The Chasm

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Our maddening times

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017




The yawning chasm looms ahead through the haze,

we're partisan rats--lost in an angry maze.


Self-created, drifting, yet we weren't even aware

of the widening gap, and now it's reached nightmare


proportions, much too distant to reach the other side.

We're caught in an eddy of this onrushing tide,


drowning in a pool of turbulent water, yet on dry land.

With suspicion, two opposing armies eye each other, and


won't even reach out a helping hand, disconnected,

each openly despising, hiding behind electronic walls erected.


Each side speaking in strange foreign tongues,

each screaming past each other at the top of their lungs.


Not even bothering to try and understand,

our houses are built, not on stone, but on sand.


And what's been built up over many countless years,

will soon come tumbling down in hatred, mistrust, and fear.


Automatons battle to see who can scream their outrage the loudest,

a verbal dagger wielded in anger--will you past their test,


and agree or disagree with their point of view?

If you do, 'great!', but if you don't, well screw you!





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