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In the time I've been on Booksie, no one has supported me more than my family and friends. So here I am thanking you.

Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017



Hello everyone, It's Kahaya here. I love being on and having people read my books. I probably wouldn't be here without support from my friends. I want to give you all credit. (None of the following people have an account on Booksie. I just didn't want to use their real names.)

My mom

Hey Mom. You've been here with me the entire time. You edit my books, and tell me how good they are. <3 you.

My dad

My father is an amazing man. Though he doesn't really read my stories, he is very apprecative about them. I love you daddy.


L.E.H was the one who covinced me to get an account on here. Thanks for endlessly asking me to let you read my fan-fiction.


Heyo. Lize, you and I have a lot of the same interests. Thanks for being a person in my life. Hope you get an account.

Dr. Spencer Snurtle the Third

Hey. Though you hate the word writing (For reasons I don't know.) You don't mind me telling you about my books. Thanks for being my friend

Mr. Yuvini

Thank you for letting me talk about my stories. Even though you couldn't find me!

Finding Jupiter

Hey girl! You were my first friend when I moved to where I live now. Since you moved, it's almost bringing me to tears writing about you. I love you!

I am now thanking everyone, in Booksie and in real life.

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