On The Edge

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This stroy is based on real event that happend

Submitted: March 14, 2017

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Submitted: March 14, 2017



Chapter 1

The Start Of Something New


It was a normal like all the others. Nothing new was going to happen. The same old stuff over and over again.


Casper: "Oi oi what yo doing?"

Ben: "We aint doing nothing"


Casper was a simple guy tall, short dark blonde hair and blue eyes, He didn't care about anything except friends and family that's all. And Ben a dude who loved computers and hacking stuff. Most of all he hated people that annoy him. When Ben replied they both stood next to each other, and startedto walk. Casper didn't really trust Ben, or believe anything he said because, from past experience, Ben would lie about nearly everything. But were still friends.

Casper looked at Ben with a short stair


Casper: So what yo wanna talk about?

Ben: Well I honestly don't know, we talked about every single topic in the world.


They both stood still and thought of the next topic they could talk about, but they had no idea what to talk about. Casper stood scratching his head hoping Ben would think of a topic before him but. Ben was thinking of the same thing.

Ben: You got something

Casper: Nope

Then they both heard slow footsteps behind them. They knew exactly who it was.


Shannon: What yous talking about

Ben: Nothing


Shannon was Ben's ex. Ben hated shannon because she would annoy him all the time.


For some stupid reason, Ben and Shannon went out twice. Ben dumped shannon because she annoyed him too much. Couple months later shannon asks Ben out again!! Ben the stupid idiot that he is. He went out with shannon again!!! The same thing happpend, Ben dumped shannon for the same reason.



The three of them stood sinent for a minute.


Shannon: Sooooo?

Casper: So what?

Shannon: It's a bit silent don't you think

Casper: True

Shannon turns around and sees Oliva)


Shannon:Crap hide me

Shannon hides behinds Casper)

Casper: Why me, hide behind Ben

Oliva: Shan! You guys seen Shannon anywhere?

Ben/Casper: Nope

Oliva walks away)

Shannon: Thanks for that. Well I better be going before she finds me. See ya

Shannon walks away quickly)

Ben: You wanna go cantine?

Casper: Sure


Casper and Ben walked to the cantine)


Casper: Danm the queues are so long.

Ben: Damn true


They decided to leave the cantine because they didn't want to wait in the queues.


All of a sudden they both heard


Mikey: Yo Nignogs

Casper: Oi oi

Ben: Hi

Mikey: Any of yous got any food, if you don't want something im here kk

Mikey stood still waiting for a reply)

Casper: No i don't have any food Mike. Ask Jakub he always has food

Mikey: kk

Mikey turned around hopped away)


Suddently the end of lunch bell rang!!


Casper: what we got next?

Ben: English

Casper: Thats decant

They both walked towards their next lesson)

Casper: What room you in?

Ben: B12 I think

Casper: Im in B19 right see ya later.

Casper walked off to his english room)

Casper flings classroom door open)

Casper: Sup NigNogs!!!

Shannon/Jake looked at Casper)

Casper walks towards his chair and sits down)

Shannon: Oh God

Casper: What?

Shannon: I dunno

Casper: Why do you even bother?

Shannon: Bother with what?

Casper: With life

Shannon: Your nice

Casper: Im only playin

Casper and Shannon make eye conteact for a second)


Mrs.Coney: Right everyone write this down from the board

Casper ingnores the instructions)

Casper: So what yo wanna talk about

Shannon/Jake: dunno

Shannon: You ganna do story time?

Casper: No I cant think of any stories to be honest

Shannon: Good

Casper: Thats Terrible everyone loves my stories


For the rest of the lesson Casper and Shannon and Jake just talked about life and other thing.

The end of the lesson


Casper: You walkin

Shannon: Yea

Casper: Kk

Casper and Shannon walked out B block together)

Shannon's phone rings)

Shannon: Hello

Person though phone: speaks

Shannon: Ok

Person though phone: speaks

Shannon: Im on my way

Shannon hangs up)

Casper: Im guessing that was your mom

Shannon: Yeah it was

They both just carried on walking)

Shannon rached her split up point/she went he own way)

Casper: Bye

Shannon: Bye




When Casper reached his house he (opens his door and walks in)

Casper walked up stairs to his room/ he turned on his computer. Then he turned on Skype and called Ben)


Casper: Bruh i dont know what it is about Shannon she's perfect

Ben: Slow down, watch your words sonny of Jim and, No she annoying AF

Casper: Yeah I know but..

