Physical Disturbances After Doing EVP

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Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017



Physical Disturbances After Doing EVP

February 18, 2017

11:30 pm

 I just tried to go to sleep about an hour ago, but it was no good. I was getting hit pretty bad by the physical disturbances caused by these entity attachments. Mostly, I was feeling an intense but localized vibration sensation on my body. This is probably the most common physical disturbance that I feel from these entities. I was also feeling some slight jabs. I had to get out of bed and take a few more doses of sleep aid. These hostile entities mess with my sleep intentionally and it is something that I often find extremely aggravating. I mean, they don’t seem to care that I’m a human being and like all human beings, I need to sleep. They simply don’t care. They mess with my sleep constantly. This is one of the tactics that they use in these attachments situations. It was much worse back when this situation was at its peak, back in April of 2015. This is when I went from having intermittent incidents of hearing these voices to hearing them on a continuous, non-stop basis. At this time, my anxiety level went through the roof and this seemed to have had an effect on the physical disturbances that I was feeling as that time.

  During the month of March (2015) while things were still escalating, I was also occasionally experiencing these intense but localized vibration sensations on my body. I also went through a period where I was having my sleep disrupted at night by feeling what seemed like a finger coming up through the mattress and sharply jabbing me in my lower back. These experiences were certainly strange and I did find them to be quite disturbing at the time, but stranger things were to follow.

  In the beginning of April (2015) when my situation escalated to an extreme level to and the abuse from these intrusive voices became constant, the physical disturbances that I was experiencing increased in intensity as well. At this point, when there were several days when I could do nothing but lay in bed all day and endure the onslaught of the voices, many of these physical sensations went from being an annoyance to being painful and quite unsettling to varying degrees.

  I remember occasions where I would feel sharp stings and bites. I often felt this sensation of something small in size literally digging in to my side. I also at least on one occasion, experienced the feeling of something roughly about the size of a golf ball moving around inside of my body, vibrating as it moved. This was quite a disturbing experience and I am glad that I did not have to endure it that often.

  Often back then and even occasionally now, I would have the feeling that there was something clinging to my back. Most of the physical disturbances that I experienced, I experienced while laying down or sitting. But, this particular sensation of feeling something clinging to my back, I’d often feel while I was moving around as well. I could just feel this slight weight on my back as if something with a form was literally clinging to me. I was experiencing this quite often during the Spring and Summer of 2015. Even today, I still occasionally experience this sensation. Perhaps it literally is the feeling an entity attachment itself.

  Another sensation that I have occasionally felt is the feeling of a slight electric shock. I’ve only had this happen a few times, but just by the timing of when these sensations occurred, I do suspect that this was being cause by these malevolent entities. Also on a few occasions, I’ve experienced my heart rate being sped up by these entities. On one occasion when this happened, it occurred right after I had done something that seemed to anger them. I’ve also seen this increasing of a person’s heart rate as well in other accounts of this situation.  In my own case, this did not seem to be something that they could sustain for very long, but all the same, they do seem to have the capability of doing this.

  So, my brief and disastrous experience with EVP led not only to me developing a condition of hearing intrusive and primarily harassing voices, it also led to these strange experiences of feeling these physical/bodily disturbances on a regular basis. In some accounts that I’ve seen, where people have developed this condition of hearing voices after engaging in some form of spirit communication, the voices are sometimes accompanied by these kinds of physical disturbances. In some cases, they are not. I don’t really know why some people also get hit with physical disturbances and some don’t.

  Perhaps it has something to do with the openness of a person to these kinds of experiences. Perhaps it has something to do with the abilities of these malevolent entities themselves. Perhaps some of them are powerful enough to cause real physical phenomenon, perhaps some of them are not. Perhaps some chose to abuse their targets in this way and some chose not to. What I can say, after experiencing these physical disturbances on an almost day to day basin, is that I am certain without any doubt, that they are intelligently orchestrated and guided.

  When I experience these strange sensations when I am first trying to get to sleep at night, I will experience them in a way and in a manner, that seems intended to intentionally cause me discomfort and annoyance so that I have trouble getting to sleep. The sensations/disturbances don’t cause me any real pain anymore, just aggravation more than anything else. Like so much involving this situation, once some time had passes and I began to get some measure of control over my emotions, the intensity of these physical disturbances subsided to a large degree. Yet in my own case, they still do occur on an almost nightly basis. These malevolent earthbound entities that harass me have proven themselves to be fanatical if nothing else.

February 19, 2017

  The physical disturbances have been a little more active than usual yesterday and today. I usually don’t feel them that much if I’m moving around. I almost always feel them at night when I’m first trying to sleep (or if I try to go to sleep at any other time of the day). Sometimes during the day as well, I’ll start to feel them randomly and it’s almost always when I’m sitting down. Sometimes I’ll feel them if I’m sitting and reading a book or watching tv. Both yesterday and today this has occurred. Last night I was out on my porch smoking a cigarette when I began to feel a rather strong vibration sensation. This time is was quite strong, it was almost as if I was shaking, though the sensation was localized as usual.  I felt it again this morning as well.

