. “I’ve seen enough, Mya, so don’t try to give me some lame excuses.”


“Damn it! I thought we promised each other to not simply jump into conclusion?!”


“That guy over there has his lips on yours, and I’ve seen it happened. What do you expect me to do, huh?”


Mya turned toward Greg who had the audacity to grin like it was a comedy. “Get the Hell outta here, Greg, and never, EVER, show your face to me again!” She growled.


“Aw, c’mon! How could you say that to a heart-broken childhood friend of yours huh? C’mere, I need a hug-” Before Greg could advance more, Mya slapped his cheek hard. Greg put his palm on his throbbing cheek and stared at Mya in disbelief.


“Leave us alone, Greg!” Mya yelled.


Tarry shook his head again and said, “You guys need to cut it out. Stop acting as if you’re doing something wrong. Please, continue making out. I’ll leave you two alone now.”


“Takashi, don’t go-”


“See you tomorrow at the final, Ms. Mannfred,” Tarry said with monotone voice, his face expressionless. He then walked away, carrying with him a broken heart. When he arrived back at his hotel room, Justin and Mika were there, talking on the dining table. One look at Tarry’s face and they sensed something bad had happened.


“Shit, man. What happened?” Justin asked as he began to stand up. His question went unanswered as Tarry straightaway went to his bed and collapsed on it, pulling the blanket all over his whole body. Justin and Mika exchanged look of worriness. Justin pulled Mika’s wrist to get out from the room and then down to the hotel lobby. Once they settled down on the sofas, Justin rubbed his face with both palms and sighed. “He looks like a broken-hearted man, Mika.”


Mika frowned deeply. “But what could be the cause of that?”

“It must have to do with Mya, for sure. But what happened to them is the question that only them both know the answer to.” Justin shook his head. “This is the worst time for Tarry to feel sad. The final battle will be on tomorrow…”


“I will find the answer now,” Mika stated, standing up abruptly.


“Wait! You going to see Mya now?”


“Yes. If anyone is capable of hurting Takashi like that, it’ll be that bitch!” Mika said in anger, her eyes burning. “I never really like that woman anyway, and she already hurt Takashi’s feeling so many times! This time, I will teach her a lesson!”


“Don’t do that, Mika! You’ll only worsened the situation as it is!” But Mika was already on her way, ignoring Justin’s plead. Justin pinched the bridge of his nose and started to get on his feet and walked toward the elevator to go back to his room. Right now, he don’t wanna leave Tarry alone. Tarry will need his best friend later on and he will tell him the real story.


Mika stomped out of the hotel front door and bumped into someone almost immediately. “Shit, I’m sor-” Her sentence halted when she was face-to-face with the one woman she really hate right now. “What the fuck have you done to Takashi, huh?” She demanded harshly.


“Is Takashi in his room? I need to see him now. I want to explain thing,” Mya said desperately.


“I won’t let you see him. I demand an answer!” Mika crossed her arms and raised her head.


Mya shook her head in frustration. “I don’t have time for this right now, Mika. Just let me pass and I’ll explain later-”


“It hurt me so much of seeing his face just now. He looked like his world is about to end soon. And it’s all because of you!” Mika poked on Mya’s chest hard a few times.


“Oh, really? Then what about me seeing Greg’s heartbroken face, and it is all because of YOU?! How dare you cancel your wedding via the phone? You really are something, eh, girl!” Mya poked Mika’s chest back. “If you didn’t break his heart, he would not ended up coming here to see me and ended up kissing me and Takashi unfortunately had witnessed that and misunderstand everything! It’s all your fault!”


“You KISS Greg?!!! How dare you, bitch! No wonder Takashi look so devastated!” Mika pushed Mya forcefully, Mya ended up fell on her butt.


“HE kissed me! I was trying to push his drunken-self off!”