Ben: But what... She is annoying. If you want to go out with her go ahead. But don't expect me to help you!

Casper: Don't be a sack of potatoes

Ben: Fine


The next day at school.

Ben: You ready?

Casper: Ready for what?

Ben: The thing that you said yesterday

Casper: Nope I aint ready for that

Ben: When you ganna do it?

Casper: When i feel like it

Shannon walks over)

Shannon: Hi

Ben/Casper: Hi

(Ben looks at Casper making eye contact. Suggesting to do the "Thing")

(Casper looks back at Ben shaking his head left to right)

Shannon: What are you doing?

Casper: Nothing

Shannon: Sure..........

Casper walks away and ben follows him)

Ben: What you doin? Man

Casper: I'll ask her out when i feel like it k

Ben: Thats a f***king stupid idea.


Chapter 2

Any Time Now


The next day in school


Ben: Sooo you ganna do it

Casper: Am a do it

Ben: U ganna do it!

Casper: You know i dont feel like asking her out

Ben: For F**K SAKE! By the time you decied to ask her out someone else ganna take you want that?

Casper: No

Ben: SO JUST DO IT!!!!

Casper: Fine fine I'll ask her out tomorrow I promise you!

Ben give a look of disappointment)

asper: What?

Ben: If you don't im going to SMACK YOU!!!


The next day in school


Ben: You better do it

Casper: You know....

Ben: Don't even say it

Casper: I don't......

Ben get his hand ready to slap Casper)

Casper: We have ICT so i'll do it then

Ben: You better!


The final lesson of the day ICT


Casper sits down next to shannon)

(Ben looks at Casper. Ben starts telling people around him whats Casper ganna do)



Mark: You ganna do it

Libby: You ganna do it

Ben: You better do it!

Casper started to crumble under pressure)

Shannon: Ganna do what??

Casper looks at Shannon)

Casper: Nothing

Shannon: Tell me

Casper: It doesn't matter

Shouts across classroom) DO It P***Y!!

Casper: It seroiusly doesn't matter


Casper: S**T!!

The end of school bell rings)

Casper gets up from his chair and runs towards the door)

Ben runs after Casper)

Ben: Come back here you PLEB!!!!



Casper goes home with a red mark on his face/ Casper turns on his computer and calls Ben on Skype)


Ben: Hows your face?

Casper: It hurts

Ben: Good!

Casper: Shut up!

Ben: Yo wanted my help so im helping you

Casper: By slapping me

Ben: Yesss! Plus I warned you, what would happen if you didn't do it

Casper: Am a do it on Monday


Ben: Well you can't do on Saturday or Sunday can you?

Casper: Just shut up already.


Back to school Monday


Casper: Am a ask shannon out today

Chris: Are you f**k now

Casper: I am

Chris: Whatever bruh

Casper: I promise you I will

Chris: yeah yeah we heard that before

Casper: Shut up!

(Casper and Chris reach school)

Ben: Sup nignog you better do it or i will slap you again!

Casper: Don't worry i'll do it this time

Ben: We heard that before

Casper: Shut up


Casper finished his four lessons now it time for lunch and he knew what he had to do.

A small crowd started to gather

Casper: s**t

Ben: Don't even think about it!!

Casper: No it not that

Ben: We can get everyone to be there when you do it

Chris: This sounds like wedding, everyone ganna be there.

Casper: Fine Fine but i need you Ben to say to Shannon that I have a qustion for her k


Casper, Ben, Chris, Mikey, Jakub, Luke follow Casper inside S Block)

(Shannon sits next to Oliva)



Ben: Casper has a qustion for you

(Shannon doesn't hear Ben. Casper Looks at Ben)

Ben: I said it

(Casper walks out of S Block. Chris follows Casper)

Chris: I'll ask her for you

(Chris opens S Blck door)

Chris: Shannon, Casper has a question for you

(Shannon looks at Casper)

Casper: Will you go out with me?

