My Second Life

My Second Life

Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult



Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult




a young lady at the age of 24 - 25 takes on the journey of being a criminal. she has many attempts to prove she is the best and that she doesn't need anyone else. but when it comes down to the real world she'll need all the help she could get from her fellow ground members.
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a young lady at the age of 24 - 25 takes on the journey of being a criminal. she has many attempts to prove she is the best and that she doesn't need anyone else. but when it comes down to the real world she'll need all the help she could get from her fellow ground members.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Part One - Unraveling

Author Chapter Note

She has kept a secret from her friends for a year, now the secret is out. She's not who they thought, and now her "father" is contacting her for help.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 13, 2017



Part One -




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“Well I’m going to go find Kia…”

Eliot, the bronze of the group (with brown hair and blue eyes), goes to walk out of the room. But, Tim, the brains of the group (with shaggy brown hair and brown/grey eyes), stops Eliot by saying,

“Eliot, Kia won’t be with us today…”-Everyone turns their heads to Tim-”well she is our case today.”

“Wait…”-Alaric, the computer geek of the group (short black hair and dark brown eyes), walks towards Tim-”Why is our case about Kia?”

“Well… What do you all know about Kia?”

Tim looks around the room for answers then Beth, your casual thief (long blonde hair, normally in ponytail, and olive green eyes), says;

“She’s really good at picking locks.”

Then Alaric says,

“She has no talent whatsoever with computers or phones.”

Laura, the grifter (long wavy brown hair and big brown eyes), walks in front of the counter and says,

“Her face turns red easily.”

Tim turns towards the door where Eliot is standing and Tim asks,

“And what do you know about her Eliot?”

“She’s not a very good fighter.” -Eliot walks towards Tim and asks-“And what does this have to do with anything?”

“Well…”-Tim walks over to the computer and hits the keys T and W, while holding down ctrl and alt-”Here is Kia's files and everything about her…” Alaric walks over to the computer and says, “These aren’t the files I saw when I did a background check her!”

“Probably because this was inserted in your computer.”,

Tim throws a USB to Alaric, he catches it, then Tim says, Alaric inspects the USB, and says,

“There’s an inscription on this…”

“It’s a virus that Kia inserted into your computer.”

Alaric looks at the USB and says,

“I’ve never seen this inscription befor!”

“Alaric put down the USB and look through her files!”

Eliot walks over to Alaric and takes the USB out of his hands. Alaric starts looking through Kia’s files and the first thing he sees is,

“Her name isn’t Kia it’s Tianna…”-Eliot’s eyes widen, when Alaric says Tianna-”She’s wanted in 15 different states, but none in the US…”

“Her name is… Tianna?”

Eliot says surprised, but no one knows why. Alaric keeps scrolling until Beth says,

“Wait! Go back…”-Beth walks up to the white boards and points to Tianna’s parents-”Tiana’s mother died 15 years ago and her father is serving a death sentence since a year after Tianna’s mother died… So she was 10.”

“That means she’s been on her own for a very long time.”,

Laura says folding her arms.

“Wait…”-Alaric yells from the computer-”She went into the foster system, but whenever she got adopted she got sent back because she was stealing from the other kids.”

“But what it doesn’t say on there is that Tianna never went to  High School and was hired by many people for protection…”-Tim walks in front of to white board-”It also doesn’t say that she was also hired to hack into FBI’s files…”-Tim crosses his arms-”It also doesn’t say that she went to juvie two times, do to beating a man half to death and hanging her boss by his feet over his grocery store… So this is all why our case today is Kia… Well, Tianna.”


That’s when I fell through the cyling. I land on my stomach with pieces of the cylin under me. I sit up in a hurry and say,

“So… I’m your case today?”-I smile-”Wow… This is going to be fun.”

I stand up and walk over to the computer where Alaric is and push him, in his rolly chair, away from the computer. I type in a virus message and let it take over from there. Then I turn my back to the computer, then Alaric pushes me out of the way so he can get to his computer.

“Wh-What did you do?”

Alaric scoots back over to his computer.

“Oh…”-I turn back to the computer-”You know… Just a simple virus.”

Tim pulls my hair and says,

“I take it you didn’t try to hide your true colors today did you?”

When I go to hit him he pulls my hair thing out of my hair and asks,

“Hey Eliot, does she look familiar?”


Eliot looks at me with a face I thought I would never see again… his happy but angry face. So, he does remember me?

“Eliot, you’re not aloud to be the one that gets mad here!”

I turn to Laura and Beth looking at me all confused and ELiot charging at me..

“Eliot? What are you doing?”

Beth yells from the sofa. Tim, who’s sitting beside her says,

“Just wait… we’ll get one of them to talk.”

Eliot swipes at me then I punch his nose, making it bleed, then I punch his gut, followed by his shoulder, making him stay down, from the ground ELiot looks at me and asks,

“Why did you do that?”

I sit on the ground, next to him, and say,

“You’re fine, but tell if you broke something… I hope this isn’t like the first time we fought!”

“Nah… He’s fine!”-Laura’s face was normal, then her expression turned into a shocked one, as she yells-”Wait! When was that first time you two had a fight?”,

Beth puts her elbow on her knee and her head in her hand.

“Oh… Well if you really want to know ask Eliot! Just give him a second to catch his breath.”

After I say that I turn to Tim and ask,

“How did you know about all of that stuff?”

“Well… I found this.”-Tim pulls my phone out of his pocket-”You know you shouldn’t keep the same phone for over five years… It’s storage will get to full and the phone will erase all of the data.”

I look at my phone for a second, then back up at Tim, and say,

“How did you get that?”

“Oh… I didn’t… Beth did.”

I look to Beth and she gives me a cheesy smile, and waves at me.

“You want to know what I found out about you, on this phone?”


Tim flips open my phone and says,

“There’s only one phone number on here and only ten photos… Now why would you hold onto a phone this long, never update the background, or take any photos?”

“I could tell you why but if you search that phone you’ll find that I didn’t buy that phone,”-I look to Eliot and say-”he did.”-Tim just stares at me-”If you don’t believe me then have Alaric check it.”

“How can Alaric check anything on this phone? You sent a virus into his computer…”

“There’s not one anymore…”-Tim turns and looks a Alaric, in surprise-”I was able to get rid of it.”

I wink at Tim, then he throws the phone to Alaric, who hooks it up to the computer to find out who actually bought it. Five minutes later Eliot walks over to the sofa with an icepack on his right shoulder. When he sits on the ground and Beth asks,

“So… Are you going to tell us how you guys’ first encounter went?”

I look to Eliot and he says,

“Sure why not?”

He turns to me and smiles as he starts telling the story behind our first encounter.


7 Years Ago…

(Eliot’s point of view)

I was hired for a job where I steal the original “The Starry Night” painting by Vincent van Gogh. A museum, where I was living, was showing it on display, at an invite only showing.

