The Lamentation

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Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017



“I was on my way to my College, I saw a man playing Football with a Hand-Grenade. He gave a high blow to it and the Grenade rose very high in the sky. Then came a  loony fan of Football and started running after catching the Grenade. The man who owned the Grenade started laughing at the sight. The catcher thought it to be a Football and ran with it as he was having the whole Universe.
I ran before him and after a while, told him that it’s a Bomb and not a Football. That person threw the Grenade at once and ran with a speed of wind, not looking behind while screaming continuously. I was much pleased to see all this. It was a Dummy Football in the shape of Grenade”. 

The whole audience laughed out loudly after listening the Funny imaginative story of Donald. Donald was a professional Comedian with extraordinary skills to make other laugh and smile. He thought that his profession was noble in the respect that people forget about their miseries and sorrows through his jokes, and felt proud for it.
On a fine morning, Donald was shocked when a boy mocked him “Look Guys! He’s Donald, a Jester of New-York”, each of his fellow raised a laughter at this. Donald stepped aside and went back to his home. The words of Joker and Jester were piercing him but what could he do except forgetting that because it was a routine for him.

He wasn’t a joker from the beginning. Rather, he was a renowned businessman. His destiny turned when her girlfriend, Mary deceivingly named all his belongings and property her own by getting a paper signed from him. Donald didn’t repented that and forgave even Mary. He grid up his loins again and started as a Comedian and soon he reached the sky. He got everything but lost his respect and dignity.
On the next day, he was sitting along with his friends and Donald was making them laugh at the stories told by him. One of his friends said “ Make a humorous story for the news which is being broadcasted that there is placed a bomb in the railway station near Washington Beach and neither the disposal squad came nor the rescue-team” Donald got angry at this and left the place at once. 

After about half an hour, a rescued girl was talking to the news reporter blissfully. “There was a bomb at the station but no rescue team and disposal squad reached to rescue us but then an angel came to save us. He didn’t knew to dispose the bomb so he carried it and ran and he jumped in the Washington River and just after a minute, we all heard a blast. All of us are safe and sound but unfortunately our savior died. His name was Donald and he was a Comedian. He who was always criticized for being a Jester, left his critics shameful and he, who used to make people laugh at his tales, left us all crying. May His Soul Rest In Peace. We all pay tribute to Donald and all his services for Mankind, Thank-You”. The Girl was Mary herself, the Ex-Girlfriend Of Donald.

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