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Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017






U.S, TexasYEAR2016  :  7th June

(Aaron is 24 years old .His father is a good guy and a good scientist . By the way this was just bio data of the main guy or you can say "hero of the story". Today is his birthday.)


Stesha- Aaron! Aaron! get up its your birthday everyone is waiting for you out

(Aaron gets up and gets ready to face every single one out in house hall.

Aaron meets his friends and Suzan and as soon as he gets ready to face the unknown persons)

Jason-Come Aaron I have a gift for you.

Aaron-But where are you taking me?

Jason-To my laboratory and don't ask me anymore questions just come with me.


(Jason and his son Aaron sits in the car.)

Aaron-Thanks dad.

Jason-Ok but why do you already know my gift or just saying in advance, huh?

Aaron-None of that...I meant for saving me from the unknown people in house.


(Jason takes his son to his laboratory)

Jason-We are here and let's go!

(Walking inside laboratory.)

Aaron-I'm so excited dad. you  know!

Jason-Just get ready my boy.

(Jason takes him to his gift with which is covered with a large curtain.)

Jason-So this is your gift. It took me almost 4 years to create it

Aaron-What? dad your gifting me this small model of a time machine.It took you 4 years.......I could make it in just a hour.

Jason-No you dumbass. The thing behind this curtain.

Aaron-Oops. Sorry!..

(Jason takes off the curtain and the gift turns to be a time machine)

Jason-Now how's the gift my boy??

Aaron-Oh...My...fuckin' Gosh!

Jason-Do you want a try?

Aaron-Hell yeah!

(Aaron gets on the time machine and sets the year)

Aaron-Dad guess a year. I don't get a year in my mind.

Jason-May be after ten years .

Aaron-Nope that's really years when I'm 44 but after my birthday like I don't want to see any unknown persons again.

Jason-Ok. As you wish .

(Aaron sets the date as- 8th,June,2036. He presses the go switch but it doesn't work because one of the wire comes off and leaves spark..suddenly the time machine dislocates Adam in the Texas but the year was 2036.)

Jason-(screams) Aaron!

(Time machine gets wrecked.)

Aaron-Where am I ? Wait I'm the future. Thank God 'cause I watched the flim "Back to the future".Let's go home.

(Aaron walks a little bit.)

Aaron-I think I'm lost . I can just see tall high-tech buildings.I need someone's help

(Aaron looks for help from someone but nobody actually helps him. Alex who is a bitter rival of 2036's Aaron.He looks at 2016 Aaron and thinks that he is the future Aaron. He goes near him with his guards and puts a gun on his head)

Alex- Are you ready to die??

Aaron-What? Who are you? A-And why are you after me?? Are you a thug?

Alex-You look like Aaron.

Aaron-Yeah I'm Aaron but from 2016 you know from past. I know you won’t believe but you have to..


(Alex takes Aaron to his house and explains.)

Alex-Hey! your future and I were best friends. We worked together but something screwed up and we became bitter enemies and he became super famous and I was let down but came back up. I always wanted hurt him kill him but I never got the chance. I wanna punish him so hard. Now I want you to just punish him because he fucked up everything. How do you feel when your best friend screws you like this. What if this happens to you????

Aaron-(raged up) I will break him down.

Alex- break him down but before you do......take the plans and the models of the time machine in this flash drive and then I will send you back in your real time. Deal? and take this gun incase you need it. By the time I say.........,go rest .


Alex-My guards will drop you at your house .


(Alex goes to Aaron36 and lies him that Aaron16 had come to kill Aaron36 because he didn't wanted to be a scientist because he felt like it was stupid to be and came here to take the time machine model.)


(Aaron gets dropped at his house.2036 Aaron is looking at a large mirror and then suddenly 2016Aaron pops at the side of the mirror.)

Aaron-Do I look young .You can say's a side by side comparison.

(Aaron16 punches Aaron36 right on the nose and Aaron36 right hooks Aaron16)

Aaron16-That was hard

(Aaron16 back kicks Aaron36 right on the stomach)

Aaron16-You felt it hard.


(They keep fighting)

Aaron16-Which floor is it?? Can I know?? . By the way it’s my house.

Aaron36-Floor no.12

Aaron16-Where is time machine’s model or plans or whatever?

Aaron36-It’s at the top most floor

(Aaron16 pushes Aaron36 on a table and quickly runs towards the lift.)