When I was heading to the museum I noticed there was a strange car following me (“I was not following you!” “Shut up… I’m telling the story!”) When I pulled over to the side of the road the car behind me parked in the museum’s parking lot. When the person got out of the car, I saw her hair, it was a bright red… Then I remembered the man who hired me warned me about a woman that called herself ‘Red Vandal’. That’s when I realized there was going to be competition for the painting. (“Wait… Wait… Wait”-Laura interrupts-”You knew who she was just by looking at her hair color?” “Actually… I was given a picture, just incase.”) We both got to the door at the same time and the first thing I heard her say was,

“What are you here for?”-she turned and looked at me-”I’m here to see ‘The Starry Night’ and I’m guess you are too! I’m guessy Joey sent you, huh?”

I was shocked that she knew who sent me… (“How did you know who sent him?”, Alaric asks. “Well I was hired to steal ‘The Starry Night’, and the person that hired me warned me about some coming for Joey Dukeson.”) “Well… I guess you’ll have to put up a fight for it then!”

She goes through the metal detector then I go through. She walks the opposite direction of me, but she looks back and signals for my pocket, then she walks away. I put my hand in my pocket and pull out a crumbled up piece of paper. I unwind it and read what it says, ‘I’ll make a deal… If one of us gets the painting and the other sees, that they have it, then we’ll fight for the painting and whoever wins, gets to walk away with the painting.’ After I was done reading the note I crumbled it back up and throw it away.


After two hours passed, and the museum is getting ready to close. I go to the storage room, where they keep all the artifacts before they ship them back to their true owners. But when I get down to the basement where the storage room is, I spot the red head, she has the painting but there’s a guard pointing a gun at her. So I charge at the guard and wrestle him to the ground and then I hear a girl's voice say,

“Hey… Joey’s boy…”-I look to the voice and it’s the red head-”Follow me to get out of here!”

She runs to the elevator and starts climbing up the shaft, then I ask,

“How are you planning to get the painting out of here without getting caught?”

She turned her head and looked at me and said,

“There’s an opening at the top of the elevator shaft… As long as we get up there before the elevator has a chance to go to the top floor… We should be good.” (“Wait!”-Alaric interrupts the story-”Why wouldn’t just shut down the elevators, through a computer?” “Because computers are just a sideshow for me.”) When we reach the top of the elevator shaft she climbs out of the opening and I hand her the painting and then I climb out. There were no guards on the roof so it was easy to get out. Then she sat down the painting and said, “Well you saw me with it… So let's fight for it!”

We square on the roof and she threw the fight punch that I deflected. I go for the hit but she back flips away from me. Then she ran straight for me and kicked my chin making me fall backwards. I stand back up and go for the hit, but she grabs my arm and twists it. But I untwist my arm and put her in a chokehold. Then she makes an unfair move she… (“Hey! You can’t say anything about unfair!” “And why not?” “Because you do that to your opponents all the time!” “Whatever…”) She kicked me in the balls, and I let go of the chokehold. Then she turned around and punched me in the gut but instead of punching me in the shoulder next, she punched me in the rib cage and broke two of my ribs. Then she left by jumping off the building into a helicopter.


(Previous time: Tiana point of view)

“Wiat! Wait! Wait! You beat Eliot?”

Alaric asks with a surprised look.

“Yeah… Why is that such a surprise?”

I look to Eliot as I ask the question and he says,

“I haven’t lost a fight since that day…”

“Wait!”-Laura says-”I know we’re all wondering this…”-She looks to everybody in the room-”Why didn’t you tell us straight on, who you were?”

Everyone looks at me and I say,

“Well…”-I look around to all them-”I thought none of you would let me into your group, because I can do all your jobs… well except Alaric’s.”

They all just stared at me. Then Laura says,

“You know”-she walks over to me-”We all learn something from one another, once in awhile.”

Laura places her hand on my shoulder, but I shake it off, and she gives me a confused look and I say,

“I don’t like being touched…”

saying this I cross my arms and take a step away from Laura. Then Tim steps beside Laura and says,

“Well… That’s something we’ll have to work on… Do you fear anything?”

“The only thing I have ‘to fear, is fear itself’.”

“Is that so?”-Tim walks closer to me and says-”Everyone surround her!”

On Tim’s demand everyone surrounded.


 I could reach out and touch them… I can’t breathe… They’re getting closer…


 Befor I knew it I started pushing everyone away, But when I got to Eliot he grabbed my arms so I couldn’t push him away, and he asks,

“So, you don’t like being touched?”

When Eliot finally lets go of my arms and I turn around and Tim is standing right there.

“Touchafobic, huh… how about closterfobic We’ll have to work on that as well.”

I look at him and say,

“I just don’t like it when people stand too close,”-I poke his shoulder and he takes a step back-”then some people try to touch me…”

Tim looks over to Eliot and asks,

“Then why didn’t you make Eliot let go of your arms?”

“I thought you guys don’t like each other?”

Beth asks from the couch.

I look behind me, to Eliot and say,

“Well… once more, after the museum,… He saved my life…”

Eliot grabs my arm and whispers,

“I thought we agreed never to bring that up…”

I whisper back,

“Relax… I’m not letting out any ‘real’ secrets.”

With my free hand, I grab Eliot’s finger and twist, until he lets go of my arm. It takes only a minute for him to let go of my arm.

“Ow… Hey… Tianna… You’re going to break my pinky, my pinky of all things…“,

Eliot complained.

“Tianna, since Eliot told us about the other one can you tell us about this one?”, Beth asks like a child.

“I guess… “

I say, shrugging my shoulders.


9 years ago…

(Tianna’s point of view: still)

I was on a case with a friend. (“Wait… You didn’t work alone?” Beth asked. All the members of this ‘team’ worked as individuals, before they came together. “Yes… but sometimes I work with friends or people I trust… that’s beside the point…”) Someone threatened to kill my friend if he… (“So your friend is a man?” Laura asks, then Beth asks, “What’s his name?” “There’s no reason you need to know that…”) … if he didn’t get them a Leonid Afremov painting, so I helped him. We went to a museum that had the last showing of the ‘Soul Dream’ painting. We went into the museum half an hour before it closed. My friend wanted to wait until after the museum closed, do things the old fashioned way, but when I told him they ship the paintings out right after the show; he changed his mind real quick. Before the museum people would put the art out they kept them in a secret room, or so they thought. (“Did you use a computer to hack into their alarm system?” Alaric asks, with way too much excitement. “My friend was a little old fashioned, so no, no computers” Alaric’s face turned sour.)  Right before the museum put the art out on display we went to where the “secret” room was. I was ready to pick the lock when I realized the door frame was broken, and the door was slightly opened. I pushed the door and I got my wrist sliced by a knife. Then I look over to my friend and see that has a fork in his upper arm. Then I look in front of me and say,

“Joey’s Boy?” (“Wait… “-Laura yells-”There is no way, Eliot could stab someone, with a fork, in the upper arm; if he’s in front of them, he would hit the person’s gut…” “The person had to of been a kid… “ Beth said. “The person was a kid, Tommy was his name.” I said.) Joey’s boy turned around to face me, but when he saw the kid, he was surprised. Tommy saw the picture, took it, and ran. (“Wow… “-Beth says-”Amateur… “ I look at Beth and glare as I say, “Tommy was 12… He was scared of a guy with a knife in his hand… “ I glance of to Eliot as he said, “How was I supposed to know he was a kid?” “Why did you have a knife and a fork anyway?” Laura asked…) After Tommy ran out of the room I twisted the knife towards Eliot’s side and pushed it into his side… I went to chase after Tommy but Eliot grabbed my arm and asked,

“Why did you have a kid?”

