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My short story for my father

Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017



would be lonely ....


See clutter the streets late at night than during the day, when crowded with. A multiplicity of various car brands. Even the dead of night like this, it also offers night romp of cars on the road in a way. However, it is less compared to normal times. Radio waves are still a very small market opening will be redundant. The houses on either side of the closed door completely open light in front of the house. It serves to dispel the darkness to the homeowner. Traffic light intersection ahead is still flashing yellow repeatedly. Very tired Needle indicating the speed at forty kilometers per hour, is set already for a long time. Convenience store are also renowned customer service are ongoing. In the brain, this has no idea what new visitors unless required to give meaning to their networks. Tonight I did not want it to be free of any disturbance to disturbance in deep thought. Turn left at the traffic light junction little access to the parking lot of the hospital. Unlike almost entirely on the day the option was indiscriminate parking. The car was parked at the immobile to get about three days ago. Malabar saw leaves falling in a number of pickup trucks. It was falling repeatedly on their way to the natural man. The security guard started the night out. Pay attention to your surroundings, it is because the body has time to rest after patrolling around the building inside and out. He did this every day irregularities that occurred throughout his working life, or do not. Choose a car park under the trees near the Malabar walk into the hospital building. When two young men were sitting in front of the building to talk about the international football last night, seriously look unsightly. Inside the building illuminated by light from the sun.

The shiny floor empty, not even a single cent footprints on the terrazzo floor of the hospital, tables, chairs without seats. Measuring blood pressure Electric Stand centered on the wall next to an examination room number thirty-four. Clock hanging on a pole time was two fifteen minutes. Hear the sirens of emergency vehicles could be heard from afar. Its noise grew louder and louder when it ran near the emergency room. It remains a unique voice and conveys the meaning has not changed for a long time. The trolley park calmly in a corner wall beside a blood test. If you walk through the eye, looked like a man sitting on a cart, it really is. Evoke horror to come. A small piece of stained cotton balls under a chair. Cleaning staff would not see It thus there since the day without any movement, even the elevator stopped moving. One day, it moves in a straight line but a few laps later. Walking through a chemotherapy drug still clouded smell pervading imbue.Press the elevator to the seventh floor, a male and a lift surgery seems to be moving slower than usual, unlike the previous day, although many people use it, it's still faster than today. This does not have to wait long, just one person, but I feel it indicates that a slow and long is not known. Thus far, that is how it would be chaos or confusion, he says, but not enough to reach out to them. That's the way the fight is much better. Visual memories about the family still. Circle in the brain does not fade away. The atmosphere reminds me of the old days and I will not come out. It's nice and warm it. The passenger elevator alone late at night in the hospital, feeling uncomfortable and hard to expect anyone to understand it a little time. In the realm of ideas, I just wanted to.

Elevator doors open In order to confront what was happening in front of it.

The atmosphere before the surgery, one man continues along the same format, but it will have some say in the footsteps of these nurses who care for patients with a groan of patients. This is a hospital, not a place of amusement, but laughter is mixed with pleasure through food, drink fine without a control diet. Boards patient list attached to the cover flap on the left. The following is a list of nurses and nursing assistants. The signs of time visiting patients at that time, where patients' relatives can visit them. Time wait for no truth to another is always passed and gone, leaving only traces of memory. Sometimes I think this time it will have a longer time than it is to go out a little more.Sometimes a situation like that to take a more in any one of the first events that will pass into the past that will not be coming back again during this breath. Turn the knob with his right hand extended out the smell of torture, pain, greeted the nose immediately. Indeed, I am familiar with the smell of these in a while, but I think I will be fed up with it. A patient lying in a bed full of all different forms of treatment for the symptoms of the disease. Saline drip bags, blood bags sluggishly disinfectant ventilator. Everything has served to prolong the period of life away. The room is equipped with a Buddha statue sits on the shelf, it relied on the minds of people in the area. Do not rush, because a short stepping slowly to realize that the conclusion of this evening.Will be like Do not worry about anything and everything, but what good is it to them. Icon years, wishes to plead not as much. Maybe it's because there are so many people who wanted to have the same thing. Tone ventilator Pressure races, crying is annoying. It's feeling the squeeze of the people around it. The feeling was that gently float. Many drugs needle and the needle was injected into his veins. Patients wait for its results to come back. Faeces commonplace nature of the body will not cause worries to someone or not because I have to learn to live with it every day, smell, touch and indifferent. Voice weak powerless as yesterday was strong. Warm and gentle at the same timeMedical students are interested People come to the knowledge of the patient. It is an excellent book that soon they will end out a medical infrastructures. The eloquence indulgences still powerful enough to increase the degree of expectation in the night is not the best way to understand it is to be conducted along conventional way. The fight against what is unseen but lose to lose. There is no way to choose We will live through the ages, it has been long enough. Spender created for future generations is many things. Indeed, this is relatively warm nights to give our loved ones lying on a bed with soft blankets, air temperature, light heavy after eating a favorite dish reunion. Talk by family I wake up in the morning to collect wood storage room as the retirement age, he gave life together. Indeed, it will continue to form it. ...... But life is not perfect, then there is money, it is not always possible. It is beyonOnly left a few hours the sun was over the horizon. What is not as important as breathing, the panting.

Tired of the violence to continue to live. A short stride slowly, not rush. Mentally prepared to accept the events that will happen. The fight lasted two years, participants will come to an end. To understand and No one wants to accept them as such. I hope little to float in front of me is coming tonight forehand to backhand turns out it is not a game, but it is life.

