Don't Know World (2)

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what may happen, if Jesus or anyone great came back.

Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017



Don’t Know World

Part Two

The priest took off his vestments.  Baring his chest.  The stony face of Our Lady blushed.  A dove flew into the church wall.  A picture of some holy scene dropped and crashed to the floor.  Then the man saw his image in a wardrobe mirror.  A shroud of luminescence filled his body form.  It had been mentioned on the radio.  Humans were growing a new hide.  The next layer.  A second skin.


Around the globe, twelve men appeared separately in holy places.  Then they vanished along with the sunshine.  Yet TV cameras, mobile phones and tablets had uploaded every event.  Then when all mankind had been reborn, something else occurred.  The lame began to walk.  The blind began to see.  The deaf heard songbirds.  The sight of shimmering faces cured all ailments.  Even evil was becoming less.  Still the ignorant did not see the light. 


Slowly though, even sceptics saw the proof online.  Most faiths prayed to their gods and beliefs.  A bright new world was rising.  Genius minds explained that the Human Race were reaching a higher purpose.  They were becoming something,  in the don’t know world.


Cosmonauts saw a shooting star fall into the Earth.  The blinding light filled them with hope.  Then all hope sank, along with the star.  Into the Pacific Ocean it went.  There with the dreams of men.  Then on the third day.  Amidst the stones of Easter Island.  A child was born.  And became a man before the eyes of the curious locals.  They spread the Word.  The Master had come.  The One had returned. 


Cameras soon filled the skies.  Drones filmed the scene.  The man adorned in a borrowed white robe, stood with arms outstretched.  The world seemed to cheer and sing.  Couples kissed.  Families embraced.  Most of the world proclaimed, ‘Master.’


Then, as all began to accept the new dawn, the bomb dropped.  America Comes First - Russia Rules - China is the Future.  The sonic boom was felt everywhere.  The starving poor of Africa turned to each other.  One old woman muttered, ‘the wealthy will never learn.’


The new world was forgotten.  The man killed. The miracles suppressed.  The hopes shelved once again.  In this stupid, Don’t know world.




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