I looked at him and said,

“He’s my brother… “ (“Wait… wait… “-Alaric looks at his computer-”This doesn’t say you have a brother… “ I looked to the floor, “He’s not on there… because we found out we were related through the foster system… “-Everyone stares at me-”This ‘story’ I’m telling you… it’s the last day my brother ever lived…“) I ran out the room and in the direction of the escape route I told Tommy to take. The hallway lead to an alley next to the museum, on the ground in the hallway, was a bloody fork. When I got the the alley I saw Tommy on the ground, I ran over to his side. There he laid, in pain, with a gunshot to his abdomen… There was already blood all around him, I held his hand for 2 minutes, then he was gone… I heard a door open behind me, I turned my head a little to see Eliot, but I didn’t say anything I just sat next to my dead little brother…


(Previous time: Tianna point of view)

“Your brother died at 12… That must had been hard for you…” Laura said, looking at me all concerned.

“No… It… It wasn’t… “-I lean on the closest wall to me-”I didn’t even know him until he was 5… “-everyone but Eliot stares at me-”I was 15 when he died… I lost my mom… my dad he's…”-I glared at the floor as I said dad-”I didn’t have anything to feel bad about… “

Now Eliot is staring at me.

“What do you mean by, you don’t have anything to feel bad about?”-Beth asked from the couch-”I mean you just lost your brother… “

I started to laugh, in between the laughs I said,

“I’m undemonstrative, emotionless…“-under my breathe I said-”well, half the time anyways…”

“You don’t have emotion… “-Tim says-”That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Actually it does… “-I’m leaning on the wall as I say-”Have you seen my past… “-I look to the ground-”What happened to me?”

Laura walks over to me, she reaches out, to put her hand on me… I flinch and scoot away from her. Then she says,

“The way you flinch away… it’s like you’re scared of being hit… But from the stories you tell, you hit and get hit all the time… “

I look over to her and say,

“A man I trusted, he was the reason I first started fighting in the first place… for protection… he was the thing that killed my mother… and now he’s in jail for it… “

Laura looks at me concerned again, she goes to touch me again, I flinch and move further away.

“Is this man you speak of, your father?”

“Don’t call him that!”

I go to hit Laura, but Eliot runs over and pulls Laura away, so I hit the wall…

“Why did you try to hit Laura?”

I turn to see Tim an inch away from, Beth who’s off the couch, and Alaric who’s out of his chair. Then I say,

“I’m sorry… I let… nevermind, it won’t happen again.”

“You let what?”-Beth takes another step towards me-”I mean can you finish what you were saying… “

I’m right next to the door out of this room… I could take it, get out of here… run… like I did from him… I go for the door, I open it, and run out. I don’t take the elevator, I run down the stairs. The room I was in is on the 5th floor, and by the time someone opens the stair door I’m on the 3rd floor stairs.

“Tianna… “-It’s Beth's voice-”Stop… “-I hear the door open again-”Guys she’s in here.”

When the door closes again I hear another voice,

“Tianna… “-It’s Eliot’s voice-”Listen to Beth and stop!”


I yell back at him. I don’t want to look back, but something is telling me to.

Why should go back?

Because they don’t know the whole story… Maybe if you go back and tell them the story they’ll understand.

“I almost hit Tim’s right hand girl… that won’t go down well.”

I run from flight of stairs to flight of stairs, running from the footsteps behind me.

“Tianna… “-Laura yells-”Please, wait… “-she pauses for a minute-”no one is mad at you… just, please, stop running.”

“You’ll never get through any of this alone… “-Tim’s voice, in a concerned way-”let us help you.”

I’m at the first floor door… but I’m not opening the door.


*Surprised* Why are we not opening the door?

*Calm* Maybe we need someone to go through this with!


I touch the door handle, then I hear footsteps behind me…

“Tianna… “

I flinch hearing Beth say my name, while hearing someone step closer to me…

“Why do you all want me to stay so badly?”

I turn to look at all of them and Tim says,

“What’s the point of going through all this trouble to get into our ‘group’ if you are going to run out on us anyways?”

I look to the floor, If I tell them the truth maybe they’ll understand… I look back to them and say,

“My father wants me to get him out of prison… “-I put my hands in my pockets-”He’s in Donnacona Institution… “

“Wait… “-Tim looks at me wide eyed-”Is this why you tried so hard to get into this group?”

I look back to the floor and think, great now I’m done for… I look back to them and say,

“I can explain my plan… It’s a stupid one but it might work… “

“No… “-Tim yells-”If we do this, I’m making the plan.”

Tim turns to walk back up the stairs, when Alaric asks,

“Does that mean we’re helping her?”

Tim turns to him and says,

“Yeah, like I told you guys, today’s case is about Tianna… “

Then walks back up the stairs. Alaric follows Tim, then Laura, then Eliot, but Beth still stands on the step. Then Beth says,

“Why did you go to hit Laura, when she asked about your father?”

I walk to the stairs and say,

“He didn’t just kill my mom… He killed Tommy… “-Beth and I walk up a few steps-”He’s not my real Father, he was Tommy’s, but not mine… My mom tried to leave him when I was really little, but he wouldn’t let her.”-Beth looks at the door to the second floor-”It was the worst time of my life… my mom wanted me to get away, but I didn’t want to leave her with that terrible man.”

Beth looks at me sheepishly and says,

“That reminds me of some of my foster homes… “-she looked at the third floor door-”I started this stuff when I was 7, when one of my foster parents stole my bunny… I blew up their house…”-when Beth notices I’m not surprised, she asks-”When did you first start what you do?”

I stop walking and think, How old was I? I was younger than 6… Then I say,

“I was a little younger than 6, my mom died when I was 5 and a half, then my father was arrested for her murder, and I went into the foster system…”-Beth looks at the door to the  third floor-”the first foster home I went to I saw another kid, the actual kid of the foster family, stealing something of mine… he was twice my age and twice my size, but I took him down pretty easily… “

Beth looks over to me and smiles, then she asks,

“What was he trying to steal from you?”

I look to the stairs in front of me and say,

“My real father’s pocket knife… “-Beth looks at me with confusion-”I  stabbed him with it, in his side… when I saw him… kill… my mom.”

Beth knods her head and says,

“So , you actually started this when your mom died… “

I look to the fourth floor door and say,

”Yeah… I guess I did… “-I look over the handrail-”I mean I always thought of it as self defence, but I guess I could also call it the first day on the job…“

We stop talking when we reach the fifth floor door…

*Concerned* What if she has an earpiece in and they all just heard everything we just told her?

*Calm* No way… Beth is the only one we have anything in common with, right now… so get over it.

*Still Concerned* How can I get over the fact that I only have one thing in common with Beth, and she could still tell everyone else what we just told her?

As Beth opens the door, I stop thinking to myself… We walk in and I see Tim working with Alaric to come up with a plan… Laura in the kitchen and Eliot sitting on the couch doing nothing.

