Liberalism - the best ideology

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This is one of my Political Science Essays on the topic :- "Why do you think liberalism is the best ideology? "
There are multiple reasons for liberalism being the best ideology and I've analysed each of these in turn.

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



Political Science Essay

Topic - Why do you think liberalism is the best ideology?

I feel liberalism is the best ideology because it is an ideology which believes in every person. It believes that every individual has the potential to follow his dreams. I think that’s why it has been really successful. Communism seems all very well on paper, but it failed in practice. Also, there is a flaw in the ideology of communism itself.

Liberalism respects the individual and his/her rights. It believes in the innate potential of every individual. It gives people the freedom to follow their dreams and live their lives to the fullest. If there was no liberalism, there would be no space for people to start companies of their own. There would be no ‘Apple’, a really amazing company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Because of liberalism, they could dream, innovate and actually follow their dreams, starting from a garage to one of the top companies in the world.

On the other hand, I feel communism creates a mechanical life. People don’t live, they just survive. True, there may be stability in the economy, but there is a stagnation in the development of human potential.

People have everything in their life written out for them. They don’t have the freedom to decide what they want to achieve in life. Everyone alike has to do the same work. For example, in places like China, every person had to work in the industry after reaching a certain age. They didn’t have much choice of what they wanted to become.

It should also not be denied that competition helps improve quality of work performance as long as it is a healthy competition. Liberalism offers competition. If there is no competition, the companies will have no incentive to do better. For example, company A is improving a certain technology in a mobile phone. Then, company B would want to not lose in the market competition, so it would try to come up with an even better technology. So customers have a choice of what they want to buy and can get quality products.

The major flaw about communism is that no matter how much work each person does, everyone gets the same reward. People then do not have the incentive to work better to their fullest potential.

For example, A and B are working in an industry. A works sincerely and works for 8 hours and B works only for 4 hours. But at the end of the month, both of them get the same wages. Then A realises that no matter how much he works, he will get the same wages as B. He will also start working for only 4 hours. So, in such a scenario, even the hard working and capable persons have their potential wasted.

In a liberal economy, everyone would have to be alert and do better to remain in the competition. So, there is a striving  to do better. Opposite  is the case in communist economies. Government offices function on the same lines of a communist economy. People are in the job permanently and more often than not, shirk their duties.

Liberalism focuses on non- violence and non- coercion. Communism, on the other hand, focuses on coercion – absolute dictatorship. When a communist government is in power in a communist political system, it can force people at gunpoint to follow its orders.

For example, In the communists’ quest to impose total ideological conformity upon the populations they control , communist regimes historically have exiled, imprisoned and otherwise silenced those who would not conform.  These were often the most talented, insightful and civic – minded people. So, the intellectual and moral fibres of the population was degraded immeasurably.

Richard Pipes said, ’Communism killed in people the work ethic and a sense of public responsibility’. The people simply waited for orders. So, because of the ideological flaw, the government had to take extra efforts to make the population go for communism. They did this by coercion. Liberalism, on the other hand is based on the individual’s natural striving and people embrace it without any need for coercion.

Last but not the least, I believe liberalism is the best ideology because it is filled with democratic ideals. It vouches for freedom of the individual and their freedom is not compromised unless it is affecting someone else’s freedom and liberty. The French statesman Frederick Bastiat has said that ‘to survive, man must apply his rational mind to natural resources’. Life requires freedom andif man is to survive, he must keep the product of his labour – or in other words, he must have the right to property.

The government’s function is to protect those rights. Such freedom is not possible in a communist society.

For example, if one wants to start an enterprise, he can do it more successfully in a liberalist economy than a communist economy. This is because he has more freedom.

Therefore, I feel liberalism is the best ideology. It supports the natural instincts of man. That is why it is bound to be more successful than communism.


Ananya  G  S








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