Every day I love you

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Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017





Every breath that I have comes from you,

When I think of you,

darkness and meaninglessness that I had is gone away,

Birds sing and waters flow when I see you,

Sound that I hear is covered with your voice,

Some heritage from the past turns to joy, pleasure,

cause I know you,

No promise, no pledge, but I know your promise and oath towards me,

Any love has its nobleness and I also have it,

Through every moment that I have,

I dream you and put you under my understandings,

Years, times will be passed by,

but moments that I bear you will be alive whenever I decline.


Never lose you,

Never have imperfect moment,

Never throw away like fallen leaves in a summer storm.


It's a night,

It's silent and dark in numbness,

I fall into moments of thoughts,

Think of you,

I got cells that bear flames,

Wind blows and stars in the night sky make the fate,

Peaceful moments have a soundless enthusiasm,

And I stay by you, tonight.


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