At this point Casper's heart stopped

(Shannon laughs)

Chris: Its a yes or no question

(Shannon: "tells Oliva")

Oliva: She said ok

(Casper walks out)

Casper: We made it!!!!

Ben: No you made it!!


Suddenly a crowd of shannon's friends come rushing towards Casper like a tsunami.


Casper: S**T!!!

Shannon's Friends start talk about random s**t

Casper ingores Shannon's Frineds and walks away with Ben)

Casper: Im starteing to regret my decision

Ben: It's the first day let it die down

Casper: True.......


About a week later......

Oliva: Shannon has something to tell you

Casper: What?

Oliva: Well I don't know do I



Casper: It better be good


(Casper walks to shannon)

Casper: You wanted to tell me something


Casper: Soooooo?


Casper:Am a go

(Casper walks away)

(Oliva follows Casper)

Oliva: Casper

Casper: What?

Oliva: Shannon whats to break up

Casper heart stops instantly

Casper: Fine

ngrily Casper quickly walks away)


(Casper punches the wall full force)

Ben: Bro what the matter?

Casper: Shannon dumped me!

Ben: F**K!! I feel sorry for you

Casper: Don't be.........

Ben: Why she leave you?

Casper: F**K knows!!!

Ben: She didn't tell you why

Casper: Oliva told me......

Ben: Ok at least it was good while it lasted!



Chapter 3

Full of hatred



A couple days later much changed exept from one thing that would Piss Casper off the most.....


Shannon: You Good

Casper: Yeah fine

Casper looks away)

Shannon: You don't look it

Casper: I said im fine

Shannon: You walkin

Casper: You know i aways walk why do you ask?

Shannon: I don't Why I do I ask?

Casper faceplams)

Casper: Ask that question to yourself


End of lesson bell rings)

Casper: Finally

Casper stands up, walks out of the classroom towards the hangout place)

Jakub: We heard what happend, we're sorry for you

Casper: Don't be it was going sooner of later

Jakub: Wanna get lunch

Casper: Sure

(Casper/Jakub walk towards the cantine)

Jakub: Why did she dump you?

Casper: B***h didn't say, plus Oliva told me

Jakub: She wasn't your type anyway

Casper: What do you mean by that

Jakub: She would forget s**t every 5 seconds

Casper: True


Jakub: You find that s**t attractive

Casper: No who does

Jakub: Thats what mean. Sooner she would forget your name and who you are

Casper: Thats kinda true

Jakub: Not kinda true, it is true

Jakub: Why did you ask her out anyway if you don't mind me askin

Casper: Her personality

Jakub: Oh ok if you said looks she has none

Casper: Good one!

Casper/Jakub smile, laugh)


The end of school day.


Casper walks alone then shannon comes up from the back)

Shannon: Did you hear?

Casper: Hear what?

Shannon: Oh...... Didn't Oliva tell you

Casper: I have no clue what you talking about

Shannon: You sure you didn't hear it

Casper: No i told you i have no clue, I heard nothing

Shannon: I want to tell you but you'll angry and storm off

Casper: When don't tell me

Shannon: Im going out Ben

Casper pretended that he didn't hear that)

Casper: What did you say?

Shannon: Im going out with Ben


At this point Casper was full of rage. Shannon dumped him for Ben.

Casper clenched his fist as hard as he could in his pocket. Casper had a thought to punched shannon as hard as he could. (Shannon carries on talking about Ben)

Each word she said she got closer to getting punched in the face and losing her teeth.



But just about when Casper was going to punch Shannon Casper heard a voice in his head say

Voice in head: STOP!!! wait. Screw that B***H and calm down

Casper keeps his hands in his pockets and walks away)

Casper: B***H I DON'T CARE


Casper get home (Casper opens door then he unleashes his rage)

(Casper punches the wall full force)

Casper: I hate that B***H and that stupid little S**T. How F**KING stupid is Ben

Thrid time in row same B***H. She F**KING left me for Ben.

