Sleeping with the devil's daughter part 3 of 3

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With more and more clues starting to unfold. The picture of such hidden paintings begin to clear. Hands start progressing slowly into sweating. Realizing the roller coaster ride would always lead you wrong.

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Continuing on from the previous S.W.T.D.D Part 3....... Sergeant went into a blank stare from the,'Your worse nightmare', response Lucille gave him. Standing in a curious complete daze on how confident she spoke. Who in the hell was this lady Sergeant deeply wondered. Continuing to keep his eyes locked on her sexy strive towards the end of the block. "Crazy ass bitch!" Sergeant spoke to himself. "My worst nightmare! Bitch please!" Sergeant smirked, repeating what was told to him by Lucille. Seconds before her unforgettable strive turned the corner. Sergeant then shook his head," I guess bitch!" Sergeant grinned. Turning back to face the direction of the accident. Approaching the scene again where onlookers began clearing out. Also, sergeant noticed Jerry now being placed on a stretcher. Making his way back to where Jerry was being placed in the back of the ambulance. Sergeant gave off an hard stare at Jerry whom seem hurtless at this point. Jerry whom body remained stretched out on his back side. Wore a slight smile on his face. sleeping away from the strong pain medicine giving to him minutes ago.Why the fuck is he smiling? Sergeant thought to him self."This guy got a second chance at life! God is good!" The paramedic smiled. Seeming as if he knew what Sergeant was thinking at that moment. Locking eyes with Sergeant a second before shutting the double ambulance doors behind Jerry. Sergeant nodded,"You right about that " Sergeant sigh. The paramedic gave a few nods of his own."well, enjoy the rest of your day sergeant!" The paramedic spoke. Speed walking toway the driver's side of the ambulance. That's when the thought quickly cross Sergeants mind to ask the paramedic. "Hold up ,before you leave ,do you remember the lady kneeling down beside Jerry?" "What lady? Refresh my memory sergeant." The paramedic gave off an clueless expression. Listening closely to Sergeant explanation. "Sorry sergeant, but if you wasn't on duty. I'll probably tell you maybe you then had to much to drink. Honestly, there was not any woman fitting that description. In fact, there weren't any woman by him at all." " You got to be fucking joking right? " "Hahaha!" The paramedic joked out a fake laughed. Then with all seriousness the paramedic said, "Naw,but I'm actually not joking. Now I have to go." The paramedic turned away. Leaving sergeant there standing in a curious state of mind. Daydreaming at the ambulance dissapearing up the block. Coming out of it the second his cellular ring. "Hello!" Sergeant spoke noticing that it was Heather calling. "Yes! Almost there," Heather spoke anxiously. "Oh, it's no need to rush now."Sergeant said in a frustrated tone. "Your little husband isn't dead after all." Sergeant said in a jealous tone. "Are you serious? thank God!" Heather excitedly sigh in relief. "But he's on the way to the hospital. He should make out alright." Sergeant sincerely spoke. Stepping inside Of his police cruiser. Sergeant then added, "And I just want you to know I'm sorry for what you going through. "I appreciate it sweetie." "Your appreciation is very accepted my love," sergeant spoke softly. Sergeant continued ending the conversation with, "Well give me a call later." "I surely will, " Heaher seductively spoke. Meanwhile, in the midst of Heather rushing to go check on Jerry. Lucille Made a surprise visit at the home of her uncle's. Located on Prytania st. There stood a two story ancient brick house. Lukan was her uncle's name. Lukan was an two thousand plus year old evil spirit currently living inside an 38 year Caucasian man body. Living in reality actually being able to touch and feel. That of course was the goal for any spirit of evil associated with Lukan. That feeling of life which only happened under one condition. Someone that died giving the evil force a time limit of ten minutes to bring back life. A new life which is then ruled by the evil spirit. Option number two more so was a much easier task. A task Every day people normally go through such as negative energy. Causing those who even called themselves righteous to be victimized. Acting and speaking on such things without realizing it. Mainly representated by evil spirit attacks. Ordinary day to day basic shit in which Lucille wanted much more. "So what brings you here to my place darling?" Lukan asked. Looking upwards at Lucille. Leaning back in a red leather reclining chair. Matching the silky smooth robe he wore with nothing under. Lucille stood five feet across from Lucan. Her arms folded looking downwards at him,"I want to be able to do the things you do uncle." Lucille said seriously. Lukan cracked a smiled,"Oh really? Sense when? " he asked. Locking eyes with Lucille. Curious about why her plans changed all of sudden. "Someone caught my attention." Lucille slowly spoke. Her sayings caused Lukan eyebrows to raise. Surprisingly asking her,"Someone like who?" Lucille tilted her head slightly to the side. Unlocking her eyes from Lukan's. "That someone is a man." Lucille softly spoke. Her tone of voice representing the Embarrassment effect. Lukan quickly leaned forward being caught off guard by Lucille's response. "Excuse me, come again! " Lukan ordered. A second before adding, "Then again, you know what? Never mind! I heard you the first time!" Lukan seemed mighty pissed standing up from the recliner. Taking a few steps towards Lucille. Now standing about an arm length away from her. Lucille figured Lukan would react some type of way. Knowing after hundreds of years finally she wanted life again. After her uncle and father begged her for years to become visible to reality. In real body form of another person. Just not temporarily in the eyesight of certain people. Knowing for many years exposing her spirit in which she mastered how to cause illusions. Many of those who actually seen her were unaware of her life after death. "Well then." Lukan continued, "After many centuries of trying to convince you. Explaining to you in much and such ways I never thought possible. Why the fuck you didn't just go ahead and do what you wanted to do!" Lukan spoke in a agitated humble tone. Lucille stared deeply into the eyes of Lukan's. Shaking her head while sqinchin her eyes with a thoughtful expression. "Maybe because I wanted to do things the right way uncle." Lucille answered in a raspy hurt tone. Lukan chuckled ,"Is you fucking serious?" Stumping his right foot multiple times on the wood floor. Staring downwards at the floor as well, Lukan then shouted,"DO YOU HEAR THIS SHIT MY BROTHER LUCIFER? YOUR SUPPOSEDLY EVIL DAUGHTER HAVE CHOSEN THE HEAVENLY HOLY LIFE!!!" Lukan then raised his head upwards to lock eyes once again with Lucille. "I have nothing else to say to you! It's been ten years sense I've last saw you! But now sense Romeo then caught the eyes of Juliet. Finally you need some advice!" Lukan spoke in a violent tone. Noticing Lucille turning away dissapearing from his presence filled with evil.

