lovable monster

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Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



im the one mothers warn their kids about

the one that knows how to have fun 

the one with the golden tounge 

always on the run 

but never has to hide. 

no shame only pride

eyes that hypnotize

jet black hair

eyes a stunning brown 

love or hate me im known all around 

pa and new jersey 

learned the game at an early age 

so they cant fade me 

just a new page in my rhyme book 

used and abused 

since i knew how to tie my own 2 shoes 

32 years now. id say i paid my dues

plus some

time 2 grow up they say

but i had to learn life my own way

i guess ill never be grown 

always been skin and bones

but dont get it flipped 

i can hold my own 

keep my head up high 

mouth shut eyes open 

i always seen clearly 

no matter how blood shut my eyes look 

been seing through the reddness since i was 11.

pain became a part of everyday life 

used to walk with a knief in my pockets at a young age

so i keep my space from bullies 

no telling what i woulda done 

if one crossed me on the play ground

never had much groing up 

so i learn how to take what i wanted 

people could see the rage behind my smiles

from far away it looked like i was a door mat 

but truth is i knew how to get what i needed by being used

played dumb lost and confused 

i always knew where i was when i was lost 

didnt care what my sins cost 

illl never pay the price 

im heaven bound

even though the devil walks aside me

and god walks infront of me

6 foot steps 

left right ,right let, left right 

blinded to whats infront of me

i paved the way for whats behind me .

im the one they warn you abut...

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