“Tianna… “-I look to see Tim, looking at me-”We have come up with a plan… Everyone come see… “

Tim turns to Alaric and Alaric says,

“Donnacona Institution is in Donnacona, Canada. It has maximum security and only the most wanted get sentences there… so we can’t sneak in but we can sneak out… “

I look to Alaric and say,

“Wait… “-Alaric looks to me-”You want one of us to get arrested so we can get sent to Donnacona Institution? I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s going to work…”

Tim looks at me and asks,

“And why won’t it?”-Tim presses a button on the computer and a whole battle plan come onto the ‘big screen’-”We are sending two in and we’re taking three out… “

Alaric knods at Tim and says,

“Tianna, you and Eliot and going to get arrested… “

I look at him dead eyed and say,

“The only way you get into that place is if you are on the most wanted list, and I’m not wanted in Canada or in America, so how are you going to get me arrested?”

“We’re are sending you to Brazil… “-Alaric says as he pulls up my wanted record-”And what do you know, you and Eliot and both wanted there… “

“How are you going to get us there?”

Eliot asks, from the couch. And as an answer Tim says,

“You’re going by air…”

I should probably tell them that I’m on the no fly list, well that fake passport is… I look to Tim and Alaric and say,

“The passport that I used to get to and from there last time, is on the no fly list.”

Tim and Alaric both look at me with questioning looks, and Eliot says,

“Mine isn’t… “-he looks at me like he thinking, ‘this is going to be awkward’-”Change the last name on her passport to be the same last name as mine… “

Eliot gives his ‘fake’ passport to Alaric and he tweeks mine so it’ll either seem like we’re brother and sister or something else to each other… I’m really hoping brother and sister… stuff is already weird between us, I mean really weird…

“There you guys go, your flight leaves tomorrow…”-Alaric hands Eliot his passport and me mine.-”Now all we have to do is figure out a plan for you two to get arrested… “

“Can’t we just get arrested and you hack into the system and send us to Donnacona Institution?”

Eliot asks Alaric, crossing his arms. Alaric glares at Eliot and says,

“It’s not the simple… “

“I thought you’ve hacked into the pentagon before?!?”

Eliot interrupts Alaric with a pretty good point.

“Eliot… I’m not going to hack into the transfer facility just to change something that you two could do yourselves.”

Alaric says, glaring at Eliot. Then Eliot says,

“Dammit Alaric… “-he cracks his knuckles-”You have to make everything so damn complicated!”

Eliot is really raising his voice now. So I interrupt and say,

“Listen, guys, I don’t feel like hearing it so… “-I turn to Eliot first-”You need to stop being a jackass, and…”-I turn to Alaric-”you need to help us out, because the only way we can get into there is if we brutally murder someone.”

“I have an idea for that… “

Eliot, Alaric, and I, all look over to who said that and it was Laura.

Laura walks in from the kitchen and says,

“Why don’t we play the police into thinking you two killed a local girl… “-I hate this idea, I punch people, I don’t kill them-”Beth can be the dead local girl… “

Beth interrupts Laura and asks,

“Why am I always the one who gets killed… “

“Cause you’re the one that can get in and out of situations, through a window or something…”-Laura smarts back-”Plus We’ll need a mother to verify the story,”-Laura flips her hair-”then we’ll need a police/computer man on the inside,”-Laura looks at Alaric then to Tim-”then finally we need a judge, to make sure that they get sentenced to Donnacona Institution.”

Tim looks at Laura surprised, and says,

“So the parts are, Beth as the local girl, Alaric as the police/computer guy, you as the stressful mother, and me as the judge to their trial... “-he still has that surprised look on his face as he says-”I thought I came up with all the plans and decided who does what…”

Laura, still looking at Tim, says,

“Do you have anything you would like to change?”

Tim only had a second to answer before Alaric says,

“You are the one who said we should learn and build off of eachother.”


By the time they all had everything figured out, Alaric had to get all of them on flights to Brazil. Since Eliot and I were put on the flight list first, we’re on the first flight about 2 hours ahead of everyone else. But since everything got figured out so late, we all ended up sleeping in our individual offices, except me I slept on the couch… Which is fairly uncomfortable, which sucks… but there’s no reason to bug anyone about being uncomfortable.


The morning comes pretty fast… I’m the first one up, then I see Eliot, about 5 minutes after.

“Our plane takes off in about an hour, and it takes half an hour to get to the airport, so get ready… “-Eliot looks at me from the kitchen, where he’s making his coffee-”we might only be there for a day or two, so pack light…”

I look at him and say,

“When I go places I normally only take one thing… my pocket knife.”

Eliot goes to leave the kitchen has I get the milk from the fridge, and he says,

“Just like old times… huh…”

I turn around with the milk jug in my hand, and I see Eliot right in front of me. He looks down at me, and leans closer to me… Is he seriously going to try that? After what happened last time? … I look up at him and say,

“The ‘old times’, were much different… “-I set the milk jug on the counter behind him, and put my hand on his shoulder-”in the ‘old times’, it was just me and you, and there was always something to bring us back to each other.”

I turn back to the fridge, close the door, then I feel a hand on my shoulder. It’s Eliot’s hand… I grab his hand and turn back towards him, and ask,

“What are you trying to do?”

He squeezes my hand and says,

“We left each other on bad terms last time… “-his blue eyes look down to my hand-”Why did you hide, the fact, that you were you when you first got here?”

I take my hand away from his, I turn my gaze away from him and say,

“The past is the past… “-I walk to the side of the counter-”We… were in the past… not the present… “

I take a glass from the ‘lower’ cabinet and pour milk into the glass. I look over to Eliot, he’s sipping his coffee, then he looks at the clock and says,

“There’s only 15 minutes until we have to leave… better get packed… “

He walks out of the kitchen, he turns down the hallway to his office.


*Angered* Great now you’ve done it…

(Shrugging Shoulders) And what have I done?

You’ve drove him away… now he’ll hate us forever!

May I remind you he’s the one who made us leaves…

*Calming Down* But you and I both still lo…

Don’t you dare think it! We were with him for too long as it was…

Come on… you and I both know that we are the only ones in the world who could ever break his heart like that…

(Eye Roll) Oh, come on… we can’t feel… there was never anything there!

He saved us… we were almost killed, and he sa…

(Arms Crossed) No he didn’t… we could have died right then and there, I would have been fine with that… but he kept us here!

*Angered* He kept us here because he loved us, and he still does…


“Hey Tiana… “

I hear Laura’s voice. But I also feel a tear rolling down my face… I walk over to the sink, so Laura wouldn’t see the tear, and dumped out the milk, I put the milk away, then I wipe the tear off my face. When I turn around to face her, I say;

“Hey Laura… “

Laura looks around the room, then says,

“You don’t have a bag… for the plane?”

I put my hands together and say,

“I don’t really have anything here, to pack.”

Laura puts a silly smirk on her face and says,

“I think, you might, wear the same size as me… “-Laura holds her hand out to me-”here come with me. I’ll help you find something to pack.”

