A Prayer for Ripley

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Poems i wrote as i watched my beloved dog pass on

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



It’s Okay to Go


I listen to you labored breathing

Watch you fight to swallow

You loved me when no other did

In self-pity I’ve no right to wallow


I cry selfish tears I cannot help

As you fade more each day

I love you my dear sweet friend

It’s okay to slip away


Live each day in joyous grace

That’s what you’ve given me

To you there is only now

In your eyes the world is beauty


I dread the day I know is coming

I guess by now you know

Ever you’ll be part of me

It’s okay for you to go


At Rest

Plaintive gulls dipped and swooped while geese honked in vee’s

A lone loon swam, diving into the slate lake, made grey by clouds

We sat in peaceful silence watching the loon plunge as the

Sun’s rays slid between pushy clouds as fog skipped over the sand

Michael reached over, his hand on my shoulder, I smile at him

We walk along the boardwalk, enjoying the quiet and the dogs

Between us, our pup’s ashes, we are one now—a family at peace.



A Prayer for Ripley


Lord listen to my weeping heart

The time had come for us to part

Keep him safe in heaven above

Lots of bones and plenty of love


Pure and simple is the love of a dog

Ours deserves a special epilogue

He taught me love, acceptance and joy

Ripley was our very best boy.


I miss his spirit, his was great

In his world, there was no hate

He lived now and loved his people

Ripley will be a terrific angel.


Please ignore his naughty moments

And don’t forget the fire hydrants

Give him lots of jobs and things

So he can earn his angel wings.


So my lovely darling pup

Our time here isn’t yet up

Your spirit now is beyond our ken

But I know that we’ll meet again.


© Copyright 2019 T. Landon. All rights reserved.

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