Mika didn’t listened. She went down and grabbed Mya’s front blouse and lifted her up, then she delivered a hard punch to Mya’s face. Blood trailed down from Mya’s nose and mouth. Mika felt very satisfied at that sight. She let go of her grip forcibly and kicked Mya’s stomach. Mya hunched over on the ground, groaning in pain. Mika spat on her. “You’re just a whore who crave for men’s attention. You don’t deserve to be a Champion. I hope Takashi will slay you down and become the new Champion ‘coz he really deserve it much more!” She spat again before she reentered the hotel, leaving Mya there on the ground, injured and in pain, both physically and spiritually.






“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Pokemon League Final round!!!” A loud roar and applaused echoed throughout the Stadium A. The stadium was very crowded and there were few of the TV crews around to broadcast the most anticipated battle ever. “And now, we will bring out two Trainers who will battle each other for the title of Pokemon League Champion. To my right-hand side is a new Trainer who has impressed a lot of people, even most of the gym leaders, with his amazing strategy and his great relationship with his Pokemon. I don’t know where did he came from, but he surely has gained a lot of fans that are rooting for him. He is Takashi Hanawa!!!”


Loud applause and cheers ensued as Tarry began to step into the battle arena with a very determine look. He raised his fist up in the air, and it increased the intensity of the applauses and cheers around him. However, unlike in semi-final, this time he didn’t smile at all. His mouth was very firm, almost the same like how Eduards look all the time. Justin and Mika exchanged their look and sighed simultaneously. Mika had told Justin the whole story when she was back in the room, but didn’t mentioned about punching and kicking Mya. That was why when the MC announced Mya’s name, Justin gasped out loud upon seeing the state that she was currently in. She has a visible dark bruise on her left cheek, and her gait seems struggling. She looked sick and sorrow.


Justin looked at Mika suspiciously. “Mya looked like she was being assaulted by someone recently…”


Mika sighed in defeat. “Sorry, I didn’t tell you that part.”


“Damn it. Look at her. She looks terrible. Did you have to attack her like that?”


“I couldn’t control my emotion when it comes to Takashi,” she blurted out. Justin’s breath hitched upon hearing that.


“You… love Tarry, aren’t you?”


Mika didn’t answer him, which confirmed his suspicion anyway. He turned his head toward the battle stage, blinking his eyes in confusion and hurt.


The MC walked toward Mya, was about to ask her (on mic) about her bruises when he received a very hard glare from the woman. He nodded slowly, and then turned toward the impatient audiences. “Each of them are required to use THREE pokemon. This battle will go on until one of them has all three of their Pokemon beaten and unable to continue the battle. ARE YOU READY NOW?!” Loud yell of ‘YES’ echoed. The MC raised his hand, and a bell rang, signalling the beginning of the final round.


“Goooooooooo, Persian!”


Mya struggling to grab her PokeBall, she even winced in pain. But Tarry’s expression remained blank. She really wanted to bring back the goofy self of Tarry, but now is not the time to do so. “Okay, Rhyhorn, do your best!”


Rhyhorn and Persian stood face-to-face, both were ready to attack anytime.


“Persian, Screech attack,” Tarry said in monotone voice. Persian produced an ear-splitting noise, causing Rhyhorn to become panic and started to run aimlessly.


“Rhyhorn, please stay focus! You’ve heard noise worst than this!” Mya said in frustration. But Rhyhorn still couldn’t stand still.


“Persian, use your Night Slash now!”


Persian jumped upward and used its sharp claw to Night-Slash Rhyhorn. Even with Rhyhorn’s hard skin, the attack still manage to penetrate it and causing a lot of pain.


Mya couldn’t believe that in first few minutes Tarry already went ahead of her. She gotta focus on this battle or else the championship will no longer be hers. “Rhyhorn, Drill Run now!”


“Persian, counterattack with your Feint Attack!”


Rhyhorn began to rotate its body in a very fast speed while going toward the waiting Persian. When Rhyhorn is close enough, Persian delivered its sucker punch at Rhyhorn’s horn. The horn cracked and it made Rhyhorn screamed in pain again.


“Finish it off with your Night Slash attack!”