I walk over to Laura and take her hand, she drags me up the stairs and into a room, full of shoes and clothes. They are in colored order, starting at white and ending at black. Laura picks out a red dress, and says,

“This would look great on you…“-Laura hands the dress to me-”You should try it on, there’s a little room over there… “

Laura points to a side room, I go into the room and put on the red dress. It ends right above my knees, I look at myself in the mirror… I almost look like an actual girl…

“Tiana… Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine… I’m coming out.”

I walk back into the main room. Laura looks like she’s in shock as she says,

“You look… great… “-she grabs my hand-”You should wear this on the plane.”-She walks back over to the clothes, she grabs a black shirt and black pants. She hands the clothes to me-”You can pack these for when you ‘kill’ Beth.”

I hate thinking of it like that…

“Yeah… “-I turn my head away from Laura-”why not?”

Laura walks to the other side of the room and grabs a bag.

“This’ll do… Don’t you think?”

Laura gives me the bag, throws red heeled shoes at me, then pushes me out the door. I’m going to hate this plane ride… I walk back down the stairs, I look at the clock and see there’s only 5 minutes until I have to leave, then I see Eliot sitting on the couch. I walk to the side of the couch then I say,

“There’s only 5 minutes until we have to leave… “-Eliot just messes with something in his hands-”Should we just go now?”

He looks at me, and says,

“As long as I get to drive… “-A smile, that I’ve only seen once before, appears on his face; he grabs his bag-”Let’s get going, if we want to get there on time.”


I sit in the passenger seat, not saying anything, but Eliot breaks the silence by asking,

“Where did you get that dress…“-he looks over to me, for just a second-”it suits you, very well.”

I look at the dress… That’s right… the last dress I ever wear was the dress Eliot bought me… but that was years ago… I look over to Eliot and say,

“Thanks, Laura told me I should wear it on the plane… I’m starting to rethink it.”


Eliot asks me all surprised.


*Happy* You should tell him…

(Shoulder Shrug) I won’t… we don’t feel anything… so what the point…

*Partly Angered* What do you mean what’s the point… it’s the chance to show him that we still care…

(Eye Roll) But we shouldn’t care at all…

*Angered* What channel have you been tuning into, we still love him, so we should still care…

Fine… you have a point…


“I haven’t wore a dress since…“-I twirl my thumbs-”the blue dress you got me… in the ‘old times’ category.”

Eliot has that surprised face on, as he asks;

”Why? I thought you, hated that dress… “

Now I’m the one with the surprised face on, as I say,

“Are you kidding… I grew to lo… “-I pause-”like that dress… especially after you left, for the last time.”

Eliot’s face goes blank… He just stares at the road, for the rest of the ride to the airport.


When we get to the airport, Eliot parks in the far back of the parking lot. He’s probably trying to remember the day he left… it’s going to take a while for him to remember, since it probably wasn’t a big deal for him… When we get up to the door of the airport, we have only 2 minutes to get to the plane. Eliot put his and my bags on the ‘carry on’, then we both run for chamber our plane is in… We get there just in time to get onto the plane.


Through the rows of seats on the plane, there are quite a few that are empty.

“Where do you want to sit?”

Eliot asks me… Oh… that’s right… these are one of those seat yourself planes… you can sit anywhere in coach. I look at Eliot and say,

“Any place with a seat next to the ile… “

Eliot sees a pair of seats that are next to each other and one is by the ile. As soon as we sit down the flight-intendence talk on the speakers and says all the safety rules, procedures, and exit plans. Then after the plane takes off and the popping in my ears stop I hear Eliot ask,

“I’m guessing you remember the last time I left, huh?”

“Yeah… “-I look over at him-”It was the day after you came home, with bruises, scratches, and bullets to your left leg and right arm… “-I lay my head on the seat in front of me-”I had to pull both bullets, and then you ki… then everything else that happened, happened.”

Eliot looks at me like he knew what I was going to say, but he didn’t want to hear it, then he says,

“Wow… You remembered all of that… “-he smiles-”like you have feelings… “

Eliot laughed, after he says the joke… I punch his shoulder, and say,

“That’s not funny…”-I cross my arms, and put my head back on my seat-”You were… with me so long… then you just left… fell off the face of the planet.”

Eliot stares out his window, but only for about 30 seconds, then he said,

“I didn’t technically leave you…“-he turns and looks at me as he says-”I was captured, by these Japanese people, that torture me for months… They would… “

A little boy sitting in front of us turns around and says,

“Wow… What happened next?”

The little boy got pulled back into his seat, by his mother. Then Eliot continues by saying,

“They would taken 3 bullets out of their handguns, leaving 2 in, they would hold the gun up to my head. Then if they didn’t shoot me, they would electrocute me… which wasn’t fun.”

Eliot turns back to his window.

*Surprised* So he didn’t leave us… we left him…

(Smiling) Now I have a whole new perspective of this event. I told you, we were assuming something…

*Angered* No you didn’t, you said we should give him another chance… we both thought that he left us, just in different ways!


I turn back to Eliot and say,

“So I, technically, left you?”-Eliot nods his head, while he’s still staring out the window-”How long did the Japanese people have you?”

“For about 2 months…“-Eliot turns and looks at me-”Why?”

“I left after a month and half… If I only would’ve stayed half a month longer… “

*Confused* Wait… Why did we say that?

(Smiling) Maybe you’re starting to feel, again…

No… Wait… Feelings, did you do that?

No, Emotionless, I didn’t!

You totally did…

I didn’t!



Eliot looks at me and says,

“Well, I did leave without telling you, but that was because you would’ve wanted to of came with me, so I really had no other choice… “

“What would’ve been so bad about the trip?”

“The Japanese people… “-Eliot stops when an old Asian lady turned and glared at him, Eliot lowers his voice and continues-”They were trying to get information about… you.”-Eliot shrugs his shoulders as he says-”I don’t know why, but they wanted you, to do their dirty work. That’s why I couldn’t takes you… “

“Wait… Did you know what you were getting into when you went there?”

Eliot nods his head and says,

“Yes… they called and threatened me, about a day before I went over… “

*Pissed* Damn, his guy…


What? He was protecting us, even when we thought of him as the bad guy…

Hey… Do you feel that?

Feelings, what are you talking about?

*Excited* The love metric of the brain, is flaring…

Uh, What?!?

(Smiling) Emotionless, you’re out of luck, she’s with me!

I will get her back, Feelings!

(Shrugs) Come on for right now we need to put our feelings to work.

I turn, look at Eliot and say,

“So, you were protecting me, even when you knew I could protect myself… “-Eliot looks at me like I’m crazy-”I’m kidding… Thank you… “

His gaze softens, as he says,

“Now, that’s an emotion… “

We both laugh, but I haven’t laughed for so long that feels really weird.

(Smiling) Wow, he actually brought our emotions, out of the dark…

*Confused* How did he do that. Feelings? No one has ever broke us, like that.

*Scared/Worried* Oh, no…

What’s wrong, Feelings?

There’s so many feelings flowing back, from all the things we’ve done.

(Eyes Widen) Oh, that’s not good.

