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Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017



Aten (in progress)



My name is Aten


My name is Aten, and I shouldn't exist.


But I do.


It's not my fault I was born, it's not like I asked my parents to give birth to me. But that doesn't make it any better that I was. Well, that's what I say anyway.


I'm not sure if I have another name. I think I used to be Aten Knight, but not anymore. My carer’s name is Carina Davis. Once I asked her if I could have the same last name as her, something to make me feel a little more important, if i could be called Aten Davis , even though it doesn't sound quite right. But she just got mad at me, and hit me hard across the head, and punished me by replacing my thin devet with just a sheet. It turns out that to ask someone like Carina - someone who was allowed to be born- to have her last name was so insulting. As if i could even be related to her.


Carina says I am lucky to live with her. She tells me that most kids like me go to an orphanage, because people want to have their own kids. Not some dirty child who was an accident waiting to happen. That's why even though Carina can be strict at times I still behave for her because she saved me from the orphanage.

There's just me and Carina in the house. That's the reason she looks after me. She found it lonely without her husband who died months after their wedding, and needed someone it do the work around the house. She is only in her 30’s but insists she needs help. I've been living with her since i was two and a half- that's how old i was when they found me.I was being kept in an attic. The neighbours heard me crying, apparently. They knew that my parents couldn't risk having a child, what with all the fighting and the illegal antics going on. So they called the Authorities. I owe them a great deal, Carina says. If it wasn't for them where would i be now? Laying on my back dead, in some old dusty attic?  


I can't really remember anything about my parents, or the attic for that matter. I used to , i think- but i'm not really sure. I mean who keeps their kid in a attic? It all seems a bit delirious to me. But that's what they told me and it's the best excuse i have so i'm taking it.

I also dont remember much about arriving at Carinas house, but that's hardly surprising- I mean who remembers being two and a half anyway? I remember feeling cold and screaming for my parents, because back then thought they were a real mum and dad who loved me not some stupid selfish couple.


At Carina’s house there were radiators, I used to lay next to them to warm myself up because I would always be cold. But when Carina found out she turned them all off, all except the ones in her bedroom that is. She said it was for my own good. I don't really she how, but I believed her. I could have been annoyed at her for that, but no , I had to restrain myself, I was 5 by then, and I should know better. Carina told me that some people like me are so unwanted in the world that they are put down. She says it controls our exploding population, and also makes less stress of giving us homes. I wonder if it hurts, I wonder how they do it. I realise now that it is probably a lethal dose of some toxic chemical, but I can't be sure.


“Aten! Aten come here right now”

Aten looked up from the small journal her parents had slipped into her moses basket when she was taken away. “Yes coming” she called hurriedly , and rushed down the stairs to her career.The truth was, she never realised how absorbing writing could be. She had the journal for years now, and not put a single mark on the smooth white lined pages that looked so beautiful. Every so often she’d taken it out from its hiding place under the 3rd floorboard in her tiny beloved bedroom and gazed at it lovingly.She would turn it over in her hands, guiltily enjoying the soft texture of the pink suede surface against her skin, before setting it back away again. But she’d never actually written in it- not until today that is. Today for some reason, she’s taken it out and picked up and stray pen and without even thinking ( which she did a lot of) had started to write. And once she had started, she found that she couldn't stop. Much the same as when she would cut. Thoughts and feeling that usually lay hidden beneath worries and stress, suddenly flooding to the surface as if gasping for air . Which was all very well, but she knew that if it was discovered, she would be beaten. A lot. Initially she wasn't even allowed to have anything from past, namely her parents, because they had committed such a crime,  anything left shoul dhave been annihilated. Which definitely seems a bit far fetched but the Authorities took things things very serious. And also, journals and diaries were forbidden for any kid in the same position as her. And besides he wasn't with Carina to read and write; she was there to work and serve her, after all it was the least she could to to pay her back for agreeing to take Eaten in. So Aten would just have to ensure that the journal stayed hidden, and never saw by anyone but herself, she resolved as she approached the living room door. Before she knocked on the door she had a quick glance at the mirror. She always had to look neta a disorderly , that was her number one priority. The last thing Aten wanted to do was irk Carina unnecessarily. She was 15 now after all, so Carina expected as much from hr. Being 15 meant that Aten could have second helpings at dinner if there were leftovers, and an extra blanket that meant the difference between an adequate night's sleep, and one spent shivering from the cold unable to sleep.

