My Second Life

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
a young lady at the age of 24 - 25 takes on the journey of being a criminal. she has many attempts to prove she is the best and that she doesn't need anyone else. but when it comes down to the real world she'll need all the help she could get from her fellow ground members.

Table of Contents

Part One - Unraveling

Submitted: March 13, 2017

She has kept a secret from her friends for a year, now the secret is out. She's not who they thought, and now her "father" is contacting her for help. Read Chapter

Part One - Unraveling

Submitted: July 18, 2017

You can take my glimpses into Tianna's past. learn more about the past between her and Eliot, and learn more about Tianna's first life.

The rewritten version of chapter one, with more looks into Tianna's past. The main structure of this chapter has been changed to fit with the fifth chapter. Read Chapter

Part Two - Remembering

Submitted: March 19, 2017

Pain... hurt... love... wonder... all of what she's going through leads to all of these things, but no matter how hard she has tried to get away from these things she can't. Read Chapter

Part Two - Unraveling

Submitted: November 22, 2017

The rewritten version of chapter two, with more glimpses into Tianna's past life, find out what happened to Tianna in her past life and how tough her past life was.

Then with the past life knowledge in mind read about the obstacle Tianna is going through in the life now.
Read Chapter

Part Three - Memories

Submitted: March 22, 2017

Through her journey of love and adventure she learns that not everyone stays. Some people leave in order to keep the others safe. Even the people you grow to care deeply about will leave you. Read Chapter

Part Four - Rewinding

Submitted: April 17, 2017

She left, she couldn't stay there without someone to lean on, she leaves to look for him.... will this be the end... or will she live to see another day. Read Chapter

Part Five - Relapse

Submitted: June 03, 2017

She's been through so much, but when the life she left behind catches up to her she is forced to choose. Her actual life or her second life. Read Chapter