I look at Eliot, then my head starts to pound. I grab my head in pain. What’s going on? It feels like my brain could break my skull, then hop away. Why won’t it stop? I sit in my seat, and tightly grip onto the armrests. Shit. Shit. Shit. Eliot looks over to me, from his window, and asks,

“Is there something wrong? You seem pale… “

“I’m just having a slight head ache, and I feel a little sick. That’s all, nothing important… “

I glare at Eliot as he smiles, and says,

“Your attitude is back… That’s for sure… “

As I am still glaring at Eliot, he hands me a barf bag. I snatch it from him. I don’t know if I’m going to be sick or not, but my head is killing me. What am I supposed to do for the next hour, if my head is pounding out of my skull? I grip even tighter on the armrests, and push my head back against the headrest.

(Holding Onto The Wall) Feelings, how do we fix this?

(Staggering On Her Feet) We have to feel an emotion that is, more, powerful than all the emotions we blocked in the past.

Won’t that be hard to do? I mean we haven’t felt any type of feelings, in years…

(Falls To The Floor) Well, we do have ‘Feelings’, now. So let’s see what feelings we can get today…

I’m still hanging onto my seat for dear life, when Eliot says,

“I can’t believe we are going to ‘fake’ the death of a civilian girl, in Brazil… this might actually be fun… “

I glare at him, again, as he turns his head from his window to me. Even though my head is in splitting pain, I say,

“I. Don’t. Want. To. Kill. Or. Fake. Kill. Anyone. I. Hate. Thinking. Of. It. Like. That.”

I feel a hand on my hand, I move my head slightly to see… Eliot’s hand on mine… Even though my hand is tightly gripped on the armrest, Eliot’s hand covers mine… There is something wrong and right about this picture, right here, but I can’t think of them… I loosen my hands, from the armrests, and I sit normal. Eliot, who has been staring at me since before I squeezed the words out of my mouth, he sees my hand loosen from the armrest. I move my hand around, slightly but enough, I grab Eliot’s hand and he grabs back.

(Smiles, From The Floor) Our love metric is off the charts.

(Lets Go Of The Wall) Well our brain is better, but she has her emotions back, it’s the end of the world…

(Eye Roll) You do know having emotions isn’t that bad…

(Glares) Yes, it is, every time you put your feelings out there in the world; they get hurt and then you wonder why you ever put them out there in the first place. And that’s what happens to us every time…

(Eye roll) No, it isn’t, we’ve been loved and happy… you are just thinking of the 2 times you took us over…

Our hands are still together, and there’s only 20 minutes until the plane sets down in Brazil… It’s kind of boring to just be sitting here, on a plane. But, it is way better than looking out a window, and sitting right between a wall and a person, or between two people. I would hate to think that in a few days I’ll be in jail for killing a civilian girl… but at least it won’t be real… I down to see a pocket, the pocket is attached to the back of the person’s in front of me chair, it’s holding different magazines… there’s one about fashion, another about crime, I don't find any of them interesting.

Now there’s only 5 minutes until we land in Brazil… Eliot and I stopped the hand touching, at 10 minute mark, due to the boy in front of us turning around and asking me, if he had a chance. When I didn’t answer the boy told Eliot to let go of my hand or face his wrath… Eliot played along and let go of my hand, then the kid said, “You’re mine,” winked at me, then turned back around.

“Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking, we will be landing soon, so you all have to get to a seat and put a seat buckle on… and please no one stand up or walk around while the plane is landing… “

When the captain is off the speaker, everyone heads back to their seats. We start to land, when the boy in front of Eliot and I, turns around. I hear this mother say,

“Tommy… Sit down!”

*Surprised* Tommy?

(Eye Role) He’s just another boy…

(Smiling) Oh. Our. God. He’s. Tommy.

No, he’s a different Tommy, Emotionless.

He’s. Tommy.

Emotionless, what’s getting into you?

He’s. Tommy.

Oh, that’s right! Tommy was the only one, at that point in time, that we cared about…

Tommy is still turned around, I lean towards him and say,

“You should really sit down, Tommy… You’ll get hurt if you don’t…”

Tommy looks at me for a second or two, then he turns back around (the way he’s supposed to be) and he stays there; at least until we land then he’s around again.

“Hey, Lady… “-Tommy pokes me on the head, then when I look up he has a smirk on his face-”Do I have a chance or not?”

I laugh quietly to myself, then I blow Tommy a kiss, before I say, “A very slim chance… “

Tommy got really excited, he turn to his mom and says,

“Did you hear that mom? I have a slight chance!”

Tommy and his mother get up, Tommy does some funny dance, then they get off the plane.


I smile and I hear Eliot ask,

“Do I have a chance?”

I look at him, my smile disappears, he has that confused look until I say,

“ … small, slight, tiny, maybe, yes, or… take you pick… “

I stand up to walk out of the plane, but Eliot grabs my hand and pulls into a… a… kiss…

Feelings… get us out of this…

Why? We are in love again!

What do you mean? We aren’t fully in love!

Emotionless… *sigh* We know we love him! We just have to let it spread throughout the brain & body!

*pouting* We have to learn to hate this feeling…

No way, let’s let it settle in!

The kiss is so short that I almost didn’t feel it. Probably because I haven’t been kissed since I left, him. I have a smile, innocent smile on my face; after the kiss. I look at Eliot and his smile is all the way across his face. I grab his hand and we walk out of the plane.


When we get to the lobby of the airport Eliot’s phone starts ringing, he takes his phone out of his pocket, it says Alaric on the ID code. Eliot answers by saying,

“Damnit Alaric, we just got off the plane, what do you want?”

I can’t hear what Alaric is saying on the other end of the call, so I just listen to what Eliot says. At first Eliot just says, ‘Yes… Yeah… Ok… ‘, then he starts asking a bunch of questions.

“Where are we supposed to be staying at, Alaric?”

I just hear crackles and mumbles. Then, Eliot hangs up the phone, looks to me, and says,

“I got the address of the place we’re staying in… it’s Carmel Charme Resort, top floor, room 35.”

We start walking again, I smile and say,

“That’s one of the most expensive hotels in South America… how did Alaric get us into that?”

“How does Alaric do anything he does?”

I look to the ground, to think, but then it hits me.

“On his computer… but where did he get the money?”

Eliot looks at me and says,

“We all have our own money, but the group has its own money, that we use on our ‘missions’.”

I nod my head, to show that I understand, then I ask,

“Do you know how to get there? I surely don’t!”

“No, not really, they’ve moved from it’s original spot, haven’t they… So I don’t really know.”

“Well, let’s get out of here and hail a taxi, and see if it can get us there.”

Eliot nods his head, as he takes my hand again, and we walk through the airport. When we get to the automatic doors, we see the guards, of the airport… Oh… I remember I punched one of them before, but which one was it? We walk out casually, with our bags in hand, and hail a taxi. Eliot and I get into the taxi and ask the driver,

“Do you know how to get to the ‘Carmel Charme Resort’?”

The driver nods his head and starts driving. We are in the taxi for 5 minutes then I hear the driver ask,

“Are you two a young couple on their honeymoon? You two, do look good together, after all… “

I turn from the window, surprised that the driver made that observation, in only 5 minutes. I see Eliot looking surprised as well, but he says,

“Well, yes, you’re a pretty good guesser!”

