The Sontaran Replacement

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The Doctor discovers a dangerous experiment being carried out by the sontarans. Can he stop time from melting down, or do things completely change. Find out as the 6th Doctor and Peri explore sontaran machinery.

Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017



The Sontaran Replacement

Ships of spherical shape, some with awkward legs, zoom around deep space. The large ship at the middle of the cluster of varying sizes started to move slowly, then slightly faster, faster still, then at full speed. The ships then were gone in a few minutes from the planet that they originated from. They started to slow, creeping slower and slower as they approached a rather large planet, light in colour with one obvious city and rubble not too far from it, and as they saw their target flying zone, a rumble was heard on the bridge of the largest ship. The door was suddenly blasted open to reveal not only a hole in their hull, but a dalek. The ship’s blast shields shut on the hole, and all energy from the dalek casing removed from behind with a specially developed weapon. The user was short, in black and shiny silver armor. He removed his helmet to reveal a brown round head leading perfectly into the armor. The sontarans have captured a dalek. The ships then shot back into space as fast as they could with no further interruption.


“Now we will replace the daleks in the time-war forever. The sontaran’s glory has been restored!!”, the weapon holder stated in triumph.


The T.A.R.D.I.S. appeared on a small planet with remnants of civilization scattered everywhere on a rocky surface. The Doctor took two steps down out of the blue box. He shook his head and his blonde curly hair flew everywhere. His technicolor coat and cat pin standing out against the dark grey colors of the landscape.


“Peri!! Bring the Dirt Devil. I might need to clean myself up later”, he said glancing at himself with utmost hubris.


“Doctor, I don’t know what a ‘Dirt Devil’ is”, Peri spoke, strained, climbing out of the T.A.R.D.I.S.


“Ohh, never mind. I think I see a facility up upon that hill, not far from here. Excelsior!!!”, the Doctor shout while striding towards the base, his charismatic tone being all too evident in his voice.


“Doctor, it’s cold. I’m in a dress. Can I change first?”, she yelled this one particularly loudly, “Doctor!!! Wait for me!!”


It took a solid ten minutes to reach the base. When they got there, the Doctor pounded on the door. The pair waited impatiently for a few seconds, when the door opened in a flash to reveal a sontaran in full armor.


“You, taller one”, he gestured to the Doctor with his gun, “Follow me in front, smaller one in the back”.


“I can see that you’ve gotten even uglier since our last meeting with my other self. Too much focus on the eyes”, the Doctor psychologically prodded at the little being with body armor only on.


“Doctor, I did not recognize it was you. You have gotten fatter since the database last recorded you. I am grand general Murg of the 87th sontaran battle fleet. I am proud to cause the first death of the time-war”, Murg’s words shot through the Doctor like a spear.


“Time-war, with the sontaran’s? That is not how that happens. We know it word by word”, the Doctor whimpered.


“Doctor, we are changing that for the better. Come meet our other prisoner”, Murg snickered as he spoke and finished a trek down several hallways, which were just boring and white. A black door opened to reveal a dalek without either of its attachments on the front, a light missing on the top, and obviously forced open armor parts that had also been forced back together.


“EXTERMINATE THE DOCTOR!!!!! LET ME EXTERMINATE HIM!!! RETURN MY WEAPONS TO ME!!!!”, the dalek screeched at the sight of the Doctor.


Murg forced the Doctor and Peri into the room and the door shut.


“Dalek, listen to me. You know the importance of the time-war happening exactly as it does, will you help me, or kill me out of pure hate?”, the Doctor pleaded, “Imagine the consequences. Imagine the rifts, imagine all the things that would explode instantaneously. Think of the things that would happen for no reason, think of the things you won’t kill, imagine how many gallifreians that you will never shoot down, imagine the pain of things falling apart moment by moment until it’s just a few remnants of time. Imagine that.”, the Doctor spoke in fear.


“YOU WILL SUFFER!!! SELF-DESTRUCT ACTIVATED!!!!”, the dalek blew up with these last words. It showed the Doctor how much it hated him. The dalek knew that everything the Doctor said was true.


“Peri, go to the door. I shall open it shortly”, the Doctor spoke strongly but was clearly distraught.


Peri walked to the door, but it suddenly opened. Murg stood there waiting for the Doctor to join him and Peri, his weapon in his hands. The Doctor walked over to him then snatched the weapon from his hands and aimed for his head.


“I can read your language. This says discharge. Probably what you used to suck up the daleks energy to get it incapacitated. I, just need to figure out the controls”, the Doctor threatened while they danced around the room slowly to reverse positions, except Murg had grabbed Peri, “Peri, I’ll be back.”


The Doctor ran down the corridors towards the exit and finally made it out as he sprinted towards the T.A.R.D.I.S. He entered and locked the doors. He pulled out some tools from a box he pulled out from under the console. He took apart the machine and looked baffled.


Meanwhile in the base, Peri was being held by Murg on the bridge.


“Shorter one, where is your ship? If you don’t tell me, I shall be forced to use brutal methods. Remember, I am now the great leader of the other half of the time-war. We will replace the daleks”, Murg ranted.


“Listen, I don’t know what the time-war is, but how can you kill and replace all those evil dalek creatures?”, Peri asked distraught.


“Watch annoying one, we shall take off immediately for our assault on Skaro, home of the daleks. What you will witness shortly is unique. You are being graced with a change in unchangeable time”, Murg’s voice thundered over the starting of a million engines.


The ships started to rise as the Doctor stepped out of the T.A.R.D.I.S., the slightly remade weapon in his hands. He starred at the ships with a look of defeat. He couldn’t give up now. He ran back to the facility. He aimed his gun at the door, and then absorbed the power from the door. He forced it open and proceeded. He opened door after door trying to find the command room. He finally found it and held the sontarans in there at gun point.


“Where did those last ships go!”, he boomed, “Well! I don’t have all day!”




“Thank you. Now that was too quick. You would normally rather die in battle. What’s the catch. I won’t kill you if you don’t tell me!!”, the Doctor roared.


“They plan on all dying. Including the annoying one that you brought with you”, the sontaran spoke immediately. He was shot and killed directly afterwards.


The Doctor went back to his ship and started it up. He landed on Skaro an hour ago. He ran out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and straight to the entrance of the cave that led to the bunker that he remembered from his last visit. It took a good hour. Then thirty minutes to sneak past the dalek guards and to the weapons control room where a rocket from the Skaro civil war was already prepared to launch. He fiddled with the controls and locked onto the sontaran mothership. This gave him the coordinates he needed. He fired the rocket and returned to his ship. The rocket had already hit the ship. Peri had died, but not for long. The T.A.R.D.I.S. took off and landed on the mothership an hour and a half earlier.


“Peri, step away from him.”, the Doctor warned as he finished materializing on the bridge. The gun was still in his hand.


“Doctor, they want to blow up Skaro, its ok”, Peri said trying to get the Doctor’s guard down.


“Peri, remember what I told the dalek. It isn’t ok. The daleks are evil but the time-war must happen how it’s meant to. Peri, on board, now”, he commanded while aiming at Murg.


“No, I, Murg, shall not be defeated here”, he shouted as he sprang for the Doctor, but it was too late. The Doctor fired killing Murg. The Doctor and Peri left the ship to be destroyed by the rocket. Good riddance.

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