You Hide, I Seek

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I just wanna play~.

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



I tense at the sound of knocking on my bedroom door, "L-Leave me alone Lilianna please!" I yell. I hear her giggle from the other side of the door, "Ding dong I know that you can hear me open up the door I only wanna play a little~." I cover my ears so I wouldn't have to listen to her singing, if I listen I'll fall under the trance. She knocks again and says softly "Please come play with me big brother~!" Tears filled my blue eyes, it's not my sister saying that I know it's not. "N-No! You're not Lilly!" I yell back at the monster impersonating my sister, she giggles again. "One, two, three...better start running Lucas." The monster speaks with a sinister but sweet tone. Fear grips my heart as I try to find a place to hide in my room, she continues to count. "Four, five, six...I can hear you moving stuff around in there Lucas. You're not very good at hiding." She uses that same sweet but sinister tone.

The fear in my heart grips tighter, I fling my closet door open and hide in the secret compartment. I close the small door and hold my breath hoping she doesn't find me. I hear my bedroom door slam open, "Just wait you can't hide from me~." She coos softly as she searches around my room, I place my hand over my mouth and squeeze my eyes shut. " I'm coming closer looking underneath your bed, but you're not here I wonder. Could you be inside the closet~?" She sang again as she opened the door to my closet. Tears began to stream down my cheeks as I prayed that she wouldn't find the compartment. My pray was denied as the small door clicked open, my blue eyes met a pair of glowing red pupils. "Ding dong I have found you, you were hiding here. Now you're it~." That was the last thing she sung, my sister's body crumpled to the floor. "Lilianna!!" I yell.

Ding Dong pay the consequence~." A small voice whispered before everything went dark. I grin widely, "I sing softly as the demon takes control of my fragile soul.


"Just wait you can't hide from me~." 

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