Now Eliot has a smile on his face, and the driver face had a sheepish look. I’m still surprised… Why did he just lie about the… dah, Tianna, to keep our identities safe… Wow, I’m an idiot…

I turn back to the window and watch as all the beautiful building go past. I used to own one of the libraries, here in Brazil, but when the Brazilians found out I was wanted in 7 states counting this one, I was put into one of their low profile jails. I got out of the jail, when some of the other jail members beat me to a pulp, I let them of course, but I still broke a few bones and damaged a liver.

(Covering Ears) Why are we thinking about this pain, Feelings?

(Daydreaming) We’re just thinking of, the point in our life, when we were almost happy with Cody…

*sigh* We didn’t have feelings, that was a little time after we left Eliot remember?

Yeah… well we still felt something for Cody… we knew it too…


We drive past my old library, but what I didn’t expect to see was Cody, and he’s opening the door to the library. Shocked, I take my chin off my palm and roll down the window, then I yell,


Cody turns in surprise, to see me, and says,


I wave my hand, and he waves back, as we drive farther and farther away from him. I roll the window back up, I turn, and see Eliot surprised face.

“What is the point of your face?”

I ask him, poking his face, then he grabs my hand and asks,

“What was with you yelling out the window, ‘biblicode’?”

“He’s an old friend, from when I was here last… he came to my library almost every day, even when he didn’t want a book… “


*Annoyed* Are we serious?

Why are we thinking about Cody, when Eliot is holding our hand?

(Eye Roll) We’re letting our old emotions of Cody settle back into their old place, in our mind!


“So, you’re saying, he went to your library to see you, only…”-Eliot let’s go of my hand, and turns to his window-”And the name he called you… It’s the one on your ‘fake’ passport, Elva…”

I face Eliot, I place my hand on his shoulder, as I say,

“You sound jealous…”-Eliot glances at me-”You’re not jealous are you?”

Eliot turns back towards me and and says,

“Jealous? Oh, come on Tianna, don’t make me laugh. Hahaha…“

Wow… his sheepish laugh gave all of that away… I would like to tell him there’s reason to, but now that I’m really thinking about it; after I ‘left’ Eliot, Cody was the first guy that I met that I actually liked… I go back to my window and stare out it again.


It takes us about a hour to go to the hotel. For most of the ride there I’m looking around Brazil at the place I used to know as home. But, when the driver tells, Eliot and I, that there’s only 25 minutes left to drive; I lean my head on the window and doze off…


I feel a cold breeze on my shoulder… I open one eye at first to see Eliot getting out of the taxi. I close my eyes again and try to go back to sleep, but Eliot slams the taxi door closed. I jump and hit my head on the ceiling, I grab my head in pain. I open my door, get out, and see the Carmel Charme Resort; the front door right beside me. Eliot walks past me holding the bags in his hands, and says,

“You finally woke up… It was kind of a boring ride here, I don’t blame you for dozing off… “

His face is so plain… It’s like there’s nothing there, but his shoulder length hair, and blue eyes. It’s like he’s grown plain… soft even… he’s like ‘different’ from when we were together.


We walk through the main entrance of the Carmel Charme Resort, and it looks wonderful; there’s a white carpet with beach chairs and tables on the sides, then a huge cash register counter on the opposite side of the room as the beach chairs and tables. I look to the cash register counter and see a women in a sunset colored shirt that says, ‘Welcome to CCR’. The woman looks a little too happy to see us… when she says,

“Hi, and welcome to CCR, we have your room ready if you scheduled for your room earlier.”

Eliot walks up to the woman, and says,

“We’re the Spencer’s and we made a reservation earlier, for room 35… “

The woman still has a smile on her face, when she says,

“Yes… “-she grabs a key from under the counter-”this is your key, it should open your room door… make sure you two are comfortable with each other… “

She’s still smiling when she hands me the key. Then as she does, she winks at Eliot. I step in the middle of her gaze and ask,

“What floor is our room on… I forget… “

The women looks on a map, that’s under a sheet of glass, that’s on the counter. She skims her finger on the glass, looking for the room, then she finds it and says,

“Room 35, is on the the top floor.”

I walk away from the counter, with the key in hand, and step into the nearest elevator. The elevator has a pure white floor, and grayish-tan walls. The elevator is pretty small, really really small.

*Scared* Emotionless… why is it so small in here?

(Eye Roll) Feelings… stop shaking… we’re going to start panicking, if you don’t stop…

(Shaking) I can’t it’s just, too small in here!

(Goes to Close Eyes) Here… let me take control over us…

(Waves Hands) What? No way… Not while Eliot’s around…

And what’s going to happen when we’re in prison, and we still have ‘Feelings’?

We’ll get through it… ‘Feelings’ have an important role to plan in, in everyone’s lives…

Well, not in our’s…


“It’s a little crowded in here, isn’t it?”

I blurt out… Eliot looks at me with a confused face…

“I guess it is… “

Eliot says, looking at the elevator’s buttons. I look away from him, and towards the wall. I would like to think, I said that through boredom, but I haven’t been very bored today… Honestly I really don’t want to be here… well, at least not here to get sent to prison for ‘my father’... I look up at the changing number, it says 2, for the second floor, out of three. I stare at the number box, waiting for it to change to a three…

when the number changes to a three, and the doors open, I get out of the elevator in a hurry. I look at Eliot as he says,

“That sign says the rooms 32 - 35 are to the left.”

Eliot turns and walks, I follow close behind. We walk to the end of the hall, and see a door with the number 35 on it. I put the key in the keyhole, unlock the door, and step in. The walls are wooden, the roof is held up with wood beams, everything in the room is made of wood, and the best thing is a perfect view of the pool.



There’s only one bed! Where are we supposed to sleep?

Um… Look there’s a couch…

There’s no way we’re sleeping on the couch… He’s the man he can…

Feelings, we’ve slept on worse…

He’s probably slept on much worse than us…

That’s exactly my point… So, we’ll take the couch…


Yes… we are…


I walk further into the room, then I hear the door close.

“Wow… This is a nice sized room… “

I look behind me, at Eliot, who’s putting the bags down on a chair; that’s next to the door. He walks further into the room, when he sees the one bed, his smile turns straight.

“One bed, huh… “

Eliot’s phone starts to ring in his pocket. He grabs his phone, the caller ID says, ‘Alaric’. Eliot answers his phone and says,

“What do you want, Alaric?”

I don’t know what Alaric says, but Eliot puts him on speaker phone.

“So… “-Alaric starts to say-”how’s the room?”

“There’s only one bed!”

Eliot blurts out, then I hear Beth.

“Hehe!!!”-She sounds hyper-”That was my idea!”


Eliot’s eyes widen, then Beth says,

“I think, I’m going to bring you guys some chocolate… you seem like you need chocolate… well not exactly need it, but I’m sure you’ll want it… “

“Beth give me my phone!”

Alaric yells at Beth, then Alaric says,

“Sorry about that guys… she went to a chocolate festival today, and came back covered in chocolate.”