  Aside from that, the voices have been no worse than usual today. I’ve been pretty successful recently at blocking them out, so I often just heard bits and pieces, fragmented phrases, stray words here and there, etc… They are still repeating this “you insulted a higher life form” line of theirs a lot recently. This seems to be the mind game of the month. Last month it was something else, but I don’t even remember. To be honest, I insult them or at least back talk to them at least in my thoughts practically every day. I do have to work on restraining myself better, but sometimes it proves extremely difficult not to give them a piece of my mind when considering they intentionally abuse me with harassing voices and they try and disrupt my sleep practically every night.

  What are they implying by this statement that they are higher life forms? Does this seem to justify to them the abuse that they inflict upon me, since in their estimation then I would be considered a lower life form. Regardless of what they may think of themselves, I consider them to be bullies and oppressors and I refuse to take their bullying in stride merely because they are full of themselves and proclaim themselves as higher life forms to me.

  From all of my time dealing with them, I’m left with the conclusion that they are not rational, or at least not with me. Whether they act this way intentionally or if it is just ingrained in their very nature, I do not know. But at least at this time, this group that have attached themselves to my life seem to always be wearing the mask of a trickster. Perhaps things will change, time will tell.

March 7, 2017

8:00 am

  When I first opened my eyes this morning, there was that glorious brief moment that I occasionally experience every now and again…I heard no voices. In the fog of just waking up, my mind focused in on the utter silence that surrounded me. It was as if I was recalling a memory that I knew well but just couldn’t place. But, I know that in the past, this silence was something that I experienced quite frequently. But, then I heard a voice and an unfortunate part of my day to day reality caught up with me. It was nice to have that brief reprieve though.

March 10, 2017

  I tried to rest a bit when I got home from work, but I kept feeling the pokes and pinches coming up through the mattress, so it was no good. They’ve been using this tactic again recently. I’ve also been hearing them say “you insulted a higher life form” quite allot recently. They are repeating this phrase several times a day. They do have this “repetition tactic” that they seem to employ quite often. Most of the time, I think they say something with the intention to get me thinking about it. For example, this phrase “you insulted a higher life form.” Now at first this got me thinking back on instances when I may have insulted “higher life forms” that would have brought about this whole situation. But, then I realized that this is exactly what they want me to do. It’s all just more mind games. They’ll try and say something unsettling, something they think will cause me to panic.

  Their tactics are much more obvious to me now, but I do still have to be alert because they are constantly looking for ways to put a new spin on things, something to slip past my mental guard so to speak. But this repetition of particular phrases is a tactic of theirs that I’ve experienced several times before and I’m much more alert to it now.

March 10, 2017

10:45 pm

  It was pretty much just an average day for me. Not much out of the ordinary happened with the voices. They are still keeping up with another “repetition phase.” As I’ve mentioned before, this is when they’ll keep intentionally repeating the same phrases over and over for a long time. Sometimes, they’ll repeat a phrase for several weeks, then they’ll start repeating a phrase that is the complete opposite of the phrase that they had just been repeating over and over again.  It’s all a psychological mind game tactic. I’ve gone through this several times before.

  Recently, they’ve been repeating the phrase “you insulted higher life forms.” Sometimes they are quite clever and like I said before, they’ll say things with the hope that it will sink into your mind and get you dwelling on its meaning. I admit they had me thinking about this phrase for a little while, but then I realized what they were trying to do. One must always be on guard in a situation like this as they are always looking for new and clever ways to deceive you.

  Once you establish a defense against one of their common tricks, they’ll try and find new ways to get past your guard. Actually, I do recall that a few weeks ago, I was hearing them say something about me being “a higher life form.” It was something along the lines of how I should feel ashamed of this or that because I was a higher life form. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to them then (which is what I always strive for). Perhaps they’ve already reached the point in this latest mind game where they’ve already switched it up. I just wasn’t paying that much attention this time, which is a good thing. So, I’m not going to get to thinking about this “higher life form” phrase they keep repeating. I’m sure that in a little while, it will be something else. Hopefully, I’ll pay even less attention to it next time.


March 11, 2017

6:00 pm

  I just experienced something pretty weird. It’s something that I have experienced a few times before, but just this afternoon I experienced it a few times right in a row.  I came home from work and crawled into bed just to rest for a bit. Whenever I usually do this, I’m hit with the strange physical disturbances as well as the voices and nine times out of ten, I never get to sleep anyway. But, sometimes I just feel like resting for a bit after work, so I still try.

