The Town was Isolated

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An activity I did in my English Writing class.

I can’t wait to leave this small, withering town.

 It was suffocating. The smoke from neighbouring factories would forcefully enter my lungs circled the whole entirety of the town – of what I call a prison cell. It did nothing but isolate me from my hopes and dreams.

It was filled with the sweet bitterness of the community; all the people there consisted of factory workers; it was the only savvy way to earn income – endless years of hard work, pouring decades of life providing for the family that produced wrinkles, only to find that their youth has come and gone. Eat. Work. Sleep. Then sixty years later, you would be recognised for all the work you have done; after you rot away on your death bed. I wasn’t going to spent my youth to end up like that.

It was two hours to the petrol station, half a day to the closest neighbouring town and three days to freedom; a city that could make dreams come true; something that was only but a myth in our town.

I wanted to make a name for myself – have my name spread across the TV screens in Times Square New York. Be acknowledged for my talents and efforts, inspiring the child of the future to bring forth their dreams and not let their talents go to waste.

But they said that I was too young and I would never be able to make it out there in a raw, critical world alone. All it felt like was propaganda to me to join their never-ending cycle of premature death.

So here I was, packed with all I could fit my suitcase, looking back at the small town that the smoke was slowly engulfing its entirely. I was going to prove them wrong.

 I can’t wait to leave this small, withering town. By then I would be finally able to breathe. 

Submitted: March 14, 2017

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