Sean Hannity is a Propagandist for Donald Trump

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I've watched Sean Hannity blast Barack Obama night after night. Now, he's whining about legitimate concerns about Donald Trump that others in the media are reporting. He also improperly uses terms like Deep State. Trump listens to this guy and he is dangerous. Just listen to him rant and rave.

Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017



Sean Hannity has become a propaganda arm for the Trump administration. He'll say anything and do anything to defend and protect the President. Here's his latest video, in which he complains about some deep state plot to "destroy" the Trump adminstration.

Watch the video.

Now, here are a couple of things to consider after watching this video:

  • Trump promised to release his tax returns during the Presidential election and has now decided not to. Nothing to hide? Release your tax returns. The President has an obligation to the American people to honor his promise.
  • Trump spent two years spreading the false Birther claim about President Obama. Hannity was more than happy to jump onto that train. Watch video: Notice in this Alt-right video that they quote President Obama with the line: "the only people who don't want to disclose the truth are those who have something to hide." You listening President Trump? Release your tax returns.
  • Hannity claims that a "deep state" is trying to thwart President Trump. The term is generally used with totalitarian countries. There is no deep state in the United States. Instead there citizens who are genuinely concerned with Trump's actions and who are acting as patriots to bring to light his misconduct. Michael Flynn, who is entrusted with the security of the United States, lied about his contacts with Russia and was only caught after evidence surfaced about the truth. Attorney General Jeff Sessions also lied under oath about his contact with the Russian Ambassador. This is not about the deep state. This is about officials in the government habitually lying and refusing to divulge information.
  • President Trump had no problem during the election with insitutions like the DNC being hacked. Some on the right even speculated that the FBI or CIA hacked the DNC in order to out Clinton. It's not so pleasant when it happens to you.

Now, I don't condone hacking, releasing confidential information, etc. I didn't like it when it was done to Hillary and I don't like it now that it's being  done to Trump. But I also dislike hypocrites.

President Trump, if you want all of this to go away, please do the right thing and RELEASE YOUR TAX RETURNS, as you promised. This will go a long way to building confidence in you and your adminstration and lift the veil of suspicion. Until you do, we American patriots have the right to suspect you are trying to hide something. And Americans have the right to seek the truth despite what people like Sean Hannity say.

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