Star Wars Uncharted 6: End of the Empire

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One year after the Eternal Empires and the Sith Empires team up and the attack the Enclave of the Jedi's base, the New Republic is in peril. Luke and Leia are failing at keeping the half dead Jedi Council together and the capital of the New Republic is under attack. Tython is being invaded and Yavin 4 is as well. But Alex Jackson is still alive. After Alex's group lost Shawn they broke apart and went their seperate ways. But after the Empire's Alliance suffers a major loss, Alex regroups the team to prepare for a final attack and defeat Arcann, Vaylin, Vader, Black and Malgus.

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Submitted: March 14, 2017

"For Shawn...." i said to myself. I stood on the ceiling beam and kneeled down, holding it. I put Shawn's lightsaber on my belt and pul... Read Chapter

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