The woman in the camp

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A story of an undying hunger for help...

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



I work in one of the most reputable and respected Government organizations here in my country. At a very young age, I tried my luck in the military and was able to pass the initial screening and series of tests, be it physically and/or mentally. Fortunately, I was able to pass all of these processes and eventually graduate and finish the 6-month rigid training. After graduation, I was assigned in one of the major Districts in the province where again, away from the family. I didn't care though since I know, assignments in different areas were all part of the service where I am currently into.

I love adventures. And being a Coast Guardian is where I meet adventures on a daily basis. traveling in coastal areas, rendering missions, patrolling and safeguarding the Coastal Seas. 

It was a Thursday, and my assigned task was to be on a sentinel guarding where I had to take charge of the security of the whole camp during night time. Though our camp was not that as big as in some military headquarters, It occupies a space in the most distal part of Iloilo City, beside the shoreline.

It was 2:58 am. The wind coming from the shore was chilly, a constant wave of cold breeze just enough to allow my shoulders to shrug, passing through my thin working blue Coast Guard uniform. Only a few lamps were lit from every corner of the perimeter. Walkways were empty and dark. Trees were dancing to the tune of nostalgic and creepy ambiance, creating some monster-like shadows fighting among themselves. Only the calmness of the sea, chirping crickets and hardly my own breath can be heard.

I stood up from the kiosk where I was sitting. And the moment I stepped out from that dark nipa mini house, everything has started to become different. Crickets began to be silent. Calm tides of the sea disappeared, winds changed their direction, but the temperature dropped more and the chilly atmosphere became worse. Nonetheless, I headed toward the walkway. Continued. My goosebumps were exaggerated. I continued walking when I heard footsteps behind me. It sounded like scratching slippers on the cemented ground. I didn't bother to look back. I continued walking even though there was no clear location I had in mind of where to go to. I just wanted to be away from that place and not to hear any scratching sounds at all. 

I moved forward and I swear I saw a woman-like figure quickly passed by my peripheral vision. As I began to walk quickly, the scratching sounds became clearer. As if they were just behind me. Following me. Wanted to catch me. I could no longer bear my curiosity that I needed to see who was walking behind me. I had no choice. I looked back - And there was no one behind me. None at all. But when I turned my head back, I fainted. 

The last thing I remembered was I saw a woman in front of my face, leaning towards me, with both eyes covered with blood as if they beg for help. I also noticed that the whole entity was wet. Her mouth was full of bubbles as it drools - this is where the scratching sounds were coming from.

The next thing that happened was, I felt a heavy hand shaking me, calling my name. I opened my eyes to see my colleague was waking me up.

He asked what happened but I didn't tell him the truth. I just told him that when I was doing a roving inspection, I felt dizzy and that it may have caused me to fall.

I spoke with one of my immediate seniors in the camp who will be retiring from the service in 2018. At first, I was unsure whether to tell him the story or not since I didn't want to be judged that I was just making up stories just to have a nap during the actual duty. And worse, He might just laugh at me for being as scared as a little girl.

But to my surprise, after he heard my experience, He paused in silence for a minute and afterward, shared me a story that somehow helped me be enlightened.

I listened very well: "It was in August 1998. The weather condition was harsh and all of the Ready-for-Sea search and rescue vessels were out and dispatched to look for the missing woman who once lived beside a river which heads to the sea. Her house was built with a Nipa hut and when the storm came, the river went to an alarming water level, which caused her house to be destroyed and eventually flashed by the strong current of water. Everything happened very fast. Even the rescuers found it difficult to sail and search all over the shore because of the tides.".

He continued: " After several hours of searching through the sea, the rescuers decided to go back to the headquarters to seek for other available troops for an additional workforce. When they arrived at the shoreline beside the headquarters while dropping the anchor, one of the rescuers began to notice a white cloth floating at the side of the sea wall, he called for attention and to their surprise, it was the woman they were looking for. One of the woman's eye was stuck on a bamboo that was attached to the cemented sea wall. The woman was dead, confirmed by the rescuer at that time".

He left me speechless that day. Never in my life have I imagined a close encounter with a spirit of a dead person begging for help. I ended up praying for her soul. I even offered a mass the following Sunday when I went to the church. I believe that the victim was her. And her spirit still haunts in the camp. Silently watching. Patiently waiting for help to arrive. 

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