Slave Away

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about the great depression

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



Great Depression Poem


I work day and night toiling away in the cotton fields

I fight and I wield

A sword in the field

My sword a single word

My word my sword could bring me a blow

My ‘no’


For my right

Every day I will fight

I deserve to be free

I can see

What's wrong and what's right

I can put up a fight

I can rally black and white


If you would just let me free


My prayer I sing

As I work in the fields

The sun's unrelenting sheen

A harsh reminder I'm chained

To this sea

Of cotton

And money

And greed


I deserve to be free


I can feel the scythe’s sharp edge against my work-roughened fingers

Their edges thicker than the walls

I have built inside

I can hear the people crying


They’ve lost everything

I can sense the Master behind me

Ready to deal out a blow

If I were to do the wrong thing


I know times are tough

Life is hard

Money has been flushed down the drain

I can hear how they talk

Planning to sell

I know how people are weak

It affects me


Still, i work

I plan

I drive myself to the edge

Of death

From sickness

And famine

And overwork


The economy is dying

People are crying

Life is no luxury for anyone


But I am starving

Starving for a new life

Starving for food

Like everyone else


I don't have enough to eat

To support

A working family of three


So I toil

Under the boil

Of a hot sun’s oven

I sometimes wish I could go to Heaven

Chock-full of loving

Be freed from the Workman’s grasp

But I can't ask

To remove these chains


I can't ask to go inside

I have to work the whole day

Such is the life of a slave



I carry my burden

And wish

Like everyone else

That I could be

Someone else


I can almost hear the money growing

From what cotton we could scrounge up

Then I hear it

Be tucked away in the Master’s pocket

I was foolish to think we could get a share


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