Aaron16-Come on, come on

(Aaron36 chases him and as soon as he reaches Aaron16 the elevator door opens and Aaron16 dodges Aaron36 and pushes him inside the elevator and selects underground floor in lift options and knocks Aaron36 off.Aaron16 takes another lift to reach highest floor He reaches to the highest floor and Aaron36 still in lift trying to reach to top.Aaron16 looks at the glass keyboard and the mouse.)

Aaron16-What? There is no cpu and a monitor.

(Aaron16 sees a power option in the keyboard and presses it and the whole room turns into a monitor. He finds the time machine model at the first and copies it in the pen drive and it gets copied quickly as fuck and Aaron36 reaches and looks at Aaron16.)

Aaron36-There you are..

Aaron16-Yeah I’m here.

(Aaron rushes and punches Aaron36 and runs towards the roof top and looks for a getaway vehicle or something like that but he doesn’t find any. By the time Aaron36 gets at the top too.)

Aaron36-No way found huh??

Aaron16-I was looking for a helicopter or like parachute or something you know.

Aaron36-I don’t have them here.

Aaron16-You need them..(nodding) Multi-billionaire scientist and you don’t have it and you’re even 44 you need them. I highly suggest you.


Aaron16-Now what we do?

Aaron36-We fight.......

Aaron16-Let’s go....

(They start fighting.Aaron36 kicks Aaron16 in the mid-section and throws him towards the house sunroof cover and spears him through the glass. They fell in the top floor)

Aaron16-Man this glass was delicate fuck it hurts

Aaron36-Only that one was delicate I guess.

(Aaron16 runs down through stairs and Aaron36 chases him. At floor 20 Aaron16 gets exhausted and decides to jump through the space between both the sides of the stairs. He jumps and tries to catch the handle of 2nd floor but he misses and his jaw hit the bar and gets knocked and drops on the 1st floor. By the time he gets back up Aaron36 comes there )

Aaron36-You can’t go anywhere you’ll die here.

Aaron16-If I die you’ll die..

Aaron36-You have point and I fuckin’ knew it. I meant that you’ll never go back.

(Aaron36 drags Aaron16 inside the 1 st floor Aaron16 gives a low blow to Aaron36 and now both are down. Both gets up and now there’s a back and fourth hooks and punches but Aaron36 picks the upper hand first and simply throws him on couch. Aaron36 takes his gun out.)

Aaron36-You’re gonna fuckin’ die today, I’m done with you and I fuckin’ don’t care if I die too but I’m gonna kill you. Any last words, huh?

Aaron16-uhhhh......I’m sorry?

(Aaron36 shoots 2 gun shots but he misses to kill Aaron16 and Aaron16 tries to take the gun from Aaron36)

Aaron16-Shit just got real..

(During this event the gun gets shot 3 times, 2 times on one glass and 1 on other. Aaron16 throws the gun towards those glasses but the fight still continues. Aaron16 goes to pick the gun but Aaron36 takes down on the glass with 1 bullet shot. The glass get more cracks on it then Aaron16 reverses it and pushes Aaron36 towards a reading table and he goes near Aaron36 to kick his ass Aaron36 takes a steel chair and hits him in the stomach and places the chair and smashes Aaron16’s head on the chair several times during that Aaron16 finds a metal rod and hits it on Aaron36’s back and he irish whips Aaron36 on a glass mirror.Aaron16 revives and till that time Aaron36 crawls towards the gun and as holds the gun and stands up Aaron16 spears him through the glass and ended up in falling on a car. The car gets wrecked up.)

Aaron16-Is this your car? is the fastest and costliest car in the world. Its the Hennessey Venom GT 165.

Aaron16-Who actually designed it??


Aaron16-Ok....(falls from the car).

(Aaron16 drags himself to the car and takes the gun and shoots 3 shots around Aaron36 and goes near him)

Aaron16-You know I won’t kill you because I don’t want to die soon. I want to live with Suzan.

Aaron36-How do you know Suzan is my wife ????

Aaron16-I saw her photo in our house.


(Aaron36 tries to pulls the gun from Aaron16 and during that they shoot 7 times. Then Aaron16 pushes Aaron36 and puts his gun on Aaron36’s head)

Aaron16- Are you ready to surrender??

Aaron36-Fuck you.

(Aaron36 pulls the gun from Aaron16’s hand and tackles him down and puts a gun on his head)

Aaron36-Are you ready to die??