What did I do?? Where did I go wrong??

Voice in head: Calm Down she aint your problem anymore

Casper: Your right, She aint my problem, im free

Casper laughs)

Voice in head: Your free, no more presaure

Casper: Time to celebrate

Casper grabs cans of soft drinks and carries them up stairs)


4 Hours later


Voice in head: What you ganna do about Ben? Knock him out, Break his bones, Kill him?

Casper: Knock the living S£$T out of him

Voice in head: Good choise. You better F£$K him up good

Casper: Oh i will

(Casper stood up and practiced a couple of soldid punches againt the wall in his room)

Voice in head: When he's down just end him!!!

Casper: Ok fine he's dead meats



Next day walking to school


Casper: Im going to F£$King nock the S£$T out of Ben

Chris: Really. Don't see the point. All this over a girl errrrr.. Not worth it

Casper: I aint talkin to Ben doh

Chris: Fine don't talk to him

Voice in head: You really should Knock Ben's teeth out

Casper: It's not worth it

Chris: who you talkin to

Casper: No one

Chris: You good

Casper: Great never been better

Chris: You seem a bit off

Casper: What you mean off?

Chris: your talkin to yourself don't you find that a bit wired

Casper: Im not talkin to myself doh

Chris: nevermind


Casper knew what Chris was talkin about but i didn't want to mention the voice in his head.

When Casper arrived at school he avoided Ben and Shannon that was his main goal. Casper didn't want to cause any trubble or start any fights. He knew it wasn't worth fighting for......


Casper sees Ben he decidesto keep his distance from Ben)

Ben sees Casper he decides to do the same thing keep his distance)


It was like he knew what was coming his way. (Ben blank face) and faces the people thats he's with.

Casper and Ben were best friends for a long about year and half Casper didn't want to lose a friend over a stupid hoe.


Chapter 4

Done and dusted


Casper ingored Ben all day until the last lesson.

Casper sits down next to Chris)

Chris: You good

Casper: Yeah good

Supply Teacher: Gather round i'll show to do this work

Casper stands up walks to the teachers desk and takes a whole pack of blue tack and puts in a his pocket. Ben laughs.)

Casper: What?

Ben: It's the way you just took it


Luckily the teacher didn't see Casper take the blue tack. Casper started to feel over confident (Casper looks through all teachers draws looking for things to take but he found nothing. Then he saw a huge roll of toilet paper)


Casper: You dare me to take that toilet roll

Ben: NO!

Casper: Am a take it

Casper walks to the toilet roll picks it up and puts it in his bag. Casper looks around for danger)

Casper: Done

Ben: How

Casper: Im like a thief in the night

Ben: Im sorry you wanna be friends?


Casper froze for a second thinking to accept or reject Ben's offer.


Casper: Yeah sure

(Ben/Casper shake hands)



After that day nothing much happenend. Days went past maybe weeks. All good.


Casper: I hate Tuesdays

Ben: I hate all day exept Saturday and Sunday those are the best days.

Casper/ Ben walk the classroom Shannon and Mark start pushing Casper/ Ben)

Casper: Puch me and i'll smack you!

Ben: Stop pushing!

Casper starts walking down stairs with Ben behind him. Then Shannon Pushes Ben, Ben fall downs stairs swisting his ankle and banging his head against the wall)

Casper: Bruh you good

Ben: S**T

Shannon: Im sorry

Shannon's smile turns into frown)

Shannon: Ben you Ok? let me help

Casper: Leave him you helped enough!

Casper picks Ben up off the ground)

Ben: Im good..... Im good

Shannon: I'm sorry

Ben: Yeah I know your sorry

Casper: Just leave him

Ben/Casper walk away)

Ellie: You still going with Shan?

Ben: Don't know

Casper: Ooooooo S**T going down

Ben/Casper just carry on walking farward and stopping at the haning out place)

Shannon: Look I'm sorry for what I did

said in sarcastic voice) Yeah ok


Oliva: What happening?

