Born Hero Kinzoku Ude chapter 1

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Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017



The earth has advanced tremendously; the age of humanity being based on mortality is over. Most of our population has evolved into a great being “a near god form”.

It started in the US; when a child was born possessing unbelievable abilities the world was in shock they weren’t ready yet for a change like this one. Not to long after it happened again and again until it became normal. After years of research scientist still didn’t have valid reasons for this outburst but some singularities were figured certain attributes became unique to children born with ability such as blood type ranges and extra bones in the arm and leg areas but only minor differences from those without abilities. 

This, unfortunately is the world I live in and this is my story set in the city of Matsuyama.

On my eighth birthday, I woke up excited as ever then I thought to myself wait I have to prepare for my brother’s early morning attacks on me using his powers. Sometimes I think he’s just being mean but he does this to train for some reason, but then I thought he might give me break because it was my birthday. I burst open the door and in a split-second I was kicked straight into the panic room down the hall.

Meanwhile floating in the sky above the city was an unknown character he says to himself “it’s time to start something”, he aimed his hands downward an energy ball formed as large as a beach ball then he pushed it down. As fast as a bullet it hit the ground making a crater that almost covered the city. In the rubble was an iron box almost the size of a room I was inside. Whoknew the panic room was indestructible I opened the door and was amazed to see the remaining of the city for miles the crater spread. My first thought was that my whole family and friends had all died I couldn’t help but cry.

6 years later I had moved to the edge of the city with uncle Chikara Ude and his son who was around my age Oto Ude. In my room watching anime with my cousin when “Oto Ude and Kinzoku Ude get down here and shut down that computer, that’s enough anime you got school in the morning”, he shouted. We reluctantly did what he said and came down the stairs, dinner was ready it was my favorite ramen. I used my powers and made my own metallic chop sticks. As we ate Uncle Chikara gave us a lecture about hero school tomorrows is our first day of high school were they actually have hero class all day instead of the one period we got in middle school.I was excited to go to the school of my dreams M.S.H.T (Matsuyama School for Hero Training).

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