(Before he would pull the trigger a gunshot passes and destroys Aaron36’s brain.)

Aaron16-Oh..fuck his dead ....I just saw my death. I’m so lucky or unlucky ‘cause I just realized that I will die after 44th birthday.

Aaron36-No you’re not dead..

Aaron16-How can a dead body talk? I’m scared right now.

Aaron36-That dead body isn’t talking. I’m at your left.

(Aaron16 looks at left and sees another Aaron36)

Aaron16- How could it be ..2 what the fuck??

Aaron36-That dead guy is your clone. Me and Alex created clones from those people who lost their close ones. Then one day we got a order from the government that we have to stop making these clones and take the clones from the people. Alex was so upset and angered about that. He was jealous about my success so he made my clone and one day he was a drunk so fucking much and with help of his clone he locked me in the experimental lab but clone has his mind too he turned on Alex and made his own decisions. Alex wanted to kill him now but he didn’t get the chance . the clone became super famous. And tonight when you interfered in the pc room by mistake you unlocked me.

Aaron16- Ok in the end I did a heroic work...but where were you while the fight.

Aaron36- I was dressing up because I was naked..and finding a gun. And you broke my car.

Aaron16- Ahh.... sorry about that and who is this Alex 

Aaron36- His name is Alexander Dickens

Aaron16-Dick_ what?


Aaron16- Oh.. wait I know this name. Is he college guy- Alexander.


Aaron16-What? He was shy as shit.

Aaron36-Yeah but I told he got jealous of my success you know.


(Aaron36 looks at one of Alex’s guards.)

Aaron36-Oh shit run!!

(They starts shooting at both Aarons and both of them gets to cover. Aarons runs and shoots at the guards and tries to not get shot. At a moment both Aaron’s ammo is exhausted. They throw their guns and runs for life. As they keep running a guard throws a C4 and blasts it and the C4 was little closer to the Aarons. Aaron16 hits a car due to the force of the C4 and other Aaron hits a steel wall. They are knocked unconscious and the guard takes them. As Aaron16 opens his he sees that he is tied with rope in a wooden chair. He looks at Aaron36)

Aaron36-I’m awake don’t look at me in that weird way.

Aaron16-Good bud.

(Alex walks in.)

Alex- How are you two??? Do you feel the pain??

Aaron16-No. Actually yes Alexander Dick_ what? I keep forgetting (laughs)

Alex-I’m not Alexander Dickens ,he is dead I’m Alex Blood.

Aaron36-Good one but that dialogue is outdated.

Aaron16-They were used in late 90s

Alex-(screams) Shut up!!.... I locked you here in this basement where my father would beat up criminals.

Aaron36-What? Your father was a officer?

Alex-Yes and I’m gonna kick your ass right here like my father did.

(Aaron16 would be cutting the rope with a pocket knife. As he cuts)

Aaron16-You’re going to get fucked up.

(Aaron16 kicks Alex on his dick)

Aaron16-Dickens you felt that on your dick.

(Fight sequence as you think)

(They fight the guards like shoot them and cause mayhem. At a moment Aaron16 is wounded and dragging himself to cover and Alex is walking towards him.Aaron36 is also wounded and unconscious)

Alex-Give me the flash drive.

Aaron16-...... (shows the middle finger and smile) Did you understand?

Alex- I said give me the fuckin’ flash drive 

Aaron-I stick to my answers dick__ens.

Alex-Then get ready to die motherfucker.

(Alex points the gun towards Aaron16 to kill him but suddenly a chair hits Alex’s head and Alex is knocked unconscious Aaron looks at the person.)

Aaron16-Hey! Mother! Suzan woah! Damn! good one

Suzan36-I’m future one


(Jason repairs time machine and time travels to 2036.)


Jason-( proud of himself) I did it and I guess I’m at the right time.

(Suzan lifts Aaron36 and Jason lifts Aaron16.)


Aaron16-You’re saying thanks to yourself what a dumbass.

Aaron36-Any last words before going back?

Aaron16-ahh.............Happy Holidays!


(Jason takes Aaron16 back to 2016.)

Aaron- Everything is normal now back to the school, back to the house and mainly Back to the Year.






Aaron  Cennedy

JasonCennedy - Aaron's father

Stesha  Cennedy- Aaron's mother



Alexander Dickens/Alex Blood

InspiredByNobody in the World

Thought by my own brain

it makes sense



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