Taking a deep breath, and focusing herself so that she would appear to Carina as the normal calm and organized Aten, she knocked on the door. “Aten, there you are,” Carina said, her voice irritable. “Please don't keep me waiting like that in the future. I want you to prepare a bed for a new boy.” Aten nodded. This was new. Carina didn't really like having one child to look after , she made that only to clear, so why take in another? “Of course,” Aten replied, “Small?” Carina frowned. “ No, not small. Now go make that bed.” Aten allowed her eyes to widen with surprise as she thought what Carina had just said. A new child, that wasn't small? Why bother taking an annoying child when they weren't even young? He would have to be at least thirteen. Who was he?


Chapter Two


Aquarius didn't show up until a few days later. When the Authorities arrived she was in the middle of preparing lunch. There was a knock on the wooden door, and as Often went to answer it, Carina rushed up and exclaimed , “ No no Aten, this is the new boy. I'll take it from here thank you.”

The next time Aten heard of Aquarius was during dinner. The boy was kind of tall and have very pale skin- paler than Aten’s. He also had dark marks over his face, that could imply that he’d been beaten at his last home, but could just as easily be dirt. His eyes really stood out. They were brown, which wasn't particularly interesting, but they were different from anyones she had previously seen. They darted around thr room, stared, then flickered away before darting around again, it was as if he was looking for something and then digesting the information. Aten wondered how she had looked like when she first arrived. Carina did not encourage eye contact. If you were caught looking at something or someone when you were supposed to be working, you would get a clip around the ear. Which meant that generally speaking Aten kept her eyes cast downwards as not to cause trouble. Aten didn't mind this though. Because she knew that she wasn't allowed to be  born, she also knew she was ugly so didn't want people staring at her ugly face when she was out shopping for Carina. The new boy however, his eyes were openly inquisitive and difian. Ateb could didn't like that, it could only lead to trouble. “Sit there.” Carina instructed him. Pointing to the chair opposite her. Aten tried not to look at him as he walked over to the chair, but her eyes were somehow drawn towards him, and as she looked at him, her heart began to beat loudly  in her chest. He was staring straight at her, like he wasn't scared of anything. Yes this boy was trouble.And as soon as Carina had finished and got up from the table, he leant over the table like it was actually acceptable to talk to someone what they were doing the clearing up - which it wasn't- and spoke so softly Aten thought shed imagined it. “ Your Aten Xen right? I know your parents.”


After Aten had finished clearing up ( Aquarius had refused arguing he didn't make any mess which was preposterous!) she thought about what he had said. If Aquarius dare think it was funny or clever to make fun of her parents like that , and tell dirty lies, especially about people's parents as if they weren't selfish criminals, then he would soon learn that those things lead to no hot food for a week and no blanket. Aten ignored him completely after his comment in her parents. But it proved difficult

Because whenever she turned a corner he was there, looking at her with those challenging eyes. So when Aten came across him whilst she was replenishing the stock cupboard, she wasn’t particularly pleased. “Aten” he said in that annoyingly soft and calm voice of his. “Aten Xen.” She stared at him angrily, “just Then actually!” she corrected him. “ And please don't pretend you know anything about my parents, because we both know they're in prison, much like i suspect yours are, and they should be.”  Aquarius looked at her uncomprehendingly , “so what do we have to do around here?” He asked gesturing with his hands. “Just make sure you do what you're told because just bear in mind that Carina doesn't have to look after us, she chooses too, and it's the least we can do to pay her back some respect right?” Aten frowned, he seemed to be really listening. “ Yes yes, of course” Aquarius replied. She couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not, but i didnt matter.


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