Persian slashed all over Rhyhorn’s body continuously until Rhyhorn collapsed with a lot of cracked seen on various part of its body. Mya became speechless at her first lost in less than fifteen minutes. The MC ran toward Rhyhorn and confirmed its condition. “Rhyhorn is unable to continue the battle. Takashi Hanawa win the first battle!” Loud cheers and applauses followed suit. Some even yelled ‘Beat that bitch!’ and it made Mya winced. She looked at Tarry and saw the same cold expression on his face.


If he’s going to act cold toward me, then I will do the same, too. I made a mistake of losing my focus just now. I will not gonna let that happen again! Mya’s expression became as cold as an ice, her body posture stiff. She clenched her fists, frowned deeply at her opponent. “If you think you’re gonna win this, then you might wanna reassess yourself again. I will show you the real power of Mya Mannfred as a 5-times League Champion!” She said right before she grabbed her second PokeBall and released her second Pokemon.


It’s Wigglytuff.


“So, your Jigglypuff has evolves, eh?” Tarry said, still in monotone voice. However, his eyes told otherwise. It seems like he’s remembering the moment when they first battle, him using his Squirtle and her using Jigglypuff. She had won that battle but she already can see Tarry’s great potential to become the great Pokemon Master even from his amateur Pokemon battle.


“Nope. This one is that Jigglypuff’s mommy. And it’s way stronger than ever. You will not have any more chance to beat me.”


Tarry shrugged. “Bring it on, then.”


The way he acted so non-chalantly made her anger burned deep inside her. “I’ll teach you another lesson here. While most Trainer didn’t favor Normal-type Pokemon because they see it as ‘boring type’, they didn’t realize that one of the biggest advantage of having a strong, Normal-type Pokemon is that they can be taught various type of moves. Be it Water-type, Electric-type, Psychic-type or Fighting-type. Normal-type Pokemon will be able to learn them all.”


“Thanks for the lesson, but let’s just get on to it.”


Mya sneered. “What you didn’t realize is that… my Wigglytuff here knows how to use Focus Blast.” She nodded toward Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff closed its eyes in order to heighten its mental focus. She just needed to buy more time before she can command it to unleash its power.


Tarry snorted, unimpressed. “Are you done? If so….” He abruptly turned toward Persian. “Persian, Night Slash attack!”


Mya had anticipated that attack. She had noticed that Tarry kept on commanding Persian to use Night Slash. He had no idea that sometimes Night Slash doesn’t work in certain Pokemon. “Wigglytuff, unleash your power now!” Wigglytuff opened its eyes, its whole body began to glow, then a source of power appeared at both of its hand. It then release the power energy toward Persian. The power hit Persian directly to its chest, and Persian’s whole body shook with the powerful impact of it.


“Persian!” Tarry yelled. For the first time, he showed an emotion. Persian fell on the ground, its eyes rolling around, not moving its body at all. The MC went to its side, and announced, “Unbelieveable! With just one hit from Wigglytuff, Persian has fainted. Therefore, this round is won by Mya Mannfred!”


Mya chuckled humorlessly as she patted on her Wigglytuff’s head. “Clearly you still have a lot to learn,” she said arrogantly, just like how she always had been before this man came into her life.


Instead of angry expression that she expected, Tarry smirked at her. “You’ll be surprise at what I have in store for you, Champs.” Tarry released his second Pokemon, which is a Magmar.


“Magmar?” Mya raised her eyebrows, then she began to laugh out loud without humor. “Didn’t you listen to me before? I told you, my Wigglytuff can use any type of attack, and that include a Water-type! Your Magmar won’t stand any chance at all against my Wigglytuff.” She glanced at Wigglytuff and pointed at her opponent. “Wigglytuff, use your Water Gun attack!” Wigglytuff squirted lots of water out of its mouth at Magmar.


“Magmar, Double Team, now!” Magmar created its illusory copies of itself and surrounded Wigglytuff, making its aim missed.


“Wigglytuff, Rain Dance!” Wigglytuff produced a heavy rain that fell down hard. Despite that, Magmar still going strong and managed to avoid from being affected by the rain through its Double Team move. Mya looked disbelief. “You’ve gotta be kidding me! Those Rain Dance should weaken Magmar by now!”