“It wasn’t that much chocolate… “-Beth, gets back on the phone, and she sounds drunk-”but… it wasn’t enough… “

“Beth put that chocolate down!”

I hear Laura yell, at Beth, through the phone. Then glass, and other stuff, breaking.

“We’ll be getting on the plane in half an hour, then we’ll be on our way to you…”-Alaric pauses for a moment-”It’s going to be a long ride… “

Eliot rolls his eyes, then says,

“Wow, Alaric… I feel bad for you… “-Eliot smirks-”Well, not really, but still… keep an eye on Beth… “

Eliot’s little smirk turns to a caring gaze when he mentions Beth. There’s a ruffling noise, then I hear Beth’s voice again.

“Don’t worry about me El… I can take care of myself… “

“Yeah.. I guess so… but stay out of the chocolate!”

“But El… “

“Beth, I mean it… “

“Fine, no more chocolate…  understand…“

“Bye, Kid…”

“Bye, El… and Tianna!”

Eliot hangs up the phone, with his kind eyes, gazing at a wall. He sits on the couch, that’s near him, and keep gazing at the wall.

Um… Feelings… what’s up with Romeo?

He cares deeply about Beth… he has thought for a long while that he would never see us again… he probably developed ‘Feelings’ for Beth…

Oh… So we’re not the only one’s, he likes two at once?

Right… well… I think…

That’s comforting…


I sit on the couch next to him and say,

“So…“-I look at him-”What’s with you and Beth… or as you call her, ‘Kid’?”

Eliot looks at me, delirious, of his own feelings. He blinks like 5 times in a second, then he says,

“There’s nothing… “-He makes a face like he’s about to sneeze when he lies-”I care about everyone in the group, Ki… Beth is really reckless, she doesn’t care if she gets hurt, she just blocks it out… She looks up to Tim, she learns off of Laura, she’s amazed by Alaric, then she looks at me like I’m the bad boy brother… “

I looks at Eliot with a, ‘you’re stupid face’... He seriously doesn’t see it? Did he not, just say what she thinks about everyone in the group but me? Either he’s playing me or he really doesn’t see the signs… I nudge his shoulder and say,

“You know what she thinks about everyone in the group… there has to be something going on here… “-he looks at me all confused-”I mean I could see you as her brother, but I could…“

Eliot stands up from the couch and says, loudly,

“Stop… Stop talking about Beth and me… there’s nothing there…”-Eliot glares at me, then for some reason, he says-”I thought that after what happened on the plane, we were finished about talking about moving on, from each other… “

“Hey, there’s no reason to get snappy… “-I stand up and start yelling back at him-”there hasn’t been something here, since the day you left! Let alone on the plain!”

“Me?!?”-he looks surprised-”I’m the one who left… no, you are the one who left!”

“Yeah, I did leave, and I’m damn happy I did… “

“If you were happy you left, then why come back and enter a group I am in?”

“I… “-I don’t really have an answer for that… -”Actually I…“

“You what?”-he stops for moment, then says-”Come on, spit it out… “

“When I left you I came here, to Brazil… The library we past on the way here, I used to own it. Now a friend of mine, Cody, owns it.”-I sit back on the couch, as I explain-”He took it over when… I left Brazil… “

“And, why did you leave Brazil?”

“I beat a man half-to-death… “

“What? Why?”

“Why does it matter… There’s no reason for you to be concerned about it… You weren't there when it happened… and we weren’t together when it happened, either.”

“Now hold on a minute… “

There’s a knock on the door… I look at the clock it’s 7 o’clock p.m, that should be the others at the door… Eliot walks up to the door and answers it, when he opens the door I heard Laura say,

“We could hear you two, all the way to the end of the hall.”

Eliot and I look at each other, then look back at them.

“What were you guys even arguing about, anyway?”

Beth asks, which is kind of ironic since it was about her… I look at Eliot as he says,

“Something stupid… It doesn’t really matter.”

Alaric sits his bag on the couch and unzips it. He pulls out two guns, and a sword. My eyes widen, when Alaric walks over to me with one of the guns in his hands. Alaric tries to hand me it, but I take a step back, then he takes a step forward.

“For both of you to get in the Donnacona Institution, you’ll both have to have guns…”-Alaric tries to give me the gun again-”You have to take the gun, Tianna!”

I reachout a grab the gun…

*Scared* Give him the gun back, Emotionless!

(Glares) No! The only way we are going to get over the past, is to … pull the trigger…

(Staring at Emotionless) What? No! We can’t… We haven’t been able stand guns since…

(Yelling) Since Tommy?

There’s no way we can go through with this!

I drop the gun… I look at my hands, they are shaking…

Alaric looks at me with his head sideways. Then he asks,

“Why, in the world, would you drop a loaded gun?”

I look to him, from my hands, and punch him. I would of gave him another one, but Beth stepped in between me and Alaric.

“What was that for?!?”

Alaric yells from the floor. Why is he on the floor, I didn’t hit him that hard… I think… He goes to stand up, instead he falls back down. Beth looks at me confused.

“I don’t like guns… “-I answer him, then turn for the door; but Beth grabs my shoulder-”Let go of my shoulder, Beth… “

“No, you hit him for no reason… It wasn’t like he was holding you at gunpoint!”

“You’re right, he didn’t do that; but he did throw a gun at me and expected me to fall in line… “

Beth lets go of my shoulder and says,

“Tommy… It’s because of Tommy… because he died, from a gunshot.”

I yell;

“That’s none of your business Beth!”

I turn to her, all pissed.

“You’re part of this group… what happened to you in your past… it is our business!”

I really want to hit her… real good in the face…

I clinch my fist, with anger. I hit my hands together, then I say,

“Fine… you can think that you need to know everything about… but I’m not using that gun!”

“You don’t have to ‘use’,”-Laura uses her fingers as the quote signs as she says it-”it, you just have to hold it… “

Laura puts her hand on my shoulder, her hand leaves my shoulder after a second; when I walk over to the door. I open the door as I say,

“I’m not touching, looking, or talking about guns!”

I walk out and slam the door behind me.


I walk through the halls, not hearing the door open or close.

You would think a girl just like us would understand…

Emotionless, there’s no way she understands… no one she loves has died, from a gunshot…

You’re right… she blew up their house! I’m sorry we thought about that wrong!

She was little…

It was over a bunny, Feelings! There’s no reason to do that, over a bunny!

So what, what it was over… We actually had a reason and beat the guy, to death, that killed Tommy!

Don’t remind us of that Feelings!

Why? We did it… didn’t we?

No! Stop thinking it!

I stop walking, as thoughts rattle in my brain… I turn to the elevator and pressed the up button. This leads to the roof… When the elevator doors open, I step in, then press the ‘ROOF’ button. Since it’s only one floor up it doesn’t take that long, but when the elevator doors open… it’s plain. There’s nothing up here, just some chairs and a few tables… it’s boring. There’s no one up here.

I stand on the edge of the roof lining…

Can I jump? Can I get all of this to end… by jumping?

I close my eyes… getting ready to walk off… then I hear a door open and close. I open my eyes, turn around, and feel something jabbing my neck. I feel dizzy… light… everything is blurry… then… dark…








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