I've talked to a doctor about the symptoms and course of treatment. Development of the disease that is. In the end do? Of course, what they need to do is choose. To do something to lessen the pain and suffering of having to live with it for so long it is not anyone's desire.Even one Please take a picture of those far away. Virtues that have accumulated over the past sixty years. It does not meet the good deeds I do not understand or do not understand this will test the strength of the people above, below, or why. Often seat talking to the wind if it blows it will be a story to tell somebody. Hospital records into computer memory. It's so much I do not know. Because of the resistance The taste of the food tube, it is they're doing quite well. It chili, curry, rice, crab fan interest when. Some doctors allow patients to recuperate at special. With a better sequence is unlikely.Some worried I was able to return home. The good news is that anyone wishing to return home. And this was how long. Back in the Two legs to stand ever bring my family to the point of today. It is not easy However, this strength even without it.

d the capabilities of a human, a little like us. Smiles, laughter, memories of long ago disappeared from his eyes, waiting for the hope that is ra Resistance alone himself not just for the heart is normal, everything is ready to move forward. Eight years ago, the same problem as we can Victrix save. Now, as a reprisal to reclaim. Yet, in the face You do not even have to do that. I understand the discussion seems to be a good solution for all parties. But now it seems the event will not end up in a worthy. Of course, it will be lost again. But what would be the least painful to me. The tired, discouraged happen every moment of time. No where to eat, sleep worry-ago period. The phone late at night to do the story to various ideas. As it is now. But then one night the phone rang with the news that the anticipated end conquered not have to suffer anymore, do not understand do not understand this many people would come at this bad news for the world. but this is good news for the new World. If the page does not exist still see each other all the time. It was just the man to do little in common. This effort was done until then. Move slowly, not rush. Until the patient bed number 31 of 13th November, three times the second quarter. Mindfulness meditation is sparked not on the meat. Try repressed feelings It repressed tears flow Trying to tell myself that it's okay not understand that breath is also why why why various questions without answers. But the noisy fan on the ceiling. I know summer and winter events. Other patients know that this will happen. Nurses would know But it is a deal It's an agreement that everyone must do. Thus it was the agreement it really is. Hand strong and supple at the same time there are also warmrely replaced. Perfect picture of a man in front of the only.

Is full Touch the hot end the strike without any words. Unless heart to heart Tears flowed slowly through the still conscious. The brain can not be confused confounding. But stood looking at the image foreground. The vision for a long time The warm picture of a model. The thing is, every family In the footsteps of several other people who were on foot approached all the time to understand the need to understand the need to tell everyone you know to come to accept the need to tell everyone to understand. Sounds stupid to me difficult to ban them on guard. Yielding a louder voice with breath slowly down gently. Return a favor Back to the primordial Go back in time or not. In order to keep it for a long time. Will not leave

It fell to me to have another contract breath, calm down gradually. After nursing, weaning off. The pace was slow, do not rush it stops at the patient bed number 31 of November 13, the second hit for four to five minutes. Patients stay in the bed mattress was my father away between six and eight years. Prostate cancer is a two-year period. Treatment guidelines for all that you are living with a family as long as it will last longer. But it was too difficult because of the cancer in stage three to stage four. The doctor can get you the chemotherapy agent chemotherapy. The father had a TB before. When injected into chemo conditions caused complications of the disease. I could not walk for three months because then scrap. Cancer to the bones and nerves around the hip was crushed. Making both legs weak. This comes three months after he had entered the hospital twice. The time is nowThis seems to be heavier every time. Because the air sacs in the lungs Positive symptoms of the disease symptoms of drug resistance was not improved. I was the eldest child and her other three. The track change over time in the care of his ailing father. Both when he was recuperating. Home and Hospital warmthThe family has been replaced by sadness, fatigue expect that someday he would have to return to the original. Back support four children.But ... he did not come back. Without the breath of his body right in front of me. Physicians who care for parents who do not know how many people a few people. Once told me that if any one day of symptoms was taken to the stage as possible. It provides the medical system to perform tracheostomy breathing or not. I did not answer right away Now that my father had already suffered enough and penetrate lung ventilator power. Liquid feeding tube Pressure Gauge I do not want my father to suffer anymore. After I talked to the doctors for not more than five days. At the time the second quarter. The hospital had phoned me. I would guess that the solution is about the condition of his father. Four days before that, because I was not able to talk, interact with one another. But not that night, I would have lost my father to return there. I immediately drove to the hospital immediately. Along with her mother and sisters. I went to the hospital first. But predict it late I did go to see my father for the last time. My father died, and then we go out. After a while his mother, brother and cousin arrived. The atmosphere of sadness, tears came immediately covered. Back home, our father I will bring my father back home The house was built it with two hands, it would not hurt. Do not suffer anymore We can not overcome the laws of nature.

But it needs to be fast enough this does not sleep well, I understand his worries behind. I take care of my mother and sisters harshest best.Continue to follow the guidelines that I've done the best you can. Hospital ground floor access to the people. Cart is empty patient bed is the same. Move slowly, not rush Hospital car leading figure of the father ran off. I enjoy talking to the night shift. The cool breeze of the morning Gently slap on the face from the tears are gone. Middle ear leaves fall to the ground. Left on the car roof Parking space has a lot of yellow traffic light at the intersection with the exit from the hospital. Still flashing that does not feel tired. The road remains open spaceHouses, people still close the door entirely. I drive headed home. Uphill highly visible fluorescent light so far confiscated more. A new date of arrival We're from the old days From one day to return. A new day that will be. Drive slowly, not rush. It was like a new day.


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