  This afternoon when I crawled into bed, I wasn’t getting hit as hard with the physical disturbances, at least not as much as usual. But, “they” were doing this stunt where it would almost be seemingly quiet for a few moments and then it was as if I heard a voice speaking quite loudly, not shouting really, but speaking loudly and this voice would be speaking more in my head as opposed to seeming to originate from the outside.  It was just brief phrases and sometimes it was just my name being called by these very present voices. But, as I was trying to rest, it kind of jolted me back into being alert.

  I have experienced this before, but it hasn’t been for a while. As I have mentioned here before about how I most commonly hear these voices in two ways, either coming in over a source of steady background noise, or seeming to get in close to my ear and speaking directly to me.  But, these are not the only ways that I have heard these voices since this situation began for me. I have also heard the voices speaking more internal on occasion, as opposed to speaking from external to me. In other words, I sometimes hear the voices as if their speaking to me right from within my head.

  I experienced this quite a bit back when this situation was at its worse back in the Spring of 2015. Then, I would occasionally experience it again throughout 2016. But, for the most part, with time…hearing the voices in this manner seemed to subside quite a bit and I was primarily hearing them as if the voices were originating external to me. What I experienced this afternoon was hearing the voices in my head again, but rather than hearing them at a steady level, it’s like a voice would just speak something loudly in my head real fast and then disappear, then there would be a few moments of relative calm and another voice would say something.

  This probably happened at least three to four times in quick succession. Since I wasn’t experiencing the physical disturbances quite as bad as I normally would. I have to wonder if they are switching over to a new tactic of disruption. That is what they are all about after all, trying to be disruptive. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if this was an isolated incident or if it was the beginning of a new strategy on their part.

March 11, 2017

10:20 pm

  It’s been a cold day and evening. I’ve had to run my heating a lot, so “they” have been using the noise to add volume to their voices and they’ve been trying to grab my attention all evening. I’m doing alright though at blocking them out. I can still hear their presence however. It’s like they are trying to grab my attention, but at the same time I’m trying to ignore them, so what I end up hearing is just this constant chatter, but I’m not hearing what is being said.

 Even when I’m not hearing the voices that much, I can still usually detect their presence though, unless I’m really focused on something, like some task that I’m working on for example. Their constant presence and being aware of this constant presence can often be one of the most unsettling aspects of an attachment situation like this. You just never really feel like you’re alone anymore and you really do long to have that feeling back again.


March 12, 2017

9:32 pm

  It seems like I lucked out last night. To the best of my recollection, I don’t think I felt any of the regular physical sensations/disturbances that I usually feel. I was still hearing the voices, but this is the first night in a very long time that “they” didn’t try and bother the hell out of me with their physical disturbances. Maybe they decided just to give it a rest for the night. I guess I’ll have to see how it goes tonight. The physical disturbances when I’m trying to sleep has always been a major aggravation for me. Perhaps, it’s because they are deliberately attacking me with them when I am the most vulnerable.

  I mean I can’t keep getting out of bed and distracting myself from them by browsing the internet, or watching television, etc… At some point during the night, I simply have to go to bed and stay there until I fall asleep. Though, there have been numerous occasions where I couldn’t get to sleep at all for the entire night.

  They very much are employing a strategy of attempting to cause sleep deprivation here and it is something that has sent me into a rage many times. It’s been a while, but I can recall a few occasions where I got up out of bed and cursed up a storm at these harassing entities for messing with my sleep so much. They never seem to care in the slightest.

  I would very much love not to have to take a sleep-aid practically every night because sometimes it hasn’t fully worn off yet by the morning and I often feel very worn down and tired. So, I guess I’ll find out tonight if last night was just some rare occurrence or if they are backing off from messing with me to the degree that they have been while I’m trying to sleep.


March 13, 2017

1:00 am

  Well, to no great surprise, I did not get a reprieve tonight from the physical sensations/disturbances. At first, it seemed like I might be, nothing happened for about ten or fifteen minutes when I first went to bed, except for hearing voices. But, then it started, the localized vibration sensation. Tonight, it started up around my shoulder area. I was also feeling some slight jabs coming up through my mattress. Also, I was hearing a voice talking to me through my pillow, which is a common tactic that they have been using these days.

  Also, I was hearing the younger female sounding voice that I refer to as “Pippy the Nazi” talk to me from what seemed to be right next to my left ear. I am not surprised of course, I guess I’m just a little disappointed. I suppose that I was simply hoping that “they” would act a little more reasonable for once and back off a little bit. I wonder if this was just another one of their pre-planned mind games. Perhaps they deliberately backed off for a night, knowing that I would wonder what the hell was up and become hopeful that the physical disturbances at night would finally end and then they essentially crush my hopes. If that was their scheme, I would not be surprised in the slightest.

  I recall a line that they once told me back in 2015, “we lift you up to take you down.” That pretty much sums it up there. So, it would seem that at least for now, the battle for sleep…the struggle for sleep, will continue for me. It’s just after one in the morning, I just took a couple more doses of sleep-aid and I’ll give getting to sleep another try now.


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