Nidaka Adventure - The Story of Takashi Hanawa

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



It was Monday again, and here he was, sitting on his desk at his office. Tarry didn’t have enough sleep last night. He was back home almost midnight, and he already missed everything on the other side of the world. He especially missed Mya and Pikachu. They both were a great host during his stay at their house. And moreover, he could no longer deny his feeling for Mya. He was just not sure if this feeling is a crush or love…


“Hey, dude, what’s on your mind?” Tarry jumped at Justin’s voice. Justin chuckled. “You look lost, as if you were missing someone really bad.” At the slight change of Tarry’s expression, Justin pushed further, “Am I right? I suspected that you might seeing some woman, hence the week off somewhere. You can tell me. I will not judge. In fact, I am happy for you. Janette is not the only one that can find a new mate.”

“Justin, you talk so much considering it’s Monday today and we have a lot of work to do,” Tarry gave Justin a hard look, but he couldn’t ever hide his blush on his face.


“You are the one that should be worried about catching up some jobs. I already done half of it,” Justin retaliated with big grin on his face. Then he leaned forward, his face neared Tarry’s, and whispered, “So, what’s she like? Is she sexy? Gorgeous? She’s gotta be better than Janette for sure.”


Tarry’s only answered was a push on Justin’s forehead, making him almost fell on his back. Justin pouted, and mumbled “Spoil sport” before he returned to his cubicle. Tarry shook his head, rolled his eyes and continued with his one-week-postpone job. He needed to finish it all before he leave because tonight he and Joni will go out to have dinner at one of the best Parlor Pizza in town. Tarry planned to tell Joni everything after the dinner. He crossed his finger so that Joni will understand and will agree to come with him to the other world this weekend. After all, Joni was twelve-years old sensible boy. He will understand, wouldn’t he?





“Dad, you’ve gotta be kidding me?!”


Tarry was taken aback at the sudden shout that came from Joni. It was after dinner, and they were at their house, in the living room. Joni began to pace back and forth in front of Tarry, his hair already messed up from the constant grabbing he did. “Pokemon is just a fantasy game. It can’t be real. It just can’t!”


This is not gonna be as easy as I thought… “As much as it sounds ridiculous, it really is true. I have my own Pokemon, in fact. I can show you now-”


“Nonononononono, Dad. You will not gonna show me your Pokemon GO again. I am fed up with it now. That game has ruin your sensibility. I will ask mom to write a report to that Niantic company about this.”


Ignoring his warning, Tarry reached for his Pokeball and threw it on the floor. Joni closed his eyes tightly and cupped his ears with his hands. The smoke came out from the opened-Pokeball, and Joni cringed. “Seriously, Dad, what kind of gas you had put inside that Pokeball of yours? It smells funny!” Tarry frowned a little, just noticed the aforementioned smoke.


“Son, open your eyes and see for yourself,” Tarry said calmly. But before Joni could do anything, the released Meowth walked and stood just next to his leg and started to purr while brushing its body around his legs. Joni instantly opened his eyes and almost jumped at the sight of Meowth.


“What did you do to this poor kitty? You brought it to plastic surgery so that it will look like a Pokemon?” Joni asked, incredulously. Tarry sighed deeply, his patience level was almost reaching its limit.


“It really is Meowth, Joni. Take a good look at it.”


Joni blinked his eyes several times, as if he was willing for it to just disappeared. By now, Meowth was licking its paw in such a cute way that it melted Tarry’s heart. “I… I don’t know what to say,” Joni said in defeat.


“You can say ‘bravo, Dad, you’ve got a Pokemon!’,” Tarry said playfully, in hope of easing the tense atmosphere, but it didn’t work. Joni was too awestruck to give any response. “C’mere, son, let’s sit and I will explain everything.” Joni nodded slowly and took his seat on the plush sofa while Tarry and Meowth sat on the floor in front of Joni.


Tarry then explained everything from the moment he met Pikachu. His eyes looked so passionate and determined everytime he mentioned about becoming a Pokemon Master, and Joni noticed that fact clearly. “I… still don’t know what to say. I mean, Dad… how come Pokemon can be real?”


“I still am wondering about that sometimes, but I don’t really mind now. All I care about is that Pokemon really do exist and it open up the door of opportunity for me to become a Pokemon Master.”


“But, Dad, if you do that, then you will have to leave everything behind, including me…” Joni’s voice trailed off at the last word, and he lowered his face, his mouth starting to form a little pout.


Tarry patted Joni’s head and smiled at him. “I will never leave you behind. In fact, I want to bring you along to the Pokemon world this weekend, that is if you were up for it…?” He hesitated.


“Okay, I will go with you. I am curious, too, you know…”


Tarry raised his victory fist up in the air. “That’s great, then!”





Tarry thought that this week will run smoothly, but he was wrong. Justin had asked him non-stop about his whereabouts last weekend, and everytime Tarry managed to dodge the topic. Tarry was starting to feel annoyed by his best friend’s enthusiastism to dig about his life.


And work was so demanding. Tarry often had to work overtime due to his sudden off days before, and as a result, he was exhausted back home and will immediately sleep after he had dinner and a shower. His social life was slowly dwindling down if this continue on.


Luckily, the weekend was finally here. Tarry couldn’t wait to escape this world to go to his favourite world on the other side. He was even more excited to the prospect of Joni tagging along with him. He couldn’t wait to introduce his son to Mya, her Pikachu, and Prof. Samuel. For some reason, he really wanted Joni to get along well with Mya, just in case something happened between them…


Better not go there, yet, Tarry interrupted his flow of thought quickly. He was helping Joni to pack a light bag pack for a weekend stay there. Joni just sat on his bed, staring into space.


“What are you thinking of, Joni?” Tarry asked, folding Joni’s clothes neatly and put them inside the bag pack.


“I just can’t believe all of this. What if everything is just an illusion to you, Dad, and there is never a Pokemon world after all?”


Tarry chuckled deeply. “Well, if it was an illusion, then how will you explain about Meowth’s existance here?” He indicated his hand to Meowth who was playing with the furball he just purchased the day before.


“Yeah, you’re right. I might not be a Pokemon fan but I surely can tell that it’s the real deal.”


Tarry put the bag pack on the side of the bed, then he sat next to Joni and put his arms around Joni’s shoulder. “You will gonna love it there, I guarantee it.”


“I hope so, Dad. Judging by the way you look right now, I surely hope so.”


“Okay, let’s sleep now. We will need to take off at six AM sharp.” Tarry gave Joni a kiss on his cheek before he retreated to his own bedroom. He still had a large grin on his face by the time he settled down on his king-sized bed.

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