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Experience of my first heartbreak

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



As for back as I could remember A has been my best friend since I was 5 years old I may be over stretching saying that she was my best friend but she was the closest thing I could have had to being a best friend at such a young age.

Rewind rewind maybe 12 years ago in my life and it's me , my best friend , & the rest of our family on halloween night I may have had a crush on her older sister and gave her sister the extra candy bag i had now looking back at it now totally an asshole move. We did our thing any normal kids would do on halloween night walked around got our candy and just went on about our business. Up until we reached the end of the night it wasn't so normal for us anymore Man i remember this part of the night so clearly we got up to this creepy house with some guy laying in his yard acting like he was dead I can only speak for my self but looking at A she had the same reaction I had which was "Fuck That" but of course our asshole family thought it was funny to try and force us to go get the candy me and A of course bust out crying only logical thing to do since we're children that shit was not to play around with we thought we was really gonna die if we went near the dude. Now this little story comes straight from A can't say I remember but she swears this happened I guess we were young like maybe 6 to 7 hanging at the pool and me as a dumb little kid showed my Roger off to her I don't know what the hell I might have been thinking probably thought I was packing as a lil dude i can't say this isn't true because honestly it does sound like some shit I would do. I Don't know if it was the same day she jumped in the jacuzzi thinking she could land the same way i did even though? she was way bigger then me she ended up taking a headshot but hey when you're little monkey see monkey do.

After this I can't remember much I can remember our middle school days surprisingly only 4 years ago we did lose touch but we did find each other again after I got beat up she ran up on me and asked me who did this to you in a defensive way can you believe that? After all those years she still had my back. Right after my ass beating of a life time I spent weeks straight walking to school with her & our friend dyanna 3 musketeers you could say , it came to an end when she had to move with her mom and leave her grandma's.

We never really lost touch after that she would still come down every weekend to come hang out she was my best friend again. Eventually she started dating my friend named Juan and what do you know? I caught feelings for her they dated for like a month maybe less she was never really his I was the one always there we probably had more dates as friends then they did in my mind he didn't deserve her looking back at it now neither of us did , she broke up with him and told me she had feelings for me too a few days later I wasn't surprised because after our little date at fear farm I could already feel that this was gonna be my girl I had my arm around her neck I was rubbing her hand and whenever someone would call us a couple we felt no need to deny it she was my girl before we both even knew it. This might be sounding like a long overdue love story but it has some twists to it honestly , after her breakup? she said she didn't? want to rush into relationship I was fine with it I liked her enough to wait but after awhile she caught feelings for someone else also , she told me she would have to make a decision after awhile. it may look dumb on my part but I fell for this girl for months so I decided to keep on waiting. She never really gave me a decision but she did end up kissing some other guy I couldn't be mad she wasn't my girlfriend I was heartbroken though.

After all this happened we stopped talking for 4 about months and I messaged her in February and didn't get a response for another week I threw this in her face as a joke every now and again she said she didn't check her Kik and seen my message and realized it was a week already since I've sent she said she was afraid I hated her because i didn't get a response but honestly it was the opposite I missed her and still had so much feelings for her. We talked for a month got back to where we left off on April 25th of 2015 it was the happiest day but also the most embarrassing of my life it was late at night when I finally built up the courage to ask this girl I've been waiting for so , so , long to finally ask to be my girlfriend but at that very same moment my mom shows up yelling where the hell I been at in her big ol truck ruining that little moment of mixed awkwardness & cuteness she said yes I got my girl I could honestly say it was an unforgettable moment in more then one way.

So I finally get the girl of my dreams and it takes me maybe a month and half to finally kiss her it may seem like im some type of wuss but God she's so beautiful and out going that she would make me nervous and blush every time we touched now this first kiss wasn't a romantic scenario either it was behind her couch in her loft and we laughed about it right after I grew attached we grew attached every weekend together either at the movies or eating dinner with her parents it was a routine we became accustomed to we were happy just because we had each other. 3 months into our relationship I realized how much I loved this girl I can find exactly where her scar is on her lips with mine I know her ticklish spots I know how to make her happy when she needed to be made happy I knew how to put her to sleep I knew this girl like the back of my hand she was my girl.

6 months in time flys by when you're with the person you love this day was the most special but but also the most awkward let's just start off with my words in that moment "are you sure?" I literally asked so many times she had to ask if I was sure about it if you don't get what I'm getting at we lost our virginity it wasn't embarrassing until she said I lasted like 5 minutes when I felt like I was in there for hours we walked out to the kitchen awkwardly ate pizza with our family and I walked my girlfriend home the sound of calling this girl my girlfriend was truly amazing. Next thing we both know it's already been a year that we've been together even tho it felt like months have only gone by the fastest and the happiest year I've had in awhile in that time period nothing mattered as long as I was with her holding her in my arms telling her how much I love her and giving her little kisses those minutes felt like seconds and the hours felt like minutes time was really flying by.

I can go in depth on our dates at the movies , going out to eat , taking her to Sephora etc actually I wouldn't? have to all I would to is make a scrap book of nothing of pictures of our dates and see the look and smile I fell in love with we could do that some other time and go into great detail of friendship with A & the almost 2 years I spent with her as my girlfriend I'm just typing to where I go and see if I really want to type out a book

Here i am at 1 year & 10 months where I no longer have the love of my life I no longer have the uncontrollable laugh that came out of her when I would tickle her neck with my lips I no longer have her pushing her head pushed into my chest with her legs wrapped around me I know longer have the the smile I can make with just looking into her eyes I no longer have the crazy girlfriend I use to always brag about I didn't lose just the love of my life I lost my best friend that I've had since maybe 04 this happened because I took this loving girlfriend I've had since I was 15 the best friend I had since I was 4 for granted I lost my girl I type this out in hopes to find peace in our breakup and put some ice onto my burning heartbreak that I brought upon myself these minutes now feel like hours the hours feel like days the days feel like years sleeping through it all just won't work I'm just here to say if you have this love dont take it for granted because when she leaves she won't come back & you'll feel just like this lost and having sadness take over your soul appreciate and love your girl. maybe in a few months I'll come back and type some more and see how I've changed and what this experience molded me into being as of now i have an open wound and I'm bleeding out.

March 13 2017 2:07 AM -Gonzalo Velasquez

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