Ben/Casper: Nothing

Ben: Remember what i said

Casper: What?

Ben looks at Casper)

Casper: Oohhhh that. I get ya

Shannon: What did he say?

Casper: None of yo business

Shannon: Tell me!

Casper: Nope jog on

Shannon: Fine

Shannon walks away with Oliva)

Casper: Bruh you for real

Ben: Im for real


The next day. Casper had no clue what was going to happen.


Casper: You good

Ben: Yep. I have news for you

Casper: What is it!


Casper knew exactly what Ben was going to say


Ben: I broke up with Shannon


Casper tried not to smile.

Casper: That's sad

Ben: Im a free little boi

Casper: Yes you are

Ben: I absolutely hate that B***H

Casper: Im with ya

Ben: Im planning a little something am a tell you later it's a suprise

Casper: Im scared


Casper didn't like what Ben said. He knew Ben was up to no good. But he didn't know it was exactly.


Ben: And I'm not going to be in tomorrow you know firestation thing

Casper: I get ya


The Next Day. Ben wasn't in school so it was more peaceful.


Casper/Mikey sat down at the same table. Shannon and Oliva sat opposite them)


Mr.Stubbs: We don't have enough scales for one each can you girl go and get some more.

Oliva: Sure. Comon Shan

Shannons sighs)

Oliva and Shannon leave the room to get more scales)

Mikey: Pass me Shannon's bag

Casper passes Mikey Shannon's bag. Mikey opens bag)

Mikey: Theres nothing in here

Casper: Give me her Coke bottle

Mikey passes bottle to Casper. Casper put bottle in pocket)

Oliva and Shannon come back)

(Casper throws Shannon's baginto her place)

Shannon: What are you doing?

Casper: Nothing

Shannon looks though her bag to see if anything is missing)

Shannon: Give me my Coke back

Casper: I don't have it



Shannon: Give it back....please

Casper: I don't have. Why do you automaticly asume it's me. Just because im Polish

Shannon: One you had my bad, two yes because your polish

Mikey: Rasict!

Casper: Always picking on the poles

Shannon: Yeah

Oliva: Racist Alert!!!

Shannon: how am i racist?

Oliva: Casper said just because im polish you said yes next he said picking on poles and you said yeah so you addmitted that your racist

Shannon: Whatever can i have my bottle back.

Casper: I don't have it


End of lesson bell rings)


(Casper/Mikey quickly rush out of the classroom)

(Casper pulls out Shannon's bottle)

Casper: I don't have it

(Casper/Mikey laugh)


Then suddendly Casper heard someone running behind him

Shannon runs toward Casper)

Casper hears Shannon running he grabbs onto the bottle with grip. Shannon tries to pull the bottle out of Caspers hands but her grip give up)

At this point Casper knew that he was being a complete D£$K.


Shannon: Give it back please

Casper: Why should i?

Shannon: I don't know

Casper: Exactly

hannon: Just give it

Casper: Lets make a deal

Shannon: What is it?

Casper: You promise me that you'll stop being a b***h to me and i'll stop doing a d**k to you and i'll give your bottle back

Shannon: Ok

Shannon pulls out her hand for a pinky promise. Casper does the same thing and they promise each other that they won't annoy each other)


Since that day, Shannon stopped annoying Casper. Casper stopped being a d**k to Shannon. One thing carried on that Casper coudn't stop.

Everyone was giving Shannon s**t for being who she is, Especially Ben.

Truly Casper started to hate Ben for what he turned into. A annoying little s**t!

He was one of the people who was giving Shannon s**t. He started to hate her cause she pushed him down stairs. Like he coudn't get over it. Which he probably won't.

Casper felt powerless as Ben would talk s**t to Shannon.

Casper wanted to say something but he knew Ben would have a go at him for protecting Shannon. Casper stood there hopelessly waiting for Ben to shut up.

Shannon on the other hand stood strong and ingored half the S£$T that Ben said.