Meanwhile back at the hospital. Jerry was now placed inside of his own room. Still sleeping away in the midst of tests being ran on him. Standing by his side was Heather, arriving barely two minutes ago. Satting Jerry's right hand inside of her own. Tears of guilt clouding her eyes. Realizing how quickly you can lose someone forever. In unexpected times such as moments of disagreements. Dealing with the deceased person. Wishing only for one chance to apologize. Thankful that wasn't the case. Feeling the need this was her moment of apologizing. "I'm sorry!..." Heather cried softly. Sniffing and breaking down uncontrollably. "Please forgive me!"Heather cried continuously. Feeling a strong sense of sudden energy over coming her. That energy represented by the presence of Lucille appearing beside her. Staring downwards at Jerry whom she would get life and die again for. Heather had not one clue a spirit of evil stood by her side. "I love you so much!" Heather then cried. Wiping the running tears away from her face. Lucille smacked her teeth from the seem to be fabricated word's of sorrow. Lucille then spoke, "You can't love another man while you still married." Lucille wishing Heather Could hear her speak. Lucille continued by saying, "Sometimes you don't realize what you had on earth. Until finally, your only life here on earth reaches its in." Lucille softly spoke in a tone of regret. Regrettably dealing with the disappointment of her own once lived life. Standing half of a yard away from Heather. Heather of course hurtful tears she shared, sounded or even seemed like tears of joy. Lucille softly spoke once again by saying, "Maybe it takes someone like my self to show you how to live your life for you." Lucille smiled at the thought of taking Heather's body. Lucille then added,"Only difference, a totally different spirit would be living in side of you." Lucille wished if only Heather Could hear her a little bit. Seconds before KNOCk!KNOCK!KNOCK! KNOCK! Jerry's nurse for the day shift entered the room. Introducing her self to Heather,"Hi, my name is nurse Lorane!And I'm going to be Jerry's nurse to day!" Lorane's smiled and presence brought chills throughout the hospital room. Lucille felt the need to dismiss her unseen self for the time being. At least in Heather's case. Heather, whom became unaware of the split moment blinking of eyes were shared. A slight nod as well giving to Lucille, shockingly received from Nurse Lorane. Lucille smiled, appearing over to kissed Jerry with a slow peck on his lips. Lucille smiled afterwards, "Hopefully, the next sweet dreams you have from sleeping in peace!I would be the one there next to you! Sharing those dreams!" Lucille spoke in a tone of confidence and relief. Appearing over to whisper into the ears of nurse Lorane's."Hurry up and killed this bitch! " To be continued.....

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