“Didn’t you taught me before that just because my Pokemon type is weak against my foe’s, doesn’t mean that I will have no chance at all to win the battle?” Tarry yelled through the loud noise of the heavy rain.


The MC quickly used his umbrella while speaking through the mic, “Thanks to Wigglytuff’s Rain Dance, the whole stadium is surrounded by this heavy rain. Folks, please cover yourself to avoid from getting sick out of it!”


Tanaki raised his umbrella above his sister. Mika widened her eyes. “Hey! You should cover yourself too! You’re wet already!”


“I will be alright, sis! You need to stay away from the rain or else you will develop pneumonia again!” Tanaki glared at Mya’s form on the battle stage and murmured furiously, “Thanks a lot, Mya. You have made my sister susceptible to pneumonia.”


“I wonder what they were talking about down there…” Justin said curiously.


“Who cares? All I want is for Takashi to kick Mya’s arrogant ass and win this thing!” Mika exclaimed, her eyes stay glued on Tarry’s form. Justin glanced at her in the corner of his eyes, jealousy rage burning deep inside him.


“Are you gonna make Magmar keep on doing Double Team? I will not gonna stop the Rain Dance until you lose!” Mya said.


“Nope.” Tarry crossed his arms and looked at Magmar. “Magmar, Sunny Day now!” Magmar raised its hands upward and intensified the sunlight at a maximum power, making the rain instantly stop and replaced with a very hot sunlight. The audiences released their sigh of relief. Mya gritted her teeth, she totally forgot about Magmar’s ability to use Sunny Day move to counter Wigglytuff’s Rainy Day. “Magmar, Fire Blast, now!” Tarry commanded once he noticed that Mya was distracted. Magmar began to power up, the fire on its body intensified, then it used its hands to launch the fiery, intenst blast at Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff screamed while running back and forth.


“Shit! Wigglytuff, try to avoid it!” Mya yelled, even though she knew it well that it was too late for them. The blast hit Wigglytuff’s whole body, burning it to the point that it became sooted black. Wigglytuff collapsed on the floor, burping out a large smoke from its mouth before it fainted.


“Wigglytuff fainted, therefore this round is won by Takashi!” The MC announced, followed by a loud applause from the audiences.


Mya knelt next to Wigglytuff and patted its head. “Thank you, Wigglytuff, you did great out there. Now you must rest and wait for me, okay?” She returned Wigglytuff to its PokeBall, and grabbed her final PokeBall. “You improve a lot since the first time we battle months ago, Takashi. I’m very impress. Lots of Trainer had disappointed me for the past five years. You’re the only one that really gives me a great challenge.”


“I should thank you for everything that you’ve done for me,” Tarry bowed his body, and when he straightened up, his face looked so tight and grim. “Thanks to your betrayal, the fire inside me flared and it makes me wanna beat you so bad, and it will be a pleasure to watch you crumble when I finally beat you and snatch the championship away from you, Ms. Mannfred.”


Mya winced, a painful feeling squeezed her heart so hard that she was convinced it will burst soon. When she and Takashi bantered around, albeit in serious mode, she thought that her beloved Takashi was back. However, his words had break her hope into pieces. His eyes blazed with so much hatred toward her that she felt very helpless to replace that with his usual brightened eyes. With all of these sadness simmering deep inside her soul, it was a wonder that she could still put on her stoic, cold expression with blank eyes. “Very well then, Mr. Hanawa. Then I shall not wasting anymore time with you here. You will be done when I release my ultimate Pokemon!” She tightened her grip on the PokeBall before she released her Pokemon. “Pikachu, go!!!”


When Pikachu was out, it immediately growled menacingly toward Tarry. Mya smirked. Pikachu is being considerate about me, as usual. “Pikachu, do not hold back. Fight with all your might. He is a nuisance enemy that we need to get rid of. Understand?” Pikachu nodded. “Good. Now, let’s do this together!”

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