Two guys caught in an act of love

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Life is about experience and this is what the novels are going to be about.

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



Novel 1
-Two guys, caught in an act of love

The tiny toilet cube would have felt claustrophobic if it wouldn't have been for the passionate love these men felt for eat other. Nothing else mattered except from now, in this right moment. One of them stood on his bare feet, naked, but not afraid of what he was showing. The other man standing on his knees on the cold bathroom floor and looking up into two deep blue eyes right above his head. Welcoming eyes that alouds him to come closer and so he does. With his mouth fully open he softly puts his lips on the tip of the penis and starts to suck slowly and then with a rhythm. The man over him smiles and then he gets captured in the moment and can only stand and feel the blood pounding hard to all of his body parts. It gets higher and the man who earlier stood on the ground stands up and let the dick rub his lower back and so they stand for a moment. 
The man, whose dick is already pounding hard, reaches for the other man and starts to stimulate the penis and as the hand moves up and down the dick starts to reach for air and they both need to reach climax so the man who is already standing behind pull them together and the are as one, move in the same rhythm and hearts beating at the same time. They don't feel any pain or think about who might see them in this right moment. The are in this right moment. You may call it a caught in an act of love. The man behind comes and as his body starts to relax he goes in front of the man and opens up his mouth so that the pure liquid of pleasure streams down on his tongue and down in his throat. 

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