Shannon looks at Casper and simles)

Ben: Your a F**KING Slut!!

Shannon:(Said in sarcastic voice) Does it look like i care

Shannon walks away with her middle finger pointing at Ben)

Shannon: F**K you, F**K you.

Ben: Your a failure!!!

Shannon: So is your dad's condom!

Casper: Shots fired

Shannon walks away proudly)



Chapter 5

Picking Sides


Ben was Pissed off about what Shannon said to him. He wanted revange but not any revange a strong revange that would last for ever......

Later that day Ben called Casper on skype.


Ben: I going to kill that B***H

Casper: Com on it was a good come back

Ben: Which side are you really on?

Casper: Why you ask?

Ben: One minute your like i hate Shannon and the next your talking to her and flirting

Casper: Bruh.....

Ben: Com on tell me which side you on


Casper didn't want to tell Ben; he knew that Ben would have a go at him for being on Shannon's side


Casper: None Im in the middle

Ben: There is no middle.

Casper: None im not your side or shannon's side

Ben: Fine be like that.

Ben hangs up)

Ben goes on the deep web to find a weapon sales website)

Ben: Bingo


Ben found a arms dealing site with hundreds of weapons on sale. PistolS, machine guns you name it was all there.

(Ben finds a gun that he likes)

Ben:Ooooo i'll take this one



Ben was going to buy a Colt 1911 a semi automatic pistol with hollow point rounds


Ben looks around. He walks down stairs looks for his dad's cedit card)

Ben opens his dad's private draw and sees his credit card. He picks it up cand copies the number onto his hand)

Ben runs back to his room)


Ben knew this was a terrible idea to kill Shannon but it had to be done.

Ben entered cerdit card numbers into his computer to buy the gun.

When he finished. A note said shipping would take 2 days to deviler. Ben didn't want to wait 2 days for his gun to arrive. He knew he had to wait.


2 Days Later.

Today Ben's gun would come in the mail. Ben wanted to reach his dad's house before him so his dad would find out.

At the of the day Ben rushed to his dad's house.

Ben opens the door to his house and sees a white package under his feet)

Ben picks up the package. He instantly knows thats it his 1911 by the weight of the package)

(He takes the package up stairs. He quickly starts to unwrap the paper and the 1911 uncovered)

Ben: Danm!

(Ben inserts the hollow point bullets into the maginzine one by one. He cocks the gun)

Ben: B***H you ganna die


The next day in school

Ben packed the glock into his backpack fully loaded

(Ben looks for shannon. Ben sees Shannon)

Ben: Shannon come here!

(Shannon walks over)

Shannon: what you want?

Ben: Can we talk in private?

Shannon: Sure

Shannon/Ben walk away to secluded place. Shannon walks infront of Ben)

Ben reaches into his bag pulls out his glock and put it in his pocket)

Shannon: What did you want tell?

Ben pulls out his gun and aims at Shannon)

Ben: Your a F**KING B***H you know that right!

Shannon froze. She was staring down the barrel of Colt 1911.

Shannon: (Starts crying) Im sorry please.


Casper hears what Bens said and Shannon crying. Casper decides to walk to place where Ben and Shannon are.

(Casper quickly walks to the place. Casper sees Ben pointing the gun at Shannon)

Casper slowly creeps up on Ben. Casper hits the gun out of Ben's hand and then he throws a knock out punch in Ben's face)

Ben falls onto the floor)

(Shannon looks at Casper in sock)

Shannon: Thank you

Casper: Yea your welcome

(Casper calls over a teacher to take care of Ben)

(Casper kneels down to Ben)

Casper: Don't mess with my friends or you will get f**ked up bruh

Casper stands up and walk away with shannon)


After that day Ben got 12 years in jail for threatening behaviour and illigal possession of a firearm, In the UK.


Casper and Shannon decided together to never talk about this day ever again and forget what happend.




This story is based on real events what happend.

(No one got hurt)

Not all event are true. Most event are based real events and some are made up.




Thank You So Much For Reading My Book.

Hope You Enjoyed My




Book By: Kacper Nowakowski














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