Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

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The love that dare not speak its name is a phrase from the poem Two Loves by Lord Alfred Douglas, published in 1894. It was mentioned at Oscar Wilde's gross indecency trial.

Wild, of course, was found guilty at his trial and served two years in prison, two years with hard labour.
We live today in a more enlightened age and understand that when Cupid fires his arrows he does not take into account the gender of those he targets.

I have written two love stories where Cupid brings two young men together. In writing these stories I have set aside any sexuality to concentrate entirely on love.

The first, Dickie Williams, came out of what I call a serendipity moment. In the summer of 2003 I was driving round London's dreaded North Circular Road, not the best of things to do at any time ! The traffic was at a standstill. A few cars in front of me there had been an accident and the police had stopped the traffic. I was held where I was while all of the cars in front of me were directed round the accident.

I could hear the noise overhead, it increased and increased as an air ambulance landed in front of my car.
What followed was a serendipity moment, the whole of the story Dickie Williams flashed into my head. Characters, plot the lot.
As you read you will find attitudes in society and society itself has changed but the attitudes existing in 2003 when I wrote the story are important to the plot and so I have not attempted to change these by updating the story and bringing it into a more modern setting.

What Are We Going To Tell The President is an idea I had running round in my head for ten years before I finally rattled the laptop keys and allowed it to be told. The President is fictional as are all of the characters in the story but I hope the love is something real.

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Dickie Williams

Submitted: March 15, 2017

I am not sure if I heard it first or if I felt it.  The impact was certainly violent as I was thrust forward with so much force... Read Chapter

What Are We Going To Tell The President

Submitted: March 15, 2017

I composed in my mind what I would say then tapped the screen to make the call. What happened next was